Monday, February 21, 2011

I've Got a Secret...

I am going to collect all of your secrets and redistribute them. With another person's secret, write a poem telling the story of that secret as if it were your own and addressing what you think about it. Play with form and structure. Remember, think about word choice and descriptions. Paint a picture in your reader's head.

If you are stuck, you could even look back at the secret as if you were older and wiser.

Good luck and be creative!


  1. My heart yearns for a certain someone
    She makes my heart feel like a ton
    The ground leaves my feet
    At my heart you do eat
    And I know that you are probably the one

    Today I must work up the strength
    I am going to ask you out on a date
    Please don't say no
    You’ve got me aglow
    This girl 5 stars I would rate

  2. There is a secret fear inside me
    That I dare not let anyone see
    When I go to speak to the class
    Or to people of a large mass
    I shiver, shake, and quake
    I think my body might break
    I nervously start to think
    “I wish that I could shrink
    And go away from here
    Or just disappear”
    But fate, it seems, would have me speak
    Even though the crowds make me squeak

  3. Christopher Robin
    I have a crush on his face
    What a poor Pooh bear

    Is a friend with Pooh
    Smart (he can read)
    Tigger likes him
    On the tree, he visits
    Eeyore is a friend
    Roo is another friend

    Reads to Pooh
    Owl is his smart friend
    Been left out of the movies
    Is in the Hundred Acre Woods for extended time periods
    Never complains

  4. I have a deep dark secret
    I don’t want you to know,
    I was in love with Arthur,
    From that TV show,

    I loved that daring aardvark,
    His big brown glasses and all,
    Even his dog pal,
    Inhabits a picture on my wall,

    That sexy yellow shirt,
    Red hot shoes as well,
    Just the thought,
    Made my heart swell,

    Though I thought he was the one,
    Alas we could never marry,
    That beautiful aardvark,
    was way too hairy.

  5. There is a Ghost upon us

    Quite whispers in the dark
    Reveal to me what has come to be
    There is an old sprit in my house
    But it is not one that a person can see

    It moves quick and fast
    In the night it goes about
    I am the only one who believes
    And when it creeps I want to shout

    Everyone around me does not want to admit
    The ghost is around just be quite
    It’ll never come out
    If someone is starting a riot

    The ghost is scary
    But I will never fret
    It does not even faze me
    I will never fear a ghost named Bret

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  7. I would sit in a room, filled with people.
    People who passed by and by.
    I would sit in this room, with a ceiling high as a steeple.
    But never noticed them, at least, I tried.
    She would sit next to me, passing the hour.
    An hour that ran on forever.
    She would sit there all quiet , while I was to glower
    And moan of my endeavors.

    I did not know her that was true
    But I had every reason to hate her
    Her smile, her laugh, even her shampoo
    Made me want to crawl out of my skin and transfer
    But one day, she broke the ice
    Started making small talk.
    She understood me, exactly, precise
    Even though I could barley manage a squawk.

    This girl that I hardly knew, soon became my closest mate
    We live, breathe and talk as one
    Because we share the common trait
    Of laughing are heads off in the sun.

  8. Savannah’s beauty is something I must confess
    These feelings that I have for her I cannot suppress
    Her hair like golden locks
    Eyes like green emeralds dipped in clean water
    Her stare electrocutes me with a million watts
    My heart will burst it is starting to clot!
    Her skin glows like the sun
    Her lips are blood red
    They way she looks is hurting my head
    I am breathing too fast, her beauty is too much
    I must tell someone my love but wait!
    Will she slip out of my clutch?
    What will SHE think?
    I decided I would wait
    And wait some more
    Until I could possibly love her no more

  9. Promise not to spill the beans,
    And never say a word,
    I’ll tell you straight and by all means,
    I’ll never be absurd.

    There is a secret I must leak
    You mustn’t think me lame
    For if I tell and others speak
    I’ve only you to blame.

    So here’s the fact that I must share:
    I think I’ve caught the fever
    It’s Justin Bieber, and his hair
    He’s made me a believer.

    It’s how he walks
    It’s how he talks
    A voice that won’t compare

    His teeth so white
    With eyes so bright
    And have I mentioned his hair?

    I can’t contain that which I feel
    I love him, it’s insane
    But if you share and do reveal
    I’ll make you taste my pain.

