Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Persuasive Poem

This is a poem where you are trying to convince somebody of something they don’t want to be convinced of. The poem is an argument, an attempt to persuade. Think about all the situations where you are trying to convince somebody of something: getting out of a ticket, getting mom or dad to not ground you for breaking curfew, getting a date with your dream girl/boy, getting mom or dad to give you more money, getting a teacher to let you turn in late work.

As far as form, try to use couplets throughout your poem.

If you need some inspiration, try Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress".

Good luck!


  1. J-walk
    Terrible, Unsafe
    Crazy, Death, Splat
    Speed , Crash, Cars, Road
    For Law-abiding Citizens
    Safe, Secure

  2. Eaten by the Men of Old
    This food a chance you must it give,
    Or miss out for ever long you live.
    It’s beaten down, and given shame,
    Impairing its long road to fame.
    It was eaten by the men of old,
    It brought warmth to them in the freezing cold.
    It’s versatile, cheap, and mobile, too.
    It’s a mix between a roast and stew.
    You want to try, you must admit,
    At least one little, tiny bit.
    Your stomach’s empty, your mouth is dry,
    Go on and give it just one try.
    So what’s this you now must taste?
    You’ll eat it up with eager haste?
    It’s haggis that you do now crave,
    From the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

  3. I've been a good girl,
    I am just like a pearl!

    I have done all my chores,
    I am way past my fours!

    I'm fifteen now,
    You have to avow,

    I will be smart,
    I won't break your heart.

    I need a ride,
    But I have tried.

    All my friends can drive,
    And they're still alive!

    Can I have my own-
    I am not alone.

    Please, please, please?
    I want those keys!

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  5. With the power to seduce
    Those whom she chooses,
    She wields the power of persuasion.

    If she desires
    Every man in the room,
    Then so shall it be.

    With an hourglass figure
    And a twitch of her hips,
    With the curve of a smile
    And the look of an eye,
    You’re hers.

    She has the craft of a spider,
    But the beauty of a butterfly.
    The cunning of a cougar
    And the grace of a swan;
    She is the ultimate attraction.

    She’s the embodiment of seduction,
    Hence the name

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  7. It always seemed to amaze me how people could think
    How that silly little magic doll with the silly name tink
    There is one bird who is far more superior
    Simply nobody can compare to him and always fall inferior
    His name is simple as the common Kevin
    His natural home is just feet from the heavens
    That silly fairy just can’t compete
    With the ways and traits of the magical tweet
    For tinkerbell that silly girl four feet is her giant
    And Kevin here waits for his monster Kobe Bryant
    While some may say that the fairy may be magic
    They I would disagree and simply say their opinions are nothing more then tragic

  8. Running.
    It can be a passion
    A hobby
    A life skill or
    A struggle
    For me all of the above apply

    And I am not always sure why
    Running makes me full.
    So may ask full of what?
    This question is hard to answer because I never have truly known

    No one can loan that feeling that running gives
    But it sure changes the way I live

    My mind has taught me to fight back
    From the everyday things to the life struggles
    It teaches me not to want that third cookie or just one more snack

    In the season of fall
    My mind will not let me take control of anything at all
    Fall, the season of cross country.
    It’s one of those seasons that just take over me
    My mind becomes my best friend
    And sticks with me around each bend

    Right when my legs want to bail
    My mind yells back
    They bicker back and forth
    But somehow the mind always prevails on
    My legs can wail and wail
    But my mind still will not let them fail

    As they fight throughout the whole race,
    I wonder about my pace
    Or what is my place.
    But being the slave of my mind is a price I will have to pay
    Because in the end it wants me to win anyway

    On September twenty first,
    My legs prevailed against my mind.
    What a first!
    As the race starts to wind down,
    I reach a hill,
    Which one might want to kill.

    I charge up the hill feet first
    Only a few steps to go, as I slowly reach the finish line
    Inside of me I can hear my legs wine
    My mind wants to prevail again
    But will it pull through?

    I can hear a girl coming up from behind
    Then my legs finally win against my mind
    My legs start to slow
    Then the girl quickly pushes past will one great blow

    I was beat
    My feet were on fire
    My mind had lost its first war
    But the next week they would be back at it again…
    Because I can never forget my “amor”
    For the never ending battle of my quite persuasive war
    Between the mind, the body, and more!

