Monday, February 28, 2011

Favorite poem to share-Period 5


  1. My friend and I
    Run toward the swings,
    And begin our ascent
    Into the sky.

    It’s a warm,
    But cloudy day
    And all the other kids
    Are having a fun time

    We swing higher,
    And higher.
    Pushing the law of gravity,
    Daring the ground
    To take hostages.

    Then suddenly a loud clap of thunder
    Rips open the sky
    And is echoed by silence,
    Then screams

    Clairissa and I look
    At each other in assent
    And burst out in laughter.
    The teachers usher us
    Back into the building.

    The adventure began
    With an ascent
    Into the sky, and ended
    With an assent between friends.

  2. Sundae on Sunday

    Oh, creamy tasty goodness
    You fulfill me with your coolness
    Adorn with chocolate syrup thick
    And a cherry on top does the trick

    On those scolding days of summer
    When my brain feels a lot dummer
    You’re always there as a treat
    And ice cream, you know, is very neat

    Now on to the other end of the line
    Where my day goes just fine
    With service and some scripture study
    My church keeps me clean and far from muddy

    On those quiet days of rest
    When I often feel my best
    There’s only one thing wrong with this day
    We never, never buy anything or pay

    So trying to find something tasty to eat
    Without buying anything is a real feat
    Therefore, if you ever grant me one wish, okay
    Let me please have a sundae on a Sunday

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  4. Pale and Pail

    The mysterious girl wandered down to the beach
    About an age of seventeen or so
    With a pail in hand and a tear rolling down her cheek
    This pretty young girl was not sure what to do

    A pale hand traced through the sand
    The time was near four in the morning
    While the pale light of the sun hit the land
    The dreary lights bounced off of her porcelain skin

    Her cotton blue dress draped across the ground
    Her emerald eyes sparkled with tears
    She started to shape the cold sand into a mound
    This was something she knew how to do

    Equipped with a red shovel and bright yellow pail
    This beautiful, lost girl wandered down to the shore
    Her auburn locks glowed from the light shown through it; pale
    She sauntered over to the mound she had started

    Her pale pink toenails sunk slowly through the sand
    The daisy in her hair, starting to shrivel
    Floated lightly towards her legs, not even partially tanned
    The familiar smells calmed her head

    A shy look towards her castle, she smiled a glowing smile
    One that has not been seen for several weeks
    She knew what she was doing, at least for a while
    That pale sweet girl took off with her pail with that stunning smile on her face

  5. Come on just one more hour,
    I promise I will not be sour.
    Do I have to go to school tomorrow?
    If I do not you will be full of sorrow

    And while were herein my room,
    Do I have to sweep using a broom?
    And just so you know this about the dog,
    He eats as much as forty hogs

    And about my allowance,
    Of which there seems to be an absence
    Why must it be so remedial?
    Even after I picked up our dog’s biomaterial?

    And can I have some friends over?
    We will not make you jump off the cliffs of Dover.
    All my friends think I am lame,
    So can I get that new video game?

    Also, while we’re on the subject,
    I have a few things to reject.
    All my clothes stink!
    And my white socks are now pink!

    Well I guess I will go to bed,
    And rest my head.
    Because I have become a world power,
    For staying up this extra hour.

  6. O to be a bee
    Nothing to do and nothing to be
    The life of leisure and pleasure and fun
    Hardly working to make your sweet honey

    O to be a bee as simple as it sounds
    The work and toil is hardly constant
    The sounds of work can make some roil

    Sound and silence is the question to answer
    Silence grows like a deep down cancer
    To be a bee buzzing is simple
    There answer is simple be loud and stay proud
    O to be a bee

  7. A Picnic with a Pyknic

    For you my friend I have some advice
    An indoor meal will have to suffice

    If you do go out in the month of May
    To the sandy beaches of Tampa Bay

    Do not take with you a basket of food
    Unless you are looking for something crude

    Do not set down a red checkered blanket
    Don’t you dare set up that scrumptious banquet

    For if you do set up a fancy picnic
    You are sure to attract a clumsy dipstick

    He will soon come waddling on over
    And eat some of your apple turnover

    Next he’ll go for the barbeque chicken wings
    Did you notice his pants have ruptured drawstrings?

    As he grabs an ice cream drumstick
    He’ll tell you that his name is Rick

    He really doesn’t mean you any harm
    When he waves about his short little arms

    But if you don’t get away from him soon
    You will find yourself stuck with the buffoon

    You will begin to feel badly for poor old Rick
    He’s the walking definition of a pyknic

    You won’t be able to get rid of him
    No matter how far you walk fly or swim

    So please my friend just take my advice
    An indoor meal will have to suffice

  8. Astronaut

    Can you see the stars up there?
    Glittering, shimmering, twinkling
    At me?
    Can you imagine
    Their depth
    And their wonder
    Beckoning ceaselessly
    To me?