  10. Now gone was my hair
    My scalp felt so bare
    To the front of Great Clips I walked
    While my mom talked and talked
    About how to pay the cashier Nick
    It was then I saw the Chapstick
    My lips felt so dry!
    I thought I was going to cry
    I really needed that Chapstick
    Just to put some on my lips real quick
    I figured they were free
    So I picked one up with glee!
    My lips felt so much better
    But I had no idea that I was a debtor
    I thought the Chapstick was free
    But they really cost dollars three!
    I had no money with me
    I spent it all on my tea
    What was I to do?
    I couldn’t return my brew
    My mom couldn’t know I stole
    All I would get next Christmas is coal
    So I walked out of the store
    I went straight through the door
    That I broke the law, I tried to forget
    I didn’t even tell my pet
    But even now I remember it clearly
    That I shoplifted most severely!

  11. There is something I tell no one
    A secret I keep inside
    I lock it away and hide it
    With no one will I confide

    It originated from my past
    And there it will always stay
    If I ever went back to it
    History would replay

    But now I want to tell my secret
    I will come clean and true
    The secret I hold dear
    Is that to manners I said adieu

    Many old memories of tantrums
    Making mud pies in the dirt
    My easel was the wall
    Parents were always on alert

    I used to behave so poorly
    Until one day I had found
    That being bad is not good
    This thought was quite profound

    Now I listen to my teachers
    I do what I am told
    For if I have an evil thought
    Everyone I know will scold

  12. I’ve got a secret

    There was something no one knew
    In a vault that I kept shut
    Until that fateful day
    When someone got a paper cut

    I started feeling woozy
    Dizzy and unsure
    The ground came up to meet me
    I faced what I couldn’t endure

    I saw my life flash before me
    And heard a heavy thud
    My body hit the floor
    At the sight of blood

    There is another thing that scares me
    And has the same reaction
    If someone pulls a needle out
    I’ll need to find a distraction

    Now there is something I know
    I will never lift this curse
    So that when I grow up
    I won’t ever be a nurse

  13. My brother came down the stairs one morning
    I could barely suppress my laughter,
    For the previous night I did something terrible
    because of the revenge I was after.

    He attacked me first, I swear!
    Right now I don’t recall,
    But last night I chopped off some of his hair
    In the black of his room I ceaselessly maul.

    The door squeaked open
    I slid through the crack,
    I tripped on his dumbbells
    And came down with a smack!

    He did not budge
    But only snored
    I continued my mission
    For getting caught, I could not afford.

    I slinked across the cluttered floor:
    An army man in the jungle
    I hit my head against the bed,
    But my brother didn’t rumble.

    At last I crept up near his head
    Almost done just do it now!
    I thought inside my mind.
    Scissors poised at his curly head
    Slowly coming down,
    I snipped and clipped to my heart’s content
    I bet he’ll look like a clown!

    Then off to bed I happily skipped,
    And slept like a baby with warm milk sipped.
    For tomorrow my brother’s perfect hair would be chipped.
    And he would be totally miffed.

    When he came down that fateful morning,
    A burst of laughter I was expecting…
    Or a scream and a cry,
    Maybe a punishment for tonight…
    But my family went on without even inspecting.

    I had gotten away with my evil crime,
    Maybe next time I’ll cover him in slime!

  14. I see the crowd stare up at me
    I scream inside, I want to flee
    My line my line Oh what is my line?
    The stage is silent, a baby whines

    It seems like hours have past
    And time passes at a rate that is not fast
    The whole room waits
    I feel like I might faint

    The words are stuck in my mouth
    This play is going south
    And we all know it is my fault
    That everyone’s hard work is coming to a halt

    I am frozen in place
    A scared look on my face
    This fear is not very might
    I have stage fright

  15. I repeated the second grade,
    Because I skipped first,
    For a year, with the older kids I played,
    Until my immaturity made them want to burst.

    Now I’m back with kids my age,
    Sophomores are annoying anyway
    So there’s no reason to be in a rage
    For my story was a unique one, daresay

  16. The wind, the sun, the feel of the rock beneath my fingers
    What a thrill it is to feel so free
    I am like a lizard, skillfully making my way up the Canyon wall never faltering in my movements, always ready for the next step

    Eldorado Canyon, how perfect the name suits
    The golden rock, the peaceful valley below keeping me content
    I am almost in a trance as I climb, as I leave my worries behind down below

    When I reach the top, it is an amazing feeling of bliss and success
    I breathe in the clean summer air as I glance around the canyon
    I mourn the time when I will descend back to reality, but for now, I enjoy my perfect moment of peace