  9. Seduction poem

    Mother and father,
    Why can’t you see?
    I have a social life
    At a party, I need to be

    Let me stay up
    Nine o’clock is way to early
    I’m fourteen years old!
    You agree with me, surely

    I’d use it for homework
    Watch some GLEE
    After 9 come the good shows
    On our TV

    I wrote this poem
    For a longer curfew
    Maybe you’ll read it
    And we’ll have a breakthrough

  10. His nose pressed against screen, his eyes fixed on the arrow
    That little tiny mouse, that hardly moved a pixel so narrow
    Today was not the day, any other would be fine
    With a presentation due, he might as well resign
    He spoke words sweet as sac trine, dripping with honey
    Giving encouragement, telling jokes that weren’t even funny
    He praised it when it moved, and frowned when it froze
    And when the screen turned black altogether, a fire started in his toes
    Language started to spew, like a fountain of hate
    He cursed and screamed till he realized he was late
    Jerking the screen a few more times, before breaking down
    He cried “ Why God, Why Me?” and hit his head with a pound
    Then it lit up, perked up at the plea
    He then realized, this just might work for me
    Pushing it along, coaxing it to the finish, following a step at a time
    He told it, if this happened he would restore it to a prime
    Then with a ping and a flash, the task was complete
    He rejoiced, kissed the frame, but accidently pressed delete
    Sitting back down, staring in despair once more
    He felt like technologies prisoner of war

  11. Hey mom did you ever watch the movie Tokyo drift
    I can be like those gangsters with my hand on shift

    Just kidding I don’t want you to have a heart attack
    But I’m telling you mom, a car is what I lack

    Before that though I need to get a permit
    C’mon mom you’re making me look like a hermit

    Imagine when your old and ill chauffeur you around
    You can listen to soothing classical with my ride’s HD sound

    I’m safer this way too; if a car it would strike
    Better than getting hit if you’re riding a bike

    And I wouldn’t be chilling at home making you yell
    I’m heading to Jake’s! When I’m gone isn’t that swell

    With a car, no need to drive me, you can stay at home
    And you can spend time talking to friends on the phone

    So imagine a place where you can kick back and relax
    But first check out the history of the vehicle on carfax

  12. Dear Mom and Dad,
    Getting another dog would not be so bad!
    It is not just a fad
    And I’m not trying to make you mad
    I just want a dog so bad!

    I would train it, love it, and let it sleep with me,
    Think about how fun a new puppy would be!

    Dogs are great and give you unconditional love,
    This poem is not supposed to be forcing, I’m just giving you a little shove

    You promised when Mo had to go,
    Please, our house feels empty, we could take it slow.

    I would do my chores without a complaint.
    I would be so happy I think I might faint!

    The puppy would provide endless entertainment and joy,
    Please please please, our little girl needs a boy!

    Please get me a puppy; I would be oh so happy,
    Consider this request I hope it wasn’t too sappy

  13. Oh Jonny, with your face so supple and fine,
    Every time I feel your touch – a shiver down my spine.
    The only thing preventing me from being in your arms,
    Are the multiple installations of your twenty house alarms.

    I miss the time we spent together,
    In all the kinds of weather,
    I miss your face and velvet voice,
    So you left me with no choice.

    I have your family and your dog,
    My teary eyes are beginning to fog.
    Why is it that you treat me like a pile of wasted dirt?
    That’s okay I’ll sit here, and quietly smell your shirt.

  14. Come on just one more hour,
    I promise I will not be sour.
    Do I have to go to school tomorrow?
    If I do not you will be full of sorrow

    And while were herein my room,
    Do I have to sweep using a broom?
    And just so you know this about the dog,
    He eats as much as forty hogs

    And about my allowance,
    Of which there seems to be an absence
    Why must it be so remedial?
    Even after I picked up our dog’s biomaterial?

    And can I have some friends over?
    We will not make you jump off the cliffs of Dover.
    All my friends think I am lame,
    So can I get that new video game?

    Also, while we’re on the subject,
    I have a few things to reject.
    All my clothes stink!
    And my white socks are now pink!

    Well I guess I will go to bed,
    And rest my head.
    Because I have become a world power,
    For staying up this extra hour.

  15. Oh please mom and dad,
    I need one I do,
    It won’t be that bad,
    I promise both you

    It’s just one puppy,
    I promise, I sware,
    And he can live in my room, just like my guppy!

    How can you say no?
    He’s so cute and furry,
    He’d be best in show,
    It’s really no worry!

    I’d walk him,
    I’d feed him,
    I’d brush him too,
    And I’ll go so far as to pick up his poo!

    So please mom dad,
    I need a new puppy,
    And besides,
    I’m sick of that guppy!

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  17. It is not healthy dear friend
    I am not trying to offend

    But you must let it go
    Fight that status quo

    His hair might looked tousled by the wind
    His eyes may make you go into a tail spin

    But he is just a fad
    I know that it makes you mad

    There are other things to do with your time
    Then crush on this celebrity that is indeed fine

    You could volunteer
    Or be a good peer

    Please I am on hands and knees
    I am honestly begging you please

    Can you give up this obsession?
    That shouldn’t have to be a question

    It is time, dear friend, to cool this fever
    This fever, caused by Justin Bieber

  18. One day late would be the best
    That way I can finish the rest
    Due dates just hold my learning back
    For working fast I just don’t have a knack
    So many assignments in school I have failed
    All because the due date the project entailed
    Many teachers say that my best work is turned in late
    If only I could work well at a faster rate
    Now I have a B plus with one more week to go
    When I get an A in a class, from my parents I get some dough
    There is a brand new hockey stick I want to buy
    But when I saw the price I let out a big sigh
    My only chance to buy this stick is with an A
    But this poem just won’t get me there right now I dare say
    This poems success will bring me a stick in the color orange
    I can’t find anything that rhymes with orange!
    If I figure out what rhymes with orange, this poem can be quite good
    And with one more night of finding that rhyme it should
    So let me turn this poem in late, you’ll see
    Quite the epic poem this will turn out to be

  19. I ask for this one favor,
    You won’t even have to pay,
    I would really love to visit,
    My favorite place, L.A.