    To float in their midst
    In darkness so bright
    Fingertips away
    From what others see
    Only through scopes in the night?

    A blessing, a miracle,
    A dream it would be,
    For me,
    To float with the stars
    Accomplished and free.

    My childhood dream
    Now stretches in front of me.
    One decision away
    From a perfect reality.

    I know it is hard
    To maintain a strong stance
    While with my life
    I take such a chance.

    But my soul will be happy
    As long as I’ve tasted
    That universe air.

    Can you see ME among the stars up there?

  9. A world without chili
    Does no one heed expiration dates?
    Food is created to be eaten
    For those who don’t obey this rule a grimly death awaits
    Some foods will last but the rest will become woolen

    Some foods are especially susceptible
    Chili for example is made for common folk competitions and Mexican restaurants
    People mistreating this food is unacceptable
    Chili is a food group despite peoples taunts

    Now just because the manufacture label says Chili
    Doesn’t mean that it will last an apocalypse
    I guess that means that it will be just you and your buddy
    And possibly a few preserved potato chips

    The worst you can do is let your chili sit
    Because everyone knows everything gets chilly
    And when its chilly everyone must admit
    The end of the world could be a bit lonely

  10. JackB2014 said...

    Justin, your red is like fire to my firewood
    Or maybe the engine under my hood

    Your multiple restraining orders do not deter me
    I am just looking for a bromance, see?

    What we have isn’t really love,
    We just go together like peace and a dove

    You’re funny, nice, and your chops are awesome
    We have a lot of inside jokes-here’s one

    I would like some mallets right now
    Maybe you could send them to me somehow.

    So you see, Justin Glotzbach, those fifty messages I sent aren’t “creepy”
    Seriously, you can unblock me

    We go together like Chandler and Joey on Friends
    I know this is a crappy rhyme, but I just want to be friends.

  11. Hello, Hello, Hello to you all
    Do you read this because you stall?
    You have all that work
    Which you truly irk
    Why get it done?
    When you can have some fun
    I mean, you can do it later
    And do much greater
    Than that awful paper.
    It will take forever
    But you can do it whenever
    You know you will get it done
    But right now it’s time to have fun
    So sit your homework on your desk
    And show-off your party-esque
    After all you still have two days
    You will fill out those surveys
    But when two days approaches
    And you are tired from your coaches
    May you remember
    That day in September
    When you decided to party
    And not be a smarty
    By procrastination
    In our nation
    Hopefully you don’t develop too much stress
    In order to do this right you now must press
    To get that grade
    You could have made
    Without distress
    Had it not been procrastination that you possess

  12. A bolder boy form Boulder

    A little boy from the town of boulder was as shy as shy can be.
    He really wanted to impress his heart’s desire, a girl named Sally.
    He thought and he studied the manliest ways but couldn’t figure a plan for 99 days.
    On the 100th day he knew it was true, this was the one thing that he would do.
    So he pondered to himself was this just right or would it give her a terrible fright.
    Maybe if he could just be a little bolder he would win her love two times over.
    So he started to prepare and with a push and a shoe he was ready to show little miss Sally his expression of love.
    He chose for this deed a boulder much than everyone would ever need.
    As he proceeded to climb up the enormous rock poor Sally’s heart began to knock.
    When he reached the top she realized that wouldn’t be any better boy, this one made her heart stop.
    From the start this Boulder boy won her heart.
    His heroic climb up the boulder enhanced his shy nature
    by making him just a little bit bolder.

  13. A secret I have, a secret indeed,
    Don’t let it get out, for there is no need
    I’ll tell you, but you alone
    Don’t let it be know
    For this secret is mine, so let it be kept and never freed.

    Every time I am working hard to make a meal
    I always pretend I’m giving a shpeal
    Like Martha, Rachel, Emeril, and Julia too
    Come watch as I teach you to make a chicken stew
    Oh how I’d love my own show, I could teach how to cut, chop, and peal.

  14. Oh Jonny

    Oh Jonny, with your face so supple and fine,
    Every time I feel your touch – a shiver down my spine.
    The only thing preventing me from being in your arms,
    Are the multiple installations of your twenty house alarms.

    I miss the time we spent together,
    In all the kinds of weather,
    I miss your face and velvet voice,
    So you left me with no choice.

    I have your family and your dog,
    My teary eyes are beginning to fog.
    Why is it that you treat me like a pile of wasted dirt?
    That’s okay I’ll sit here, and quietly smell your shirt.