  17. I used to be so big
    Everyone looked up at me
    I was proud and strong
    Better than anyone could be
    Also small
    Innocent and fragile
    Knowing very little
    But I remember feeling
    Like I was on top
    Of the world
    A giant
    In my own mind

  18. I have a secret
    Really foolish I suppose
    Much less embarrassing than anything involving a nose
    I know it doesn’t matter
    Doesn't affect my decency
    But in my heart I never let it go with certain consistency

    It’s nothing to be ashamed of
    The people there really aren't that bad
    It only gets a bad name because most people didn't realize someone was an evil scum pad
    But I suppose I must come out and say it
    Although I really don’t want to
    The truth must come out, and this is certainly true

    I can’t avoid itjMy secret, really not that appalling,
    It wouldn’t send anyone bawling.
    Everyone has their mistakes, like the Hall of Tammany,
    I was really born in Germany.

  19. I don't think it was on purpose,
    I really don't think it was.
    She said it was an accident,
    My mom feels bad she does.

    When I was a baby,
    something bad hit.
    I guess it made me cry,
    but only a little bit.

    My mom, she was holding me
    giving me a little love.
    But then suddenly it happened,
    my brother gave her a shove.

    She tripped over a chair,
    and that's when my brother fled.
    The next thing you know,
    I had been dropped on my head.

    Some say it affects me,
    but my Mom says I'm fine.
    But I guess she only says that,
    after she's had a glass of wine.

  20. Blue, Green, Hazel, Brown
    Stare at me as I stare down
    Walking down the dreaded halls
    As my friends shout and call

    Many stare straight ahead
    With their colors showing anything but dread
    As I look up to see where to go
    My colors show and I think “Oh no!”

    For my colors have always been unsatisfactory
    I wish I could have new colors made in a factory
    My colors, my eyes stare down
    And I start to frown

    Different colored eyes are always a birthday wish
    I always wish before I eat my birthday dish
    But no matter how hard I try
    The colors of my eyes will never lie

    For my colors are sometimes thought of as appalling
    And sometimes I start balling
    I sometimes wish I had different colored eyes
    Because right now I can never get any guys

  21. A secret I have, a secret indeed,
    Don’t let it get out, for there is no need
    I’ll tell you, but you alone
    Don’t let it be know
    For this secret is mine, so let it be kept and never freed.

    Every time I am working hard to make a meal
    I always pretend I’m giving a shpeal
    Like Martha, Rachel, Emeril, and Julia too
    Come watch as I teach you to make a chicken stew
    Oh how I’d love my own show, I could teach how to cut, chop, and peal.

  22. I like comic books and I’m a girl
    Hulking out but I rock my curls
    Screw chapter books, make me read that Ill hurl
    I do crimes with the Joker yet dad still calls me his pearl

    Boys think that we like to read about Edward and Jake
    Not me, no I want to see a secret fort in a lake
    Checking out Spidey as I’m baking my cake
    Comics all the way, you got a special 99 edition I can take?

    Iron man punched a crook in the face
    As I read it my heart slowed a pace
    I’m a girl and I want to see a bad guy hit with a mace
    I thought, “Put that sucker in his place”

    So don’t expect me to read that Twilight sap
    I want to see comic books on the map
    I don’t care if I’m a girl, I want to see Cap
    Captain America that is throwing Nazi’s in a trap

  23. Followed…

    That summer night I journeyed home,
    Amidst the bitter chill,
    I thought I heard a footstep fall,
    Behind me on the hill.

    I turned to look who followed me,
    But nothing caught my gaze.
    I looked all over, to the earth, the sea,
    And to the blackened haze.

    With fright now holding my heart aloft,
    I quickened up my pace.
    I wanted to get out that night,
    Out of that eerie place.

    But with every step my own feet took,
    Another followed there.
    I turned again to face my foe,
    But saw only nighttime air.

    My fright was high, my soul now feared,
    For what pursued me late that eve.
    With one last hope I sprinted home;
    The light my fears relieved.

    I shut the door, I locked it quick.
    I would not let them in.
    But all I saw on the bitter street,
    Was a paper in the wind.

    My fears relieved, I turned around.
    I was in nobody’s sight.
    But with a thunderous crash the door flew wide,
    Revealing the empty night.

    I’ve never revealed this dreadful dusk,
    To not a soul have I,
    Nor will I say what happened next,
    Beneath that darkened sky.

