Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Wiki Conferences Begin!

Today in English we welcomed Ms. Smith back. To start off the class period, Ms. Smith talked about the photograph poem. We need to bring in a picture that has at least one person in it and has some significance to you. It should also be nice quality, no smeared black and white photos. A suggestion would be to use photo paper because the pictures print much nicer and you will not have to worry about smears.

Ms. Smith then talked about the Wiki conferences. If you have not signed, up talk to Ms. Smith. The available days for the conferences are Thursday 2/24 (tomorrow) through Friday 3/11.

Things to remember about Wiki Conferences:

3/7-3/11 CSAP Week, (Change of Schedule) Talk to Ms. Smith if you are interested in signing up during that week.
3/4 No School - so don't sign up.
-Ms. Smith might be able to do 1 or 2 in class.
-If you have a common off hour with MWF: 3,4,6 and TTH: 6, she encourages you to come in then. If you don't have a common off hour, then you can meet before or after school or in class.
-After school she can only grade up to three. 
-Although Ms. Smith does not prefer to do it before school because grading the paper may take longer than 15 minutes.

In Class Today:

Today we read the poem “Mother and Son” by Langston Hughes. We first read over it and then highlighted the lines that were important. Ms. Smith asked us, what does it mean to you? We then made connections to the author Langston Hughes and Ms. Smith then read it aloud to us and asked us to pay attention to the literary devices. We then talked about the advice the mother gives to the child and also talked about the tone and dialogue she uses. Ms. Smith gave us the rest of the class time to work on the persuasive poem for homework. If you are confused about ideas, then go to this link which is Ms. Smith's Blog Post about the persuasive poem. If you need examples, look at people's poems in the comments section, this is also where you will post yours.

Google Sites Toolbar!

I bet most of you were wondering how to fix the order of the paragraphs on your Google Sites. Well thanks to Janie we have an answer.

1.      Click on Site Map under your paragraphs
2.      Click on Manage Pages
3.      Find Site Appearance which will be in bold print
4.      Under Site Appearance  click on Site Layout
5.      Click Edit Navigation which will be found in the bottom left in the box titled Sidebar
6.       Un check Automatically Organize My Navigation
7.      To rearrange, click on the paragraph you want to move and use the arrows found on the right


- Sign up for Wiki conference if you have not done so
- Persuasive Poem (tomorrow)
-Photograph for Photograph Poem (Friday)

Good Luck with your Wiki conferences!

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