Monday, February 28, 2011

Favorite poem to share-Period 2


  1. Giant bird up in the sky?
    Colorful wings make it fly?

    Red, blue, and green UFO?
    Cascading down from high to low?

    Hot air balloon drifting through air?
    Passengers feeling the scare?

    Walking closer to the scene,
    Reveals something I had not seen,

    A boat below creating a wake,
    Parachute along for the take,

    People laughing from above,
    Peacefully flying like a dove,

    Bare feet dangling, arms out wide,
    Experiencing a thrill one cannot hide,

    At the moment, I could not wait,
    I marched down to pursue the great,

    Signed my name on the line,
    Paid my money...I was on cloud nine,

    The next one in the air was I,
    Parasailing-a sight from the sky,

    In my gear and ready to go,
    I ascended above the ocean below,

    Nothing like I first expected,
    All strapped in, I felt protected,

    Silent and serene,
    Hovering above a carpet of bluish green,

    Warm sea air against my face,
    Moving at a relaxing pace,

    A bird's eye view of the coast,
    With a 360 degree angle to boast,

    Not a voice or sound I hear,
    Just picturesque sights to peer,

    Before I know the descent begins,
    Left with only memories and grins.

  2. Promise not to spill the beans,
    And never say a word,
    I’ll tell you straight and by all means,
    I’ll never be absurd.

    There is a secret I must leak
    You mustn’t think me lame
    For if I tell and others speak
    I’ve only you to blame.

    So here’s the fact that I must share:
    I think I’ve caught the fever
    It’s Justin Bieber, and his hair
    He’s made me a believer.

    It’s how he walks
    It’s how he talks
    A voice that won’t compare

    His teeth so white
    With eyes so bright
    And have I mentioned his hair?

    I can’t contain that which I feel
    I love him, it’s insane
    But if you share and do reveal
    I’ll make you taste my pain.

  3. To Buy a Puppy

    What a cute little face
    And that little wagging pace
    With those little puppy eyes
    And his coat the color of the sunrise
    He won’t bite
    Nor will he fight
    Just nibble on your fingers
    Don’t be like the Wringer
    Buy him now and savor the joy
    Of playing with the little thing and his toy
    Look at how he looks at you
    With the eyes of blue
    Wanting to leave the pin that he is in
    Take him home today and make him plump from thin

  4. His nose pressed against screen, his eyes fixed on the arrow
    That little tiny mouse, that hardly moved a pixel so narrow
    Today was not the day, any other would be fine
    With a presentation due, he might as well resign
    He spoke words sweet as sac trine, dripping with honey
    Giving encouragement, telling jokes that weren’t even funny
    He praised it when it moved, and frowned when it froze
    And when the screen turned black altogether, a fire started in his toes
    Language started to spew, like a fountain of hate
    He cursed and screamed till he realized he was late
    Jerking the screen a few more times, before breaking down
    He cried “ Why God, Why Me?” and hit his head with a pound
    Then it lit up, perked up at the plea
    He then realized, this just might work for me
    Pushing it along, coaxing it to the finish, following a step at a time
    He told it, if this happened he would restore it to a prime
    Then with a ping and a flash, the task was complete
    He rejoiced, kissed the frame, but accidently pressed delete
    Sitting back down, staring in despair once more
    He felt like technologies prisoner of war

  5. I swear I took the time to write it
    Just along the way my brother took a hit

    We raced him to the Emergency room
    And there I sat filled with gloom

    I won’t be able to finish my report
    The second my brother got hit with that ball I yelled Abort Abort!!

    I promise I will turn it in tomorrow
    For I have completed half of it or some is borrowed

    However my dog might get sick tonight
    For he is so old it is a fright

    My paper will be done I swear
    Unless, however I don’t come prepared

    Then I will make up some excuse
    About how my dog got cut and oh how the blood did ooze

    Tomorrow is here and it still is not done
    My dog got bit yesterday and oh how did the blood run

    We took him to the vet
    And though he is a pet

    They would not accept him
    For his fate was far too grim

    My paper is partially completed
    Oh how I wish you could read it

    The way the words flow
    They are so well written it seems to glow

    I am so sorry for the delay
    It will be finished in another day

    Unless something else were to occur
    In that case I will get help from a counselor