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  16. Now? Not now! It cannot be!
    You are definitely messin’ with me.
    It’s way too early for me to go
    Why would you put me through this woe?
    Just 5 more minutes, or ten or twenty,
    Why are you laughing? I don’t mean to be funny!
    This can’t be right, but what can I say?
    Think, think, think…I got it, hooray!
    Well, the reason I cannot go, is important so you see.
    Why, if I move from this spot, this reason might kill me!
    I’m immobile right now! I simply can’t move
    Even if I try, I know I will lose!
    I have the measles, mumps, and maybe chicken pox,
    It’s true I tell you! Um….. COUGH, COUGH, COUGH!
    My legs are all swollen just from running all day,
    And my fever is hotter that fire and hay!
    And so you see, I cannot go now,
    If I stay I will be better. Somehow.
    If I sit still for a while and I just stay put
    I will start to feel better. Hey there goes my foot!
    So you see, I must stay and contemplate my next path,
    Because you know my next step could be my very last.
    I can stay? I can stay! Wait what else is there to say?
    I will stay home tomorrow? But only in bed must I lay.
    You know I think by then I’ll be better,
    Don’t send the doctor a letter.
    Now go away, your time is done,
    Give me peace and I’ll get back to the fun.

  17. The corse sand seeps throughout my toes
    As the sound of the ocean goes
    From loud to quiet, soft to fierce
    Then, the scream of gulls pierce
    My ears, pulling my wandering mind
    Back to reality where I find
    Myself staring straight
    Into the mysterious ocean like bait,
    Transfixed by the beautiful, unrealistic world
    That lay before me


    She stands up on the beach
    As if caught by the beauty of each
    Wave that crashes onto the shore
    She looks farther as if she can see more
    Than we see of her, and solitary girl
    Facing the wind, an ocean pearl
    With each of my waves, her eyes
    Find the beauty that lies
    Throughout every place on Earth
    She can find the peace

  18. The pigeon flew out into the sky,
    Against his will he had to say good bye.
    The poor pigeon was being hunted as prey,
    By a priest seeking peace who just wanted to pray.
    So up and up he went so high,
    The land below just flew right by.
    Far below was a flowery field,
    And in it was someone concealed.
    Below him he saw a lush green tree,
    And in the shade was a happy old hippie.
    He held in his hand a lonesome fungus,
    And he looked at it deeply as though it was wondrous.
    He popped it in his mouth after looking around,
    And after he ate it he stared at the ground.
    To him it was moving and looked like a rainbow,
    The pigeon was confused so he decided to fly low.
    The more the pigeon followed this person,
    The more the pigeon began to be certain,
    That this man was going mentally crazy.
    But the man just kept jumping, saying the sky was brown and hazy.
    The pigeon was in flight and now was scared,
    Because the man ran and then declared,
    “Pigeon my friend I saw you come here
    Your loud ribbits were just all I could hear,
    So fly away now into the dark purple sun.
    And look! I have wings so you’re now like my son!”
    The man ran around and flapped his arms like wings,
    He now talked very peacefully and said many things,
    “I think that portobello has made me high!
    Now pigeon go! Be free and fly high!”

  19. Sock-hop

    Here we go!
    Everyone’s lined up and we have bags on our legs
    I look around and laugh at my friends
    Summer is finally here!
    It’s just for fun, but we are competitive as we await the signal to start
    Someone pops a balloon and we’re off!
    Hopping, jumping, pushing, screaming, running to the finish!
    We are too giddy to see who won, but instead give each other high fives and fist bumps
    After stumbling out of my sack, I see a girl, watching us from across the park
    I tilt my head in curiosity. I don’t know her
    I lift my hand in a wave, her eyes widen and she quickly looks away
    I shrug and turn back to my friends
    It’s a perfect summer day
    I’m walking through the park, but giggling interrupts my peace
    There are girls in sacks, racing to the finish
    So carefree
    I am not like those girls, having fun there
    I am shy
    I laugh to myself as one of them pushes another over in an attempt to reach the end
    What nonsense, but fun nonetheless
    The girl with black hair spots me and waves
    I panic and quickly look away, embarrassed at being caught
    I turn back to look at the girl, but she is already occupied
    Being easygoing, me taking the chance to do something daring
    Something fun
    But it’s just another summer day

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  21. Please, oh good jury,
    I had no clue what to do,
    This ticket, oh so unfair, that officer had no clue
    Mars, Saturn, and Venus, were lined up so horribly,
    15 minutes late, because my wife was sick something formidably
    My son, oh a good boy, was getting married formally
    It was an accident, I swear,
    So look into your hearts and find some forgiveness
    And I’ll be careful, so full of primness,

    Please, oh good jury,
    I had hardly realized
    Something else in the bottom of my cart, this is not idealized
    That security guard treated me so roughly,
    For a small mathematical mistake
    I thought I was going to beaten like cake
    Batter that is
    So, forgive this family man of this unfair crime
    Or feel your conscious suffer, silent as a mime

    Please, oh good jury
    It wasn’t double homicide
    I lit the fire, I confide