  24. Amidst the many rooms in my house,
    Sat my sister, silent as a mouse.
    In her room for the fourth hour,
    Was my sister looking quite sour.

    As she wondered when she would be let out,
    I began thinking of the perfect plot.
    She had a face with a malcontent pout,
    As I prepared my one shot.

    As she neared her fifth hour,
    I donned my costume of great power.
    With my nose and moustache upon my face,
    I prepared to jump into her place.

    As the bell chimed I opened the door,
    And pranced about her room as if it was a dance floor.
    As she screamed at the top of her lungs,
    I laughed so hard I bit my tongue.

    “You jerk!!” she screamed,
    As I laughed so hard I nearly burst at the seams.
    And that is the story,it's completely true,
    Of me locking up my sister, Sue.

  25. My name is Nellie Nimper Nale
    And I was born with a tail
    My coat is furry and blue
    With stripes and polka dots too

    I hop around town
    And sometimes I frown
    For I am the only one
    With a tail for fun

    And people stare at me so
    My momma says that’s quite low
    I try hid my secret appendage
    By making clothing of a different assemblage

    But one day I came across
    A man eating mustard sauce
    He looked at me and said
    Why so sad little one, are you not a thoroughbred

    No, no I’m not, I said with a mope
    He replied don’t worry and gave me some hope
    Now I’m proud to have my furry blue difference
    And to the people that look at me and stare, I say good riddance

  26. Perfectionist

    Washington, Adams,
    Jefferson and who?
    Did Monroe come next?
    Or Adams (number two)?

    20th Century
    Is easy for sure,
    Roosevelt, Taft,
    Wilson, and more.

    But then…who came next?
    I’m struggling now!
    I’m under such pressure
    My shoulders will bow.

    My palms are slippery
    My head pouring sweat,
    Who were the presidents?
    I must not forget!

    Roosevelt, Truman,
    And then Eisenhower,
    Who came next?
    Remember! Remember!

    My head! How it aches
    In such confusion,
    My hands clenched so hard,
    I’ll soon get a contusion.

    Why, you may ask,
    Do I torture myself?
    Can you comprehend
    The “Presidents’ Shelf?”

    It’s a contest you see,
    Ages 3 to 10,
    Whoever knows the presidents,
    Receives a free pen!

    The prize is quite worthless,
    I guess I agree.
    But I must have this down!
    It’s important to me.

  27. I look almost the same as I did in preschool
    Back then, I was kind of a fool

    Then and now, my appearance is the same
    But then some changes came

    I lost my blonde hair
    But people don’t seem to care

    I am my own person now, so my hair color or look does not matter
    You can live in the past or the present, and I choose the latter.

  28. When I’m at school, there is something I always fear
    Splitting my pants and others making a sneer
    I’ve tried and tried but average jeans cannot hold the force
    I think the solution is found, I must root out the problem at the source

    The cause that’s to blame is my jeans are too small
    The place where to fix this is at Southglenn Mall
    More shorts and pants are for me in the making
    For now and forever there will be no more breaking

    Now there’s nothing to fear my pants will no longer split
    Twice my pant’s have broke is something I admit
    When class I don’t have to be cautious
    Acting foolish in public makes me quiver and nauseous

  29. The scales adorn their skin
    Their beating eyes glance at you
    Desperate for food
    As they smile
    I begin to feel something
    I don’t feel often
    And Only Fear.
    For it is the most evil of them all
    The Alligator
    Almost as ugly as Crocs
    Their grimace reminds me
    Of the horror I felt
    When I heard Justin Bieber
    For the first time.
    These malicious reptiles
    Cause me
    To fear Florida
    For that is where
    The vicious alligator gathers
    To taunt me
    To manipulate me
    With their vicious eyes.

  30. Ever since my little years,
    I’ve always held someone dear.
    I have always been a bold one,
    Getting things done.

    I’ve have been into kissing for quite some time,
    I’m always in my prime.
    However, one is never enough,
    I will always admit he was hot stuff.

    No age was ever too young,
    And when I was dumped it stung,
    But I was a persistent child,
    And came back wild.

    I now think back and laugh,
    Good thing it was just the past!
    If you tell anyone,
    Your face will be undone.

    Stephen Walker

  31. Tennis, swimming, golf, gymnastics
    All appear in Special Olympics

    Smiling, laughing, winning, success
    All appear wail athletes progress

    Training, working, playing, fun
    All a gift, no matter who won

    All coaches know they must not shirk
    Supporting, timing, planning, work

    All rewarding on the side
    Teaching, helping, loving wide

    All appear in Special Olympics
    Skiing, football and athletics

  32. I hear the clash of cymbals,
    And I smile
    They are the thunder,
    In my storm of silence.

    Every day the world hums
    to the music that I make,
    My sound is the center of the silent world;
    I’m that good.