  6. My Release
    I freefall
    Down towards earth
    I look around me
    Like a bird soaring high
    Reality comes to me
    Find the cord
    Brace myself

    Walking Home
    Home again
    Need to hurry
    Wait, what is that
    I see a falling person
    Panicking I run around
    I see a chute
    Relief comes

  7. Greasy Greece

    I arrived at the airport one day
    And the lady at the desk had to say,
    “Your flight, we need to cancel
    Because a dumb man named Hansel
    Went and kidnapped the pilot today”

    I yelled with annoyance
    And of course some flamboyance,
    “Well I will book a trip
    To the lovely continent Eurip*
    And leave all of this abhorrence!”

    The lady was a pro
    And asked where I would go
    I said, “Why, to the warm country grease
    To visit my long lost niece
    Her name is Alexa, you know.”

    Her response, with a grin
    Put my mind on a spin
    “I believe you mean Greece,
    With all the secret police?”
    Which made me feel tons of chagrin

    I had mixed up Greece
    With the fattening grease
    And caused many people to hoot
    One even threw a passion fruit
    Their laughter will never cease

    *artistic license

  8. One day late would be the best
    That way I can finish the rest
    Due dates just hold my learning back
    For working fast I just don’t have a knack
    So many assignments in school I have failed
    All because the due date the project entailed
    Many teachers say that my best work is turned in late
    If only I could work well at a faster rate
    Now I have a B plus with one more week to go
    When I get an A in a class, from my parents I get some dough
    There is a brand new hockey stick I want to buy
    But when I saw the price I let out a big sigh
    My only chance to buy this stick is with an A
    But this poem just won’t get me there right now I dare say
    This poems success will bring me a stick in the color orange
    I can’t find anything that rhymes with orange!
    If I figure out what rhymes with orange, this poem can be quite good
    And with one more night of finding that rhyme it should
    So let me turn this poem in late, you’ll see
    Quite the epic poem this will turn out to be

  9. Grandma,
    Can we go yet?
    My cheeks hurt!
    The pool is just right there,
    Do you really need more pictures?
    It’s been an eternity!
    My feet are hot,
    Oh please just let us go!
    I’ve been so good,
    All I want to do is jump in!
    Oh grandma please,

    Oh these children,
    So little,
    They want to go,
    And just go, go, go,
    All the time,
    They grow so fast,
    Do so much,
    Do they realize one day this will be gone?
    Surely not,
    I just hope they hold tight to their innocence,
    And never grow up,
    Despite how hard they try

    Please tell me about the days when I was young,
    When I had not one worry,
    Just ran,
    And played,
    And laughed,
    And danced,
    Oh grandma life has grown so hard,
    Why did I have to grow up?

  10. It is not healthy dear friend
    I am not trying to offend

    But you must let it go
    Fight that status quo

    His hair might looked tousled by the wind
    His eyes may make you go into a tail spin

    But he is just a fad
    I know that it makes you mad

    There are other things to do with your time
    Then crush on this celebrity that is indeed fine

    You could volunteer
    Or be a good peer

    Please I am on hands and knees
    I am honestly begging you please

    Can you give up this obsession?
    That shouldn’t have to be a question

    It is time, dear friend, to cool this fever
    This fever, caused by the one and only
    Justin Bieber

  11. I have a deep dark secret
    I don’t want you to know,
    I was in love with Arthur,
    From that TV show,

    I loved that daring aardvark,
    His big brown glasses and all,
    Even his dog pal,
    Inhabits a picture on my wall,

    That sexy yellow shirt,
    Red hot shoes as well,
    Just the thought,
    Made my heart swell,

    Though I thought he was the one,
    Alas we could never marry,
    That beautiful aardvark,
    was way too hairy.