    School has been so stressful,
    I guess you would know,
    Remember your first year of high school?
    Look at all you have to show.

    It will only be one week,
    I won’t miss any school,
    Spring break is the perfect time,
    To lay out by the pool.

    Think of how much fun,
    My agenda will be filled,
    You know I won’t stop begging,
    I am too strong willed.

    So I ask for this one favor,
    You won’t even have to pay,
    I would really love to visit,
    My favorite place, L.A.

  20. Mom, Dad, I'm going out on a wing.
    For my next birthday, I'll ask for one thing.
    I know what your thinking, and it isn't a car.
    Nor a puppy, a drumset, or a guitar.
    It's frankly much better, but not quite as cheap,
    The price isn't too bad, but still fairly steep.
    With this you can go places, both near and far,
    Much further than you could go with a generic car.
    And when it comes to cars, this can do more,
    It can lift off the ground, in fact it can SOAR!
    Trust me-it's great. I hope you consider,
    When you hear the price, just please don't turn bitter.
    You'll think that I've exceeded the mundane,
    When I tell you I'm asking for an AIRPLANE!

  21. The vivid and bright lights
    The contagious lust for fame
    The endless nights
    All hearts looking for the same

    Why can I not go to Hollywood?
    It is far too dangerous, they replied
    No, I think you misunderstood
    For with a family I could coincide

    Why not let me touch my dreams
    If only for a little while you would please
    Just a whiff of those screens
    I’m telling you, I’ll beg on my knees

    Well, maybe for a week or two
    If only you behave
    Please tell us what you would do
    Please tell us what’s to rave

    Oh many things, shiny and new
    The hope instilled of many
    The oceans crisp, clear, and blue
    Opportunities plenty

    The dreams of thousands floating around
    With hopes of catching your own too
    For a million dollars I would live in this town
    Without this desire, I would have no clue

    My dream is to experience
    The breathtaking arts of many forms
    I would never wish for resilience
    Oh how I want my life to transform

    Please, will you let me go
    Well, let us assess
    I suppose since you love it so
    I might just have to say yes

  22. Hello, Hello, Hello to you all
    Do you read this because you stall?
    You have all that work
    Which you truly irk
    Why get it done?
    When you can have some fun
    I mean, you can do it later
    And do much greater
    It will take forever
    But you can do it whenever
    You know you will get it done
    But right now it’s time to have fun
    So sit your homework on your desk
    And show-off your party-esque
    After all you still have two days
    You will fill out those surveys
    But when two days approaches
    And you are tired from your coaches
    May you remember
    That day in September
    When you decided to party
    And not be a smarty
    By procrastination
    In our nation
    Hopefully you don’t develop too much stress
    In order to do this right you now must press
    To get that grade
    You could have made
    Without distress
    Had it not been procrastination that you possess

  23. I have this little favor,
    I know this isn't really your flavor.

    But there's a place I wanna go
    and this is something you could show.

    Have you heard of that place France?
    Just saying it makes me prance!

    I know we've been before,
    but I'm sure we can go just once more!

    We could go to the Eifel Tower!
    We'd ride to the top and stay for an hour.

    We could go to see the Louve
    just thinkin' about it makes me groove!

    We could eat up all the food,
    it's already got me glued!

    So what do you say?
    Can we go if it's not out of your way?

  24. “Come on now its just one date,
    You never know, it could be fate!”

    Endlessly he begged for me
    Saying, “I’m the one, why can’t you see?”

    Then one day I did retort
    “Listen now I’ll make this short.

    Can’t you see I’m not the one?
    I’m lazy, dumb and just no fun.

    I snore so loud and smack my food
    And commonly I’m just plain rude.

    I glare at you all through the week,
    And yet still me it is you seek.

    Quite frankly I think you’re a loon!
    A dullard! A fool! A straight buffoon!

    My verbal assaults just won’t break through!
    What will it take to get to you?

    We don’t belong: this ‘you and me’
    You’re not the one why can’t you see!”

    Heat had built up to my face
    I said “Leave me alone, I need my space.”

    But as I turned to walk away
    I caught his eyes, to my dismay.

    His heart had broke, and tears migrated.
    Clearly now, no fate awaited.

    It’s funny how life’s tables turned
    And from then on it was him I yearned.

    Years passed by and young hearts hardened,
    My vicious words in time were pardoned.