    I am the conductor,
    I translate the music on the page
    To the music in the air.
    Every day for a short while, I’m in my
    Perfect little world.

  33. I had a bad habit,
    lasting past the age of 3,
    I loved to suck on pacifiers,
    oh how they gave me glee

    I wouldn't give them up
    I couldn't stop my desires,
    It was at that point
    my parents patience tired

    A deal was made,
    a bargain of sorts,
    I would give up the pacifier,
    with compensation of course

    A house made up of
    pink plastic and fabulousity,
    was purchased by my parents,
    for Barbie and me

    It was only then,
    at that very time,
    I could give up my pacifier
    and still feel sublime

  34. I have a secret I dare not say
    If I do share it will surely ruin my day
    But I need to get it out
    However others may have their doubts
    It scares me everyday
    And I know that I cannot runaway

    In my garage
    I fear an entourage
    Of hobos and their friends
    At any time of day
    I try my hardest to stay away

    But I feel their presence upon me
    And I know I must flee
    Every day my horror grows
    And I can tell that it shows
    I cannot escape these fears
    Because their figures seem to draw near
    Yet it tends to just be a mirage
    That lurks in my garage

    One day I hope to overcome this
    So that I may live my life full of bliss

  35. There once was a time when I did the thing,
    The thing I hate now,
    More than any other thing,

    I twirled,
    And leaped,
    And jumped,
    And spun,

    But I will never go back,
    It was never any fun,
    Dancing was wack,
    With high expectations,
    Too many costumes
    And too many buttons,

    So I quit,
    Yes I did,
    And I’ll never go back
    A dark time in my life,
    Let’s not talk about it,

    Why don’t we move on?
    And forget that I did it

  36. I’ve got a little secret
    I do not want to tell
    It’s not about my dog named Fred
    Or my brother who really smells

    This secret is so secret
    But I fear of what may come
    If I tell my little secret
    It will spread with a roaring hum

    When I go to bed at night
    After two years of grueling pain
    I have to keep this object
    To keep me from going insane

    I wear it in my mouth
    Even though it seems a little odd
    It is worth a lot of money
    But it keeps my mouth full shod

    I can't hold in my secret
    I don't want to be a complainer
    But I have to tell my secret
    I fear I have retainers

  37. POKEMON!

    This secret I have, is eating out my insides,
    I have to tell someone, if not, I might die!
    It’s a secret that I share with many, many kids,
    And probably lots of adults, or should I say “DID”

    Pokémon, Pokémon,
    Oh how I was obsessed with Pokémon!
    Dark and steel, Fire and ice,
    Grass, water, and bugs that fly!

    Electric, psychic, and fighting ghosts,
    Poison, dragon, am I done? Almost.
    Rock and ground are the two still there
    Also colors are what they wear,

    One is left and it’s the easiest to say,
    Normal’s here, and the rest away
    They all have powers to dominate on top,
    Without enough hit points, the Pokémon just drops.

    The series I would watch day and night,
    I would always see Pikachu’s intense fight!
    Hour after hour I would play, play, play
    And trade, evolve, and WIN!!!! I would say

    Satoshi Tajiri, I have to tell you one thing
    If you were to die………..I WOULD KILL MYSELF!!!!

    The end
    P.S. Satoshi Tajiri is the creator of Pokémon

  38. THE DARK
    Looking back I was afraid of the dark,
    I always felt that a person was watching.
    The only thing that broke my spell was light.
    While in the dark I lose my sight
    This person there would touch my hand
    Or maybe just a hard push like a brand
    Mon or woman I didn’t care until creepily stoked my hair
    This is crazy I know what you think
    This is my secret at least I don’t stink

  39. I have a secret I must confess,
    Though I must protest,
    It carries no shame,
    I once took high aim at a chance of fame.

    On the buzzer the gate swung open,
    As if I were chosen,
    The bull stormed and snorted,
    However its attempts I thwarted.

    With a tight grip,
    I would never slip.
    Trophies I won,
    Littered my room, there were a ton.

    Alas the rodeo I departed,
    My dreams and reality parted,
    Pride in my past and with my head held high,
    “I was a rodeo star…” I would sigh.

