Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Wiki Frenzy

Today was a unique day in 5th hour English. Class today was specially dedicated to beginning our WikiPapers and getting a general idea of what is going to be involved in this paper. We went over the rubric in class today and discussed what resources we can use which consist of the following

Google Sites: This is where you will put all of your information for your page 
Webspiration: Recommended for outlining your paper
Diigo: You can annotate text on the web from here and read other's annotations about the website.

Also, Smith gave us some wise advice in order to be successful on this page.

  • Make sure to work over the weekend. The more you get done now, the better off you will be.
  • It is highly recommended to go into Writing Lab or come in and talk to Smith on an off hour!
  • Do the paper outside of class! Don't expect to get it done in class. 

The topic of our paper is "What have we learned or haven't learned? Where are we going?" 

Paragraphs Consist of:
Intro Paragraph
Body Paragraphs. One paragraph is what we have learned, another one is what we haven't learned
Conclusion Paragraph

You must use references from Little Brother, 1984, and for those of you who are into the Hunger Games series, you can also use that as well.

Create Outline and Thesis (Monday)
Create Google Sites (Done in class today)
Set up pages 

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