  25. Please respect my final plea,
    Come and stand next to me
    Now will you lift me from this shelf?
    I would like you all to myself

    Enough with those gadgets and kindles and nooks
    Open my pages, and feel a real book
    I want you to love me, I want you to care,
    I want you to need me as much as your air

    Experience the mystery and anticipation
    As you flip through me you’ll feel the sensation
    Words true and real, printed on my paper
    Not fake or alterable like electronic vapor

    I provide you with comfort on those rainy spring days
    A scent to fall asleep to, come stay in my haze
    What good is a word, made of pixels and light?
    When you can have me, pages plain and white

    I am not as bland as you think me to be
    It is in these pages, a new world for you to see
    For I am tradition, a beautiful piece of the past
    Yet my days are numbered, who knows how long I’ll last

    So cherish me now and I beg of you,
    Please let me stay, don’t let me be through

  26. Please I am only begging,
    Its only you that I am egging.

    The times are tough,
    And my life is rough.

    I just need to have a little more,
    I'd be willing to do any chore.

    The complaining would cease,
    Your world would be at peace,

    It I would dare not waste,
    Or spend in a frenzy haste.

    So please just a bit more money,
    I'll even laugh when you try to be funny.

  27. Mom and Dad,
    Now I'm a teen,
    Not a kid or an adult,
    But somewhere in between,

    I ask for your trust,
    It matters a lot,
    Let me prove myself,
    I know trust can't be bought,

    My friends and I,
    Our choices are wise,
    We like to have fun,
    But we don't live in disguise,

    The years to enjoy,
    I hope you understand,
    support my decisions,
    I am strong when I stand,

    I love you both,
    and want to please,
    I ask for your trust,
    My opportunities to seize.

  28. What will I do if I am alone
    And all I can do is groan?

    My parents are usually open-minded
    But about a car they are blinded

    With their kind thoughts to not make me spoiled
    I do not wish for their plans to be foiled

    But it would make life a whole lot easier
    The excuses get cheesier and cheesier

    I could easily help with rides
    Hopefully that logic will turn the tides

    I think a car would really help
    I argue with them and yelp and yelp

    My parents I really do love
    But in order to get a car sometimes I have to shove

    I would really like a car
    With it I could go far

    Please, please, please
    Or do you want to hand over your keys?

  29. Oh Sean, I’m sorry for my neglect
    It was all just an act
    Yet I want to resurrect
    Our love and make it very abstract.

    Your short funny hair
    And you’re beady round eyes
    Your beauty is something rare
    And disagreeing would be unwise.

    I love how you walk
    And when you chew your food
    I love the words that come out when you talk
    And I regret if I caused a feud

    So I feel I must seduce you
    Yet you need little persuasion
    So I’ll make you tasty fondue
    And I’ll make it a special occasion.

    So please accept these thoughtful phrases
    Let us pursue our love
    I just can’t wait for our multiple praises
    And I promise I’m unable to get rid of.

  30. Once again I’m being scolded
    To tell you the truth, this is what you’ve molded

    It’s not my fault I didn’t get home on time
    This opportunity that approached was just so prime

    Coming home an hour late is no big deal
    Blah blah blah, why don’t you pay attention to how I feel?

    I’m a social creature
    And most people find it an attractive feature

    I'll help more around the house
    I'll even shut up so I'm quiet as a mouse

    Please mom and dad, I can't deal with this early curfew
    I don't mean to sound like a brat, but it makes me feel blue

    I can stay out longer, you say?
    Oh mother, I love you in everyway!

  31. With lips soft and supple
    The two together make a perfect couple

    Your eyes illuminate the midnight sky
    It brings out their color whenever you cry

    Your golden locks fall so wonderfully
    Even Justin Bieber’s hair is not worthy

    My love for you cannot be measured
    Our time together I always treasure

    When I wonder from your side
    Mars, Jupiter and Venus tend to collide

    Although you may not see it clear
    I need to you with me my dear

    You may be naïve and unaware
    For your love and personality I truly care

    I’ve tried to push these feelings away
    But from this devotion I will never stray

    So with me please run very far
    We can go all the way to the northern star

    We shall find the place that suits us best
    And my life will finally feel blessed

    So again I will ask and question
    Will you give in to this obsession?

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  33. Please no homework!
    You are giving us more homework?
    I really don’t like homework.
    Please no homework!

    You say we need the practice
    But after school I have sports practice
    Please no homework!

    You say its not to keep us busy
    But tonight I’m very busy
    Please no homework!

    You say it will in our adult life
    But at home I have a life
    Please no homework!

    You say homework helps us learn
    But the work I’m not interested in it I learn
    Please no homework!

    You say its actually quite fun
    But I can do other things for fun
    Please no homework!

    You say I must learn outside of school
    But I spend most of my time at school
    Please no homework!

    You say it won’t take too long
    But five minutes is too long
    Please no homework!

    “Just do your homework,” you say
    “I’d really rather not,” I say
    Please no homework!
    Please no homework!