    P.S. This is my real poem not the first one.

  40. It started with some screaming, my parents don’t understand
    I tell them I am growing up but yet I am only ten
    I had to get out, so through the door I ran
    I ran through the park and past the school
    It was starting to get dark and the shadows were coming out
    The thunder crashed and lighting struck
    I couldn’t do anything but sit and pout
    It was a mistake leaving, my parents were right
    But I couldn’t go back, it was a terrible fight
    Now I was wet dripping from head to toe
    I decided home I must go
    I ran home but my parents were not there
    I had started to think they did not care
    I decided to call to see where they had gone
    I guess they cared as they were out looking
    When they got home I got lectured because I gave them a fright
    I will never run again, I can’t stand to be out there all alone on a cold, dark stormy, night

  41. Peanut butter is what makes the butterflies flutter and the bluebirds sing
    For reasons unknown even you can't stand the sight
    For the sweet creamy substance is simply a treat that somehow makes you shrink
    The mighty duo of the delectably cream and that magical jelly is the perfect delight

    While everyone has their days so does pb and j
    You simply can’t judge this snack without hearing what it has to say.
    While the perfect mix is hard to find, the perfect butter is even harder
    Your search for the perfect led your stomach to a pb that was bitter and without a marder

    If you finally end your amazing quest
    And separate the good and the bad from the rest
    After you’ve tried to many to count,
    Go and and give me a shout

  42. Silver, sticky, shiny, and strong,
    With duct tape you can never go wrong,

    I have a may be strange,
    Though it is something i can not change,

    Duct tape is my crazy obsession,
    This secret causes me to feel regression,

    In my opinion the sky is the limit,
    But others don't seem to get it,

    Purses, dresses, wallets, and backpacks,
    Accessories, clothing, and even lunch sacks,

    The sticky tape is so much fun,
    It can be used by anyone!

  43. Out of the womb, my small body did pop,
    Throughout the room, all the jaws they did drop.
    A voice said: “Her height what a crock!
    She bears the I.Q. of rough igneous rock!”

    They said I’d be short,
    And punted for sport,
    I’d get bullied and teased,
    And my lunch money seized.

    But I showed them, oh yes,
    With my extra large dress,
    And my size 20 shoes,
    And the games I don’t lose.

    But now I have a blood clot,
    Live my life I will not,
    And I must say good-bye,
    To rest my massive man-thigh.

  44. I modeled long ago
    But not anymore you see
    It is now my bane, my curse, my woe
    ‘Cause I was robbed of all my glee.

    It began with a pose a simple pose
    Showing off my sculpted hand,
    There were no cons just multiple pros
    And with that I felt too grand.

    So I modeled a ring
    Clad with one large stone
    A glorious thing
    And my hand was its throne.

    They then thought I should pose my nose
    They wanted to model a tissue
    I stuck out my nose, it looked like a rose
    But to them it looked just like mildew.

    I was about to run out
    But they begged me to stay
    Yet I was filled with doubt
    Then they said, “Don’t run away.”

    So I asked, “What next?”
    They said, “Model these glasses.”
    Not too complex,
    But I still felt like molasses.

    I posed my face, with the glasses upon it
    Yet they said with haste “What is wrong with your face!”
    I ran from there crying, feeling unfit
    I came to a stop, and I lost all my grace.

    That is the reason
    I don’t model anymore
    Their words are still treason
    A secret this began, but now no more.

  45. I used to be friends with a clown
    He cheered me whenever I was down.
    He punched me in the face.
    Then ran away from this place
    And now when I see them, I frown.

    Anytime my family goes to the tents
    My body becomes all rigid and tense.
    I'm scared of face-paint
    It makes me want to faint
    And clowns need to be behind a large fence.

    Now clowns make me shiver and sulk
    But really I just need to be the Hulk
    To destroy them all
    Make them all fall
    But for that, I need some bulk.

