Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Essay Editing Tuesday!

Today, we started off with the usual, "Hello, Smith!" Surprise, we actually managed to sound awake today! We started out with grammar, today was focused on sentence parts and phrases. And just in case you still have not written them down, here is the practice sentences and the work we did today:

adv. v adj. s prep. adj. s lv adj./pa

there are pretty flowers in the garden however they dont smell very good

We learned about predicate adjectives. To find, use the following: subject+linking verb=what. The "what" is the predicate adjective.

Next, we moved on to talking about our essays. Smith gave us the choice of sitting in the inner circle to peer edit our papers, or sitting on the outside to edit ourselves. If you would like to know more about editing papers, here is a link to a Smith's webpage where there is a link called How to Edit.


-CSAP packet is due on Thursday

-Practice grammar; test on Friday

-Edit paper; due on Tuesday

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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