  34. Everyone has a place of their own
    To go to and feel free and alive
    This place is no ordinary zone,
    It is a place that can always thrive

    In this you will find
    Anything and everything, all of mankind

    Now what is this place, a curious mind ponders?
    It is a place like no other, where everyone wanders

    Enough with description, let's get to the fact
    This place is a dream, an entire new world
    Strange it might seem, the logic is sound
    So why don't you join me? It can be easily found
    Just enter your mind, and reality is swirled
    In this place so great, no description intact

    Everyone goes there, night and night again
    It's as simple as thinking, seeing and then,
    The thoughts that were impossible at once,
    Become reality in an instant, no time to call
    Everything exists all at once, while nothing exists at all

    Old memories, past thoughts and ideals
    All race in from nowhere, as though it feels
    You are here, you are there, and you don't care
    The only thing that matters is that you are there

    At first may be shaky, when you remember reality
    But all comes clear, that life is still here
    It is merely resting; its captain is you,
    Free to explore this ocean of new
    See now that this place isn't false, it's not crazy, wrong or false

    This place is you, if that's hard to believe
    This place is one that you can simply perceive

    Call me a dreamer; it's not new to me
    But being called that, means more than anything, you'll see.

  35. No not skiing again
    Skiing disrupts my zen

    On the beach I'd rather be
    Out by the open sea

    Water, sand, shells and more
    Right beside the sea shore

    Lets skip skiing this year
    Believe me I won't shed a tear

    Wouldn't you rather go
    Rather go to Mexico

    Out in the sun we could lay
    Instead of being cold all day

    Spending the day at the pool
    sure beats a day at ski school

    Please consider this wonderful option
    You can take my skis and poles and put them up for auction

  36. So here the whole truth
    I swear it’s not a lie
    Last night I couldn’t finish my homework
    I have a good reason why

    I hurried straight home
    With not a minute to waste
    I sat at my desk
    And put my book in its place

    For a minute I glanced up
    And just so happened to see
    A poor little kitten
    About to fall from my tree

    I ran from my room
    In quite a hurry
    But alas the kitten did fall
    Too quick for my scurry

    I rushed him to the shelter
    And with all of his might
    That poor little fellow
    Sure put up a fight

    We thought we had lost him
    And boy were we sad
    When a miracle occurred
    And it was no longer bad

    He came back to life
    And not a minute too soon
    He is recovering now
    Should be out by noon

    So you see that my night
    Was too full to study
    I hope you will forgive me
    And my new little buddy

  37. Justin, your red is like fire to my firewood
    Or maybe the engine under my hood

    Your multiple restraining orders do not deter me
    I am just looking for a bromance, see?

    What we have isn’t really love,
    We just go together like peace and a dove

    You’re funny, nice, and your chops are awesome
    We have a lot of inside jokes-here’s one

    I would like some mallets right now
    Maybe you could send them to me somehow.

    So you see, Justin Glotzbach, those fifty messages I sent aren’t “creepy”
    Seriously, you can unblock me

    We go together like Chandler and Joey on Friends
    I know this is a crappy rhyme, but I just want to be friends.

  38. Tsst Tsssssst tsst!!!
    *click of the tongue, click of the tongue*
    I slap my own knees as i stoop to the floor

    for me?
    tssst TSST Tsst Tsst tsstttt

    and you sit there. on the ground
    acting as if you don't see me
    pleading with you
    begging for you to come over to me
    to sooth me with your delicate touch
    but no...

    you are truly an awful cat.

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  40. Please, My friend
    He got expelled from his school,
    And I am not trying to be cruel,
    Why do you date him?
    You make choices on a whim

    He dropped out of high school,
    As a freshman, not smart.
    Head is before Heart,
    Do you not see a problem?
    Your situation is grim

    He got in trouble for selling what he had
    His drugs to people, those druggies: your friends
    It is time to make amends,
    Do you not understand?
    Get away from him

  41. Why hello there, those are nice eyes.
    I've got more like this, a huge collection of ties.
    If I could rearrange the alphabet
    And put U right there and I right next to it.
    Is heaven your hometown, cause I see your great wings
    I bet you've got loads of other amazing things.
    You aren't interested? That's not my goal
    In fact I find you attractive as a pole.
    In fact, this isn't where it ends.
    My goodness you lady, I just want to be friends.

  42. Now? Not now! It cannot be!
    You are definitely messin’ with me.
    It’s way too early for me to go
    Why would you put me through this woe?
    Just 5 more minutes, or ten or twenty,
    Why are you laughing? I don’t mean to be funny!
    This can’t be right, but what can I say?
    Think, think, think…I got it, hooray!
    Well, the reason I cannot go, is important so you see.
    Why, if I move from this spot, this reason might kill me!
    I’m immobile right now! I simply can’t move
    Even if I try, I know I will lose!
    I have the measles, mumps, and maybe chicken pox,
    It’s true I tell you! Um….. COUGH, COUGH, COUGH!
    My legs are all swollen just from running all day,
    And my fever is hotter that fire and hay!
    And so you see, I cannot go now,
    If I stay I will be better. Somehow.
    If I sit still for a while and I just stay put
    I will start to feel better. Hey there goes my foot!
    So you see, I must stay and contemplate my next path,
    Because you know my next step could be my very last.
    I can stay? I can stay! Wait what else is there to say?
    I will stay home tomorrow? But only in bed must I lay.
    You know I think by then I’ll be better,
    Don’t send the doctor a letter.
    Now go away, your time is done,
    Give me peace and I’ll get back to the fun.

