Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Cameras are Among Us

Today on this short Wednesday late start, we started class with a routine laptop check (due to first hour). After getting that situation sorted out, many started to notice two women stationed towards the left wall of the classroom with official LPS tags. They stood there as Mrs. Smith told the class to get out their grammar worksheets and packets. We went over the sentence, "There are pretty flowers in your garden; However, they don't smell very good." and did some further labeling such as pointing out the two independent clauses, and labeling the sentence as being complex. After that, we diagrammed it (easy seeing as how great we all are at grammar) and put it away. We then were told to get out our conclusion sentence and works cited pages, and carried out just one partner edit while being photographed by the LPS people. After that, Mrs. Smith let us go to freely work on our projects and research while continual filming was carried out (ironic to what we're researching, but still for a good cause). The bell then rang, ordering us to put everything away and get to third-block. Our homework is to continue working on our projects, hopefully to get finished before our four day weekend (I hope to get to the mountains at some point), and finish our softball CSAP packets. I hope you all have a great day, filled with sun and just a little extra sleep energy! See everyone tomorrow (I think we're starting poetry according to Mrs. Smith's website, but I'm not sure).

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