  46. Nope, that wasn’t me. That was a beached whale.

    Oh, how I hope there is no one home
    I must disappear
    Moving quickly across the hall
    This is something no one should overhear

    The water turns on
    A soothing sound
    Clarity washes over me and yet
    The words in my head spin ‘round

    I’d like to think sometimes
    I’m where Madonna meets Coldplay
    The lyrics just seem to flow
    It’s a tad bit embarrassing to say

    American Idol is a no-no
    The only audience I’ve ever had
    Is the porcelain bathtub
    Not even my dad

    Front door slams
    Mom asks, “What was that noise?”
    I respond, “Nothing,
    Certainly not my voice…”

  47. One day, oh what a fun day
    I chose to play with the electricity
    Shock shock spark spark
    Boy this is more fun than playing in the park

    Alas the fun could not last
    Spark spark spark... then dark
    Why is it dark I start to wonder
    Could it be because of that small bit of thunder

    What will they ask
    What will I say
    How will I mask
    What I have done today

    What happened my parents ask
    I dunno I solemnly say
    On this day I short-circuited my room while playing with electricity

  48. Each night I escape to my downy bed,
    with visions of a moon outside
    but when midnight looms its weary presence
    I find that I am working,
    On my graveyard shift
    In a galaxy far far away.

    The black masked man calls for us
    each night to oil the hatches
    of the dark grey ball of metal
    And each night, when to the steel i venture
    My foot catches an unknown notch.

    And in a moment I'm falling
    Into the space
    like diving into an endless pool,
    never adjusting to the chill

    And at last, the sleep, does end, with
    Cold sweat and bated breath.

    Until, the next night comes

  49. I have a deep, dark secret

    That I do not wish to share

    It is the time to confess

    Though I’m pulling out my hair

    It is not a secret fear

    I hope you are prepared

    I am ashamed to admit

    That this is not a game

    I’m not who you are thinking

    The secret is my name

  50. "I love to watch wedding shows on TV."

    I'm just like any teenage girl, my future's far away
    But I often like to fantasize about my wedding day.
    Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings, and BrideTV
    Have always made me ponder what features would suit me.
    The season, the place, the dress, the cake
    Who all would be there, for goodness sake?
    Bridesmaids, receptions, invites, seating-
    It's so much to think about, a mental beating!
    But in my own mind, everything is just right;
    No mistakes, no regrets, and hopefully no fights.
    Just one thing eludes my mind's wedding span:
    Who could be the him, that one special man?
    It's hard to find one who is husband material,
    Yet I'm only a freshman- the whole idea is ethereal!
    So for now I'll watch my wedding shows and happily dream
    For the future is much closer than it may seem.

  51. I have a secret that no one knows,
    When music starts my body flows.
    I want to be an interpretive dancer,
    To the tune of “Beat It” I will answer.

    As I step on stage with a plan in mind,
    The rhythm begins and I start to grind.
    I’m walking on air I’m Michael Jackson,
    I’m waving my glove that’s glittery flaxen.

    As I moonwalk across the stage,
    The crowd erupts into a rampage.
    A vibration reverberates around my face,
    I awake to my brother blasting his bass.

  52. " I had to go to counseling when I was young"

    Like a bubble about to pop
    A bomb about to drop
    The emotions were slipping
    With a timer that would not stop

    My life was saying good-bye
    With all of the tears in my eye
    They bring up memories best forgotten
    And make me want to shrink and cry

    I needed help that would not fade
    But to open up; I was afraid
    Of being rejected and being a joke,
    I just needed someone with a fix, a friendly band-aid

    The only reason that I'm here today
    Is that I sought comfort, which is OK
    This experience has made me stronger
    And for that, I whisper, Hooray

  53. Many different smells fill the place
    A busy feeling felt by all
    People dart back and forth through open space
    To be one of them, standing tall
    To be the one that the customers call

    Frying, sautéing, adding tasty spices
    Using all my senses to makes a taste that entices
    Discovering new flavors that tantalize
    And having the ability to perfectly blend tastes
    The very essence of my work defies
    The purpose of being a cook,
    Is to be great enough that your recipes are never overlooked!

    I want to create these mouth-watering creations
    While being watched by all my friends and acquaintances
    I desire to let them experience these tasty sensations!

  54. "I may have Narcolepsy."

    I have no trouble falling asleep,
    Even when I’m not tired,
    It doesn’t always happen at night,
    And darkness is not required.

    It doesn’t matter if I’m standing up,
    Or sitting down, it’s true.
    The moment I feel a little bit sleepy,
    I know exactly what will ensue.

    I have an excuse to sleep in class,
    And a reason for not getting my homework done,
    I just say that it’s medical condition.
    Sometimes Narcolepsy can be fun.

    I saw a doctor a few days ago.
    And today I got a call.
    The tests came back, and he wasn’t sure,
    But I may not have narcolepsy at all!

    Darn! However, he still isn't sure.
    I guess only time will tell.
    I hope that he makes up his mind soon.
    Hmph. Oh well.