  43. When homework is turned in late
    It is still something to appreciate

    The effort there, though misguided
    Perhaps was something undecided

    A loss or mishap accidentally
    Should not be judge unfairly

    So please consider work not on time
    Not to do so would be a crime

  44. Mom and dad there really is no lying
    About my grades I just keep trying
    Anything could help them
    But I really think the gem
    Would be to let it slide
    After all what are those grades really going to hide
    I am only succeeding as much as you think I am
    And at the moment I feel like a scam
    But being the loving parents I know you are
    There will be many times when you help me go far
    Ask anyone my grades are average
    But I cannot stand this bondage
    Please let me free
    It means so much to me
    This time I promise nothing will be broken
    Leave the house now and when I return I guarantee you won’t be woken

  45. I want to go home, where the sun always shines
    And the shore sweeps the beach, leaving dark wavy lines
    The trees frame the sky, so blue and so clear
    While people then far far away are so near--

    I find no scenery able to compare
    To that of my home, with it's refreshing air
    Plus the children that run, and play, and shout
    Their minds full of bliss as they frolic about--

    A road trip has nothing to offer to me
    No tides, no waves, no smiles, no glee
    A crumb laden, cramped, dirty, chilly car
    Is beaten by a towel laid on sand by far--

    Just give me the flowers, fresh, blooming and alive
    With the warm environment in which they do thrive
    The birds announce the dawn of a whole new day
    With a spring in my step, I go my own way--

    I long for the salt breeze, the caress of the water
    So please, take pity on your poor youngest daughter.
    Because there's no place I would ever rather be
    than watching the sunset, on the beach, by the sea--
    I am home.

  46. All I have ever wanted,
    And please, don’t be daunted

    Is a phone that beats all phones
    With greatness that’ll rattle your bones

    Pure, savvy, sleek and smart
    This phone will give me a head-start

    The variety of fun games and apps
    Will have you almost going crazy, perhaps

    The many assets include internet and email
    And many more surprises that will unveil

    With this device I would be so cool
    Carrying around every possibility at school

    The only thing that this phone lacks
    Is me carrying it around in my pack

    Parents, can’t you see I need this IPhone?
    For with it, the world would be my throne

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Injustice is the one thing that I cannot stand
    How you treat me unfair I have witnessed first hand.
    Everyone is able to have it, so why not me
    Others at school can have anything they can pay for, and that I guarantee.

    I hate life when I feel left out
    It seems as though torturing me is what your life revolves about.
    I never want to talk to you as long as I live
    Even you know that eventually think will work and you will give.

    I never lose, I always win
    This strategy prevails for all that has been.
    Now mom, it is time for you to choose
    Can I have this new gadget, I have a plan I never overuse.

  49. Mommy and Daddy,
    I don’t ask for much

    I NEED one little thing
    And I’ll get right to it.
    A car.

    Yes, an automobile
    Something to get me around.

    Doesn’t that sound nice?
    An independent young woman?
    That’s what you would be giving me,
    If you helped me fund this mission.

    I won’t get in a wreck
    And try not to earn a ticket
    I’ll wash it when it’s ready,
    And won’t trash the interior,
    I’ll fill up the tank,
    And change the tires,
    And my sister and I will share.

    Allie and I have grown to age
    We can travel near and far

    You have trusted us with many things
    Now please, give that gift of trust…
    With a car.

  50. Stomach grumbling more than somewhat
    This is quite the rut

    Hey man, I’d really like some of that burrito
    This craving is gonna take more than a simple cheeto

    With you, I’d probably share
    Oh…you don’t care?

    Care if I starve to death?
    Care if I’m on my last breath?

    I have a test that’s next hour; I will surely fail
    For my body will be too frail

    Then my mom will yell at me
    My ribs jut out, you see?

    I’ll treasure you till the end (of the burrito, that is…)
    C’mon, I’ll be your best friend

    My hair is falling out as we speak
    This new friendship is looking pretty bleak…

    I can have the rest?
    Thanks man, you’re the best

  51. I’ve been good this whole semester,
    I haven’t talked one bit.

    I’ve been mature and not a jester,
    Assignments may be tough but I won’t quit.

    But yesterday I had a bad day,
    A day that I want to forget.

    It started off with dropping my lunch tray,
    Then forgetting my math homework made me sweat.

    The day got worse when I got home,
    I left my Spanish book in my locker.

