Friday, February 4, 2011

Wikified Friday!

Well, we skipped the usual, "Hello, Smith!" and moved straight on to business. Congratulations to Andrea, Clairissa, Maddie, Olivia, and Jenna for winning the best connections between Marcus, Ned Kelly, and the Chicago 7! On the same note, everyone did fantastic in yesterday's fishbowl on the ending of Little Brother; we set the bar high for fifth hour, managed to expand to deeper subjects connecting to the world today, and presented ourselves nicely in the blogging and conversation.

The majority of the class was spent focusing on the wikified paper:
Work Schedule (note that all next week we will be working in class)
Paper Layout:
  • Proper heading and title (use your first name only)
  • Intro paragraph should contain an attention getter, explanation, background information (2-3 sentences), and a ONE SENTENCE thesis containing what has been learned, not learned, and your prediction of what they will lead to
  • Body Paragraphs will be formatted roughly the same as usual (topic sentence, lead in to quote and quotation with a citation, explanation, transition and set up for second quote, repeat quote process, a connection to today, and wrap up for the paragraph)
  • Conclusion will be the same as always: restate thesis, review your points, and a satisfying conclusion sentence
  • Properly formatted Citation
Remember to use examples from both 1984 and Little Brother in both the learned and not learned paragraphs. You can also stem back to Fahrenheit 451, but you would need examples (again) in both paragraphs.

For further help with the assignment, GO TO WRITING LAB (Tuesdays and Thursdays), talk with Mrs. Smith, and explore the examples from last year's 2nd Hour & 5th Hour classes.

We then moved on to creating a Google Sites account:

  • Log on with your Gmail user and password, and create a new site
  • Name your site your first name last initial 2014 (i.e. JohnS2014) and pick your theme
You can add pages off of your home page and link to videos, pictures and sound.

Homework: Paper outline and thesis (due Monday) and create your google sites and pages (if you haven't done so already)


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