  55. Some people are scared of heights, clowns, or aardvarks
    But I am scared of a time of day
    The black, evil dark
    Every day it comes and attacks me
    I scream, I freak, and I buckle at the knee
    I run to the closet for my refuge
    But then I notice the evil dark scrooge is in there too
    I yell “Just go! Shoo!”
    The dark does not understand and keeps its firm stand
    Someday I will have to learn that the dark is just a thing
    And give my fear the fling
    When will this day be?
    When I am 16, 25, or 63?
    I am still secretly afraid of the dark today
    But some day it will have to pay
    When the beautiful light outshines its scary twin
    My fear of the dark will be put in recycling bin
    Where some other person, maybe even my kin,
    Will find their true scare

  56. I have a secret

    There is an escalating fear within me

    A literal climbing fear

    My bravery is drowning in a sea

    Of an oscillating tier

    Staircases turning round

    No body can force me to approach

    With my epic fear profound

    I can already fell claustrophobia encroach

    Falling Falling beyond the floor

    Forces me to think

    Will a regular staircase hurt more?

    There is no way I will approach that winding brink

  57. Playing Harry Potter,
    Trying not to slaughter,
    His mother or father,
    But they lived in a mirror,
    Which was quite queer,
    But were really dead,
    With much unsaid.

    While mourning the loss,
    Of an albatross, and
    Dobby the gnome,
    Who was buried, under a tombstone.

    Magic and spells,
    Voldemort drank unicorn blood,
    Just to feel swell.

    Learning to pretend,
    Is tougher than said,
    When you're a wizard,
    And outside is a blizzard.

  58. I know I’ll get that call someday
    All the time they are waiting for the perfect moment
    When the FBI finally screams, “Hey!
    What a perfect agent that we have been sent.”

    I will train with the best
    Maybe even take down some crime
    Someday I might arrest
    someone hiding in some slime

    It might be dangerous, but I’m up for the task
    All the bad guys will be begging for mercy
    But when I mess up and lose the suspect’s mask
    I might just have to blame it on my partner Percy

    One of these days I will be an American hero
    Medals will line my chest
    Who knows, I might be famous as Robert Deniro
    Although, it’s hard to top the best

    My parents tell me to keep dreaming
    I tell them I will
    When I tell them I’m in the FBI they’ll be beaming
    I hope that happens still

  59. My friend told me a secret
    And frankly, I was disturbed
    Because when she goes to get her nails done,
    The stylist ends up pictured

    She says I do not want to forget
    The looks upon their faces
    But I look at her in a troubled way
    And think of many mental cases

    I laugh at the absurdity of it all
    And ask her how she takes it
    And really, I was not surprised
    When she told me in secret

    I think of how most people would react,
    Especially those being photographed,
    And decide to tell her it’s for the best,
    Not to take those pictures, for her own behalf.

  60. The sweet smell of flowers blooming
    Tickles their nose
    Natures silence
    Brings peace and tranquility
    Backpacking through the woods
    Creates new adventures
    And new experiences
    A different view of life
    Where the only sounds come from
    The babbling brook
    The squirrels quarreling
    The wind blowing through the trees
    Peace, silence
    Love of backpacking

  61. I’ve got a secret
    Not meant to be shared
    But a penny for my thoughts
    And I’ll tell anyone who cares

    Peanut butter a temptation so rich
    Is sinfully my most favorite dish

    I love to put it on everything I eat
    With pickles and pancakes it still tastes sweet

    A secret this is so you’d better not tell
    About my love struck peanut butter spell

    I can’t begin to understand why peanut butter it is that I fancy
    But I certainly enjoy it with my meals and all the other foods in my pantry

    Sticky and messy
    Ill eat when I’m dressed casual or dressy

    Pickles, bananas, and mayonnaise you bet
    Apples and French toast just part of the set

    Hush now, you must keep quiet
    For when my mother goes to find tub
    I’m going to tell her its not good for her diet

    When really I know it gone to my tummy
    But I can’t help it; peanut butter with everything just tastes so yummy

  62. Do you want to know something?
    You might think it strange
    But I won’t do it differently
    I’m not gunna change

    I suffer from an odd condition
    It is actually quite chronic
    Some prefer to sing in theaters
    I prefer a stage wet and aquatic

    The shower
    Is where I like to sing
    ‘Cause nobody
    Can hear anything

    But you can’t tell
    You have to promise me this
    You won’t tell a soul
    Or your face will meet my fist