Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Smith’s class began with the usual “Hello Smith!” We started by going over the week(s) to come. We also found our new seats, which Smith claims not to have made. If you had a poor poetry score on CSAP; don’t worry! The poetry unit begins on Wednesday!
Grammar! Who doesn’t love to edit sentences… The sentences for this week are…

            there are pretty flowers in your garden however they dont smell very good


            on february 11 2011 i auditioned for the school play

We also received the CSAP packet for this week. Remember!! There is no school Friday so the packet and grammar is due Thursday. Smith reminded the class to restate the question and use complete sentences in your short responses!
Now writing! Writing lab is Tuesday and Thursday so it is a very good idea to come! The paper is due February 22! If you are repeating a lot of words Smith suggested to come up with similar or opposite words! We edited the intro and 1st body paragraph today. Tomorrow we will edit 2nd and 3rd body paragraphs and Thursday we will edit the conclusion and works cited. Here are some tips in editing!
  • Highlight, insert comment, or track changes
  • No personal words or contractions
  • Attention getter – effectiveness – explain
    • Make sure quote is reliable and you cite it properly
  • Background information
    • Sets up thesis
    • On 1984, LB, and any other texts
  • Thesis
    • Learned, not learned, and future points are clear
    • Points are in order of body paragraphs
  • Topic sentence
    • Breaks down your 3 minor points
  • Remember the quote can not be its own sentence
  • The explanation of the quote should be about 3-4 sentences

Have a wonderful Valentine’s day! Keep working and editing your paper! The due date is approaching fast!

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