Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Day of Editions

Today, we started class with a routine off guard "Hel-Hi Mrs. Smith", followed by a more in-sync, "Hello Smith!". We then took out our grammar packets, DOLs, and a pencil and weent over what an predicate adjetive is. After that, we were told to get out our 2nd and 3rd body paragraph. As 3/4 of the class looked around nervously, it was apparent that many of us were not ready. The class was then split into two groups; the on-task students with everything ready to be edited in the front with Mrs. Smith, and the not-so-ready group of topic sentence/thesis/1st body paragraph overacheivers towards the back with their friends. After 30 minutes or so of hard work, the passing period bell rang out releasing several accomplished sighs. All in all a pretty good class peroid with some minor setbacks. The homework is to continue working on your essays, finish the CSAP packet due by Thursday. Be sure to study for the grammar test on Thursday before our four day weekend. We're starting poetry tomorrow too, so bring your best rhyming attitude! I hope you all have a great night. Sorry for the late post, I was having some troubles with my email (alas, the wonders of technology) but I managed to get the bugs fixed. Beware of Big Brother! mwahahahaha

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