  12. Hours and hours of riding in the car,
    Moving to a place I’ve been to before
    From Tennessee we are very far,
    I groan, but we still have a lot more

    Tennessee to Colorado is a big change,
    But really, I have been back and forth
    So for me it’s not very strange
    But still, it’s far from the north

    I am 10 years old at the time,
    It is halfway through 4th grade,
    When I ride in the car it feels like a crime
    With me, the prisoner, betrayed

    But now, in High School,
    That ride has been outshone
    It doesn’t seem very cruel
    But that is because I’ve grown

    New friends are made
    Old ones are lost
    And Tennessee begins to fade
    With recent memories embossed

    I never think of going back
    And my entire family has shown
    That we never will have to repack,
    And from that groan I truly have grown

  13. White like icing it coats the grass
    Sparkling in the sunlight light like a diamond
    I run outside on this winter day
    Flop down on the snow covered ground
    I make an angel with wings so wide
    The snow falls gently on top of me
    It drifts in to my open mouth
    On this snowy winter day
    A little nose pressed against the window
    The door flies open, she runs straight out
    No coat no hat just a smile
    Making an angel with joy in her eyes
    The snow falling into her open pink mouth
    Clinging to her eyelashes
    She looks so young so carefree
    Making snow angels on this snowy winter day

  14. Mom, Dad, I'm going out on a wing.
    For my next birthday, I'll ask for one thing.
    I know what your thinking, and it isn't a car.
    Nor a puppy, a drumset, or a guitar.
    It's frankly much better, but not quite as cheap,
    The price isn't too bad, but still fairly steep.
    With this you can go places, both near and far,
    Much further than you could go with a generic car.
    And when it comes to cars, this can do more,
    It can lift off the ground, in fact it can SOAR!
    Trust me-it's great. I hope you consider,
    When you hear the price, just please don't turn bitter.
    You'll think that I've surely exceeded mundane,
    When I tell you I'm asking for an AIRPLANE!

  15. Once again I’m being scolded
    To tell you the truth, this is what you’ve molded

    It’s not my fault I didn’t get home on time
    This opportunity that approached was just so prime

    Coming home an hour late is no big deal
    Blah blah blah, why don’t you pay attention to how I feel?

    I’m a social creature
    And most people find it an attractive feature

    I'll help more around the house
    I'll even shut up so I'm quiet as a mouse

    Please mom and dad, I can't deal with this early curfew
    I don't mean to sound like a brat, but it makes me feel blue

    I can stay out longer, you say?
    Oh mother, I love you in everyway!

  16. Baize-green felt
    Bays-one or more enclosed arms of the ocean

    A poor girl twirls,
    In her cloak of baize
    She delights the people on the streets
    Passersby are amazed.

    Two arms of the shore
    Hug the fat bays,
    A smooth and happy dance,
    The waves display.

    Spin, spin, spin
    The child loses care,
    Crash, crash, crash
    The waves kiss her hair

    She floats out to sea,
    No worries
    No regrets
    Baize coat drifting through the bays,
    Two motions become one.

  17. I have a secret that no one knows,
    When music starts my body flows.
    I want to be an interpretive dancer,
    To the tune of “Beat It” I will answer.

    As I step on stage with a plan in mind,
    The rhythm begins and I start to grind.
    I’m walking on air I’m Michael Jackson,
    I’m waving my glove that’s glittery flaxen.

    As I moonwalk across the stage,
    The crowd erupts into a rampage.
    A vibration reverberates around my face,
    I awake to my brother blasting his bass.

  18. A day to remember, that's for sure.
    A Friday night, and for the first time
    I could have a sleepover.
    But first, I had to get my mother
    To give me the permission to go.
    And she said no.

    I yelled, I screamed
    I was furious at this unjust
    Ruling. Such a cruel, cruel world
    To get my voice heard, to shout out
    All the reasons why it was fair
    Only to fall on deaf ears.

    For days on end I felt so bad
    Not allowed to say anything aloud
    Or to go anywhere.
    Time passes, and things change
    The freedom to speak is here to stay

  19. Why hello there, those are nice eyes.
    I'm George Washington, would I ever tell lies?
    If I could rearrange the alphabet
    And put U right there and I right next to it.
    Is heaven your hometown, cause I see your great wings
    I bet you've got loads of other amazing things.
    You aren't interested? That's not my goal
    In fact I find you attractive as a pole.
    In fact, this isn't where it ends.
    My goodness you lady, I just want to be friends.