    I really wanted to run away to Rome,
    Where the main sport there is soccer.

    Please teacher, everyone makes mistakes,
    This is my only missing assignment and will be the last.

    If I get a B my mom will start an Earthquake,
    And then my house will disintegrate from the blast.

    I hope this poem makes you think otherwise,
    I’ve really given your class my all,

    I’ll even write an essay about the skies,
    If you keep my grade from going down the waterfall.

  52. I swear I took the time to write it
    Just along the way my brother took a hit

    We raced him to the Emergency room
    And there I sat filled with gloom

    I won’t be able to finish my report
    The second my brother got hit with that ball I yelled Abort Abort!!

    I promise I will turn it in tomorrow
    For I have completed half of it or some is borrowed

    However my dog might get sick tonight
    For he is so old it is a fright

    My paper will be done I swear
    Unless, however I don’t come prepared

    Then I will make up some excuse
    About how my dog got cut and oh how the blood did ooze

    Tomorrow is here and it still is not done
    My dog got bit yesterday and oh how did the blood run

    We took him to the vet
    And though he is a pet

    They would not accept him
    For his fate was far too grim

    My paper is partially completed
    Oh how I wish you could read it

    The way the words flow
    They are so well written it seems to glow

    I am so sorry for the delay
    It will be finished in another day

    Unless something else were to occur
    In that case I will get help from a counselor

  53. Astronaut

    Can you see the stars up there?
    Glittering, shimmering, twinkling
    At me?
    Can you imagine
    Their depth
    And their wonder
    Beckoning ceaselessly
    To me?

    To float in their midst
    In darkness so bright
    Fingertips away
    From what others see
    Only through scopes in the night?

    A blessing, a miracle,
    A dream it would be,
    For me,
    To float with the stars
    Accomplished and free.

    My childhood dream
    Now stretches in front
    Of me.
    One decision away
    From a perfect reality.

    I know it is hard
    To maintain a strong stance
    While with
    My life
    I take such a chance.

    But my soul will be happy
    As long as I’ve tasted
    That universe air.

    Can you see ME among the stars up there?

  54. To Buy a Puppy
    What a cute little face
    And that little wagging pace
    With those little puppy eyes
    And his coat the color of the sunrise
    He won’t bite
    Nor will he fight
    Just nibble on your fingers
    Don’t be like the Wringer
    Buy him now and savor the joy
    Of playing with the little thing and his toy
    Look at how he looks at you
    With the eyes of blue
    Wanting to leave the pin that he is in
    Take him home today and make him plump from thin.

  55. Please Give Me A Dog?

    I would like something cute
    There’s no way to dispute
    This thing that I’d like
    I could name him Lil’ Spike

    A reliable pet
    All I want as of yet
    “No way!”
    You should say?
    For forever I’ll feel
    Disgraced by your spiel

    Please give me a puppy!
    Not an ugly old guppy
    I’ll take care, I swear!
    You will never beware
    I will love you forever
    And leave Spike I will never

    So please give me a dog
    Not a warty old frog
    You know you want to
    Because I love you:)

  56. I need just one thing, a little thing indeed.
    It is a necessity I promise, not something out of greed.

    It is breaking in to pieces bit by bit
    For each side has even split.

    A phone is what I need
    With internet that travels at a great speed.

    It could save me in an accident
    And will ensure good time management.

    I really wish I could get a new phone
    With a great reception zone.

  57. I
    Wait! I
    Please I can't live
    Just one time
    Once, then I will stop
    The car is waiting
    All alone in the garage
    I have the keys
    I am responsible
    Safe, secure, careful
    I really
    Nope, not even now

  58. Please, oh good jury,
    I had no clue what to do,
    This ticket, oh so unfair, that officer had no clue
    Mars, Saturn, and Venus, were lined up so horribly,
    15 minutes late, because my wife was sick something formidably
    My son, oh a good boy, was getting married formally
    It was an accident, I swear,
    So look into your hearts and find some forgiveness
    And I’ll be careful, so full of primness,

    Please, oh good jury,
    I had hardly realized
    Something else in the bottom of my cart, this is not idealized
    That security guard treated me so roughly,
    For a small mathematical mistake
    I thought I was going to beaten like cake
    Batter that is
    So, forgive this family man of this unfair crime
    Or feel your conscious suffer, silent as a mime

    Please, oh good jury
    It wasn’t double homicide
    I lit the fire, I confide
    My son wanted smores
    So some sparks, they drifted over to some hay
    I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t do anything but yell “Hey”!
    I felt so useless, I really could’ve cried
    So find it in your heart to forgive a loving man
    I promise I won’t do it again

    Please, oh good jury,
    The rumors, they weren’t true,
    I wanted to start a company, so sue!
    Nuclear power, oh it’s so dramaticized,
    I didn’t do anything but try to feed my family
    The winters, they were getting so chilly
    I’m a small businessman, not a spy
    So, unless there is no justice
    Scoop up some mercy, and let me once more roll the dice

    So please, oh good jury,
    I truly am an innocent
    These crimes, oh poor me, I repent,
    If only, someone would listen
    And not put me in locked cell
    I am not guilty, so I cannot have a tell,

    No, oh good jury,
    Please rethink that choice
    Do I really not have a voice?
    Please, oh good jury,
    I truly beg of you
    Why me, why not good ole Rue?
    Stupid, stupid jury,
    You cannot hold me here
    I will be out within a year
    Die, oh good jury,
    Oh, what fun it’ll be
    Just you and you and you and you and me
    Goodbye, oh good jury.

