Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Days that Daze

Hello everybody! Today we began class by reading this poem, and filling out the first column of this worksheet. We then talked about our answers with a partner before discussing them with the class. Once we were done with that, Smith introduced us to the next poem we would be writing, The Homonym. Homonyms are two (or more) words that are pronounced the same yet they have different spellings and meanings. For example: bare and bear. The poem you write must convey an emotion, whether it be happy or sad, the choice is entirely yours. Smith said to imagine yourself encountering these two words and eventually tie them together in the conclusion of your poem, like the example "Cleave and Cleave". Your completed poem should be posted in the comments section of the Homonym poem post on the blog by tomorrow. The remainder of class was spent beginning to work on our poems and starting the conferences. Other homework is to bring in a photograph of a person for tomorrow. This should be a good quality photograph with someone unrecognizable in it, i.e. no celebrities. Reminder: If you haven't signed up for a conference to grade your paper with Ms. Smith yet, you should talk to her as soon as possible since she would like to be through all of them before the end of CSAP week. For any who are interested, here is this week's powerpoint. Have a fantastic Thursday!

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