  20. Now gone was my hair
    My scalp felt so bare
    To the front of Great Clips I walked
    While my mom talked and talked
    About how to pay the cashier Nick
    It was then I saw the Chapstick
    My lips felt so dry!
    I thought I was going to cry
    I really needed that Chapstick
    Just to put some on my lips real quick
    I figured they were free
    So I picked one up with glee!
    My lips felt so much better
    But I had no idea that I was a debtor
    I thought the Chapstick was free
    But they really cost dollars three!
    I had no money with me
    I spent it all on my tea
    What was I to do?
    I couldn’t return my brew
    My mom couldn’t know I stole
    All I would get next Christmas is coal
    So I walked out of the store
    I went straight through the door
    That I broke the law, I tried to forget
    I didn’t even tell my pet
    But even now I remember it clearly
    That I shoplifted most severely!

  21. Steal away with me in the twilight
    Under a setting sun and a moonlit night

    To a place so magical and pure
    The bright lights, just part of its allure

    Where children scream with delight
    And rides will allow us people to take flight

    Please oh please with a cherry on top
    Take me to this place; I’ll meet you at the bus stop

    The lights shimmer off the calm water below
    And young girls walk hand in hand with their fellow

    The wood below our feet will creak
    As we raise our voices to hear ourselves speak

    We will have so much fun I promise you my dear
    If only if only you’ll come with me to the pier

    The sand to our left provides a nice place to sit
    And as I play with the grains, through my fingers they sift

    People packed stores line the walk
    And in the distance a ship pulls in to dock

    The scent of treats wafts through the air
    The temptation will be too much to bear

    So with ice cream in hand we will leave this place
    And if you saw me afterwards, there would be a smile one my face

    I beg of you to come with me here
    To the boardwalk is where I want to go my dear

  22. Secluded away, the sound of a guitar sounds out

    The precision of a snare

    The intensity of a trumpet

    Distinct notes are heard, harmonic chords

    With the absolution of an ominous pitch

    And the strength of a cord, thin but strong

    Intelligent rhythms match the tempo

    Leaving no error-room, only a melody so sound

    The very essence of music, raw and cored

    The direct center and eloquence of noise

    Whether only a chord, a meaning so placid

    A cord can always exist, bringing great strength

    With its existence so small, one will concede

    Is it center of all that it can be?

  23. Stomach grumbling more than somewhat
    This is quite the rut

    Hey man, I’d really like some of that burrito
    This craving is gonna take more than a simple cheeto

    With you, I’d probably share
    Oh…you don’t care?

    Care if I starve to death?
    Care if I’m on my last breath?

    I have a test that’s next hour; I will surely fail
    For my body will be too frail

    Then my mom will yell at me
    My ribs jut out, you see?

    I’ll treasure you till the end (of the burrito, that is…)
    C’mon, I’ll be your best friend

    My hair is falling out as we speak
    This new friendship is looking pretty bleak…

    I can have the rest?
    Thanks man, you’re the best

  24. Holding Hands

    As we stare into each other
    I know he is the one
    He is the answer to all my questions
    He made me grow as a person
    In the darkest of times we both stood there
    When everyone said no
    We both knew the answer is yes
    We can make it
    Even though we bath dream big
    Our dreams collide together
    And when things go bad
    He grabs my hand and we stare into each other

    That was all ten years ago and I miss her
    I long for the smell of her coconut hair
    For her sweet smell and soft skin
    How could she have broken such an innocent heart?
    What did it ever do to her besides love?
    She dreamed so big she got lost in herself
    How I don’t even know that person
    She sends happy Christmas cards
    Because I want to see how happy see is
    But I know its all pretend
    It was always just pretend
    Now I’m not playing games
    I rip this up and throw it in the flames

  25. How can it be
    That a word that bothers me
    Is also a name
    That means nothing the same?

    How can it be
    That a bug that makes kids flee
    Is also someone very dear
    Kind, loving, fun and sincere?

    How can it be
    That a grotesque banshee
    Is also associated with
    One who bakes pies full of Granny Smiths?

    How can it be
    Something that eats debris
    Is sometimes compared
    To a woman who always cared?

    How can it be
    A gal from the same family tree
    Resembles another word
    Which is much less preferred?

    How can it be
    That a creepy crawly ant
    Sounds the same
    As a nice, lovable aunt?