    Oh, perhaps some poison in your curry,
    Oh good jury?
    Maybe a knife in your back
    How about that, Jack?
    Oh, sometime near Halloween, It will be scary,
    Good old Mary
    Wanna get eaten by a bear?
    That sound fun, Cher?
    Run over by a driving reckless tyke,
    You’re not an AB- blood type? You sure about that
    And you there, Lizzie, no one will look in the river
    After I rip out your liver
    Who wants ricin?

    So goodbye, good old jury,
    Oh, and I will see you in hell

  59. You know you love me,
    Just give me the keys.

    I'll always follow the rules,
    You know I am know fool.

    I can't wait anymore,
    The car is waiting.

    The trust you will place in me,
    Will always be well received.

    Just give me the keys,
    And I'll be gone like the breeze.

    Don't keep me wait,
    Every minute I'll hate.

  60. Driving down the road during the hot summer day,
    That is what I imagine.
    The wind in my hair,
    A chance to escape
    A chance to feel free
    All I want is a car.

  61. I’ll do the trash,
    Faster than Ash.

    One more chance,
    Better than Lance.

    A new allowance,
    Would make me dance.

    Prove myself for once,
    Really! I’m not a dunce!

    Money is my desire,
    It would set me on fire.

    Jumping for joy,
    A brand new toy.

    It is me you can trust,
    To satisfy my lust.

    To go out with friends,
    And not make amends:

    For making a loan,
    To buy a pretty stone.

    I wouldn’t blow my money,
    Not even on a honey.

    P.S. Ah and Lance are my imaginary siblings who I compete for allowance with.

  62. Our industry needs to do some spring cleaning
    This cannot go on; there is no more meaning
    Music has taken a dastardly turn
    With modern-day artists that crash and then burn

    The Beibers and black eyes and peas all the same
    They do not act decently, even with fame
    For they insult us all with their songs
    Doing less right than they ever did wrong

    It’s time for us all to take the industry back
    Give Miley Cyrus a powerful smack
    Make artists like Led Zeppelin and Foreigner cool
    Make the right choice, and don’t be a fool

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Steal away with me in the twilight
    Under a setting sun and a moonlit night

    To a place so magical and pure
    The bright lights, just part of its allure

    Where children scream with delight
    And rides will allow us people to take flight

    Please oh please with a cherry on top
    Take me to this place; I’ll meet you at the bus stop

    The lights shimmer off the calm water below
    And young girls walk hand in hand with their fellow

    The wood below our feet will creak
    As we raise our voices to hear ourselves speak

    We will have so much fun I promise you my dear
    If only if only you’ll come with me to the pier

    The sand to our left provides a nice place to sit
    And as I play with the grains, through my fingers they sift

    People packed stores line the walk
    And in the distance a ship pulls in to dock

    The scent of treats wafts through the air
    The temptation will be too much to bear

    So with ice cream in hand we will leave this place
    And if you saw me afterwards, there would be a smile one my face

    I beg of you to come with me here
    To the boardwalk is where I want to go my dear

  65. I beg, I whine, I plead at her feet

    It’s no good, I know I am beat

    Reconsider please,

    I’ll even eat my peas

    Nothing big, it’ very small

    I desperately need to get to the mall

  66. Rollercoaster

    Get on
    I see you standing in line
    Letting others go ahead
    What’s the worst that could happen
    At worst I make you dizzy
    Big deal
    So why are you scared
    I won’t drop you
    I won’t let go of you
    I won’t hurt you
    I will give you a thrill
    Feel the
    Coursing through your body
    You are going the speed of light
    Don’t be scared
    It’s fun
    So just come on
    You are old enough
    How old are you?
    Who cares
    I don’t
    I just want you to have fun
    To feel the breeze and yell
    At the top of your lungs
    Stop Standing in line
    Stop worrying
    Get on

  67. late work

    I did the work, I did the task
    So it is this favor I ask
    Please, please I beg of you
    This will never happen again I swear it’s true
    Just let me do this just one time
    I do indeed feel like utter slime
    I feel terrible inside and out
    I can hardly even explain what that’s all about
    So can I turn this late work in?
    If you did I could not even begin
    I would be so grateful
    I would tell everyone you are wonderful
    Turning this in would make my day
    Everything might go my way
    It would improve my grade
    My day would be made
    So thanks I’m going to turn it in now
    That took a lot of convincing wow!