  26. There is something I tell no one
    A secret I keep inside
    I lock it away and hide it
    With no one will I confide

    It originated from my past
    And there it will always stay
    If I ever went back to it
    History would replay

    But now I want to tell my secret
    I will come clean and true
    The secret I hold dear
    Is that to manners I said adieu

    Many old memories of tantrums
    Making mud pies in the dirt
    My easel was the wall
    Parents were always on alert

    I used to behave so poorly
    Until one day I had found
    That being bad is not good
    This thought was quite profound

    Now I listen to my teachers
    I do what I am told
    For if I have an evil thought
    Everyone I know will scold

    Sorry it was late- I didn't see this on the homework because I came in late!

  27. THE DARK
    Looking back I was afraid of the dark,
    I always felt that a person was watching.
    The only thing that broke my spell was light.
    While in the dark I lose my sight
    This person there would touch my hand
    Or maybe just a hard push like a brand
    Man or woman I didn’t care untilthey creepily stoke my hair
    This is crazy I know what you think
    This is my secret at least I don’t stink

  28. I want to go home, where the sun always shines
    And the shore sweeps the beach, leaving dark wavy lines
    The trees frame the sky, so blue and so clear
    While people then far far away are so near--

    I find no scenery able to compare
    To that of my home, with it's refreshing air
    Plus the children that run, and play, and shout
    Their minds full of bliss as they frolic about--

    A road trip has nothing to offer to me
    No tides, no waves, no smiles, no glee
    A crumb laden, cramped, dirty, chilly car
    Is beaten by a towel laid on sand by far--

    Just give me the flowers, fresh, blooming and alive
    With the warm environment in which they do thrive
    The birds announce the dawn of a whole new day
    With a spring in my step, I go my own way--

    I long for the salt breeze, the caress of the water
    So please, take pity on your poor youngest daughter.
    Because there's no place I would ever rather be
    than watching the sunset, on the beach, by the sea--
    I am home.

  29. I have a secret I must confess,
    Though I must protest,
    It carries no shame,
    I once took high aim at a chance of fame.

    On the buzzer the gate swung open,
    As if I were chosen,
    The bull stormed and snorted,
    However its attempts I thwarted.

    With a tight grip,
    I would never slip.
    Trophies I won,
    Littered my room, there were a ton.

    Alas the rodeo I departed,
    My dreams and reality parted,
    Pride in my past and with my head held high,
    “I was a rodeo star…” I would sigh.

  30. The clouds were starting to roll in
    The wind blew, picking up everything in its path
    It made me feel blue
    And if you were here to see how hard it blew
    Maybe you would be blue too

    The rain started and the sky turned black
    It made everything seem sad and dark
    Everything feels better when the sky is blue
    The birds are out and the sun is shining, but that is not how it is today

    The wind blew harder and thunder crashed
    Locked up at home with family and hot coco
    Maybe the darkness is not so bad

    I looked out the winder and realized the rain was beautiful
    Steam rose off the streets, everything was so peaceful
    The smell was overwhelming and brought back fond memories of childhood
    As I watched the rain come down, and as the wind blew the leaves,
    I saw a rainbow, and suddenly I didn’t feel so blue

  31. A day trip with mom,
    My hand in her palm.

    A warm sunny day,
    Perfect in every way.

    The sun in my face,
    Wearing a hat just in case.

    A gentle warm breeze,
    Warm enough to wear capris.

    A walk through the leaves,
    A feat to achieve.

    The smell of sweet fruit,
    All the way up from the root.

    A soft, ripe, red berry,
    In my basket I carry.

    The sweet, juicy strawberries,
    Make me think of dancing fairies.

    An hour of fun,
    But I want to be done!


    Bright summer day,
    Perfect for frolic and play.

    Hot pink dotted hat,
    Upon the top of her head sat.

    A cute little girl,
    blonde hair with curl.

    Crouched among strawberry vine,
    Feet and hands entwine.

    A basket at her feet,
    Full of harvest oh so sweet.

    Tasting goodness undiscovered,
    Soon over her treasure she hovered.

    Luscious red juice,
    Across a tiny face set loose.

    A dazed, overcome look,
    Her high dose of energy overtook.

    A long day of bushes to comb,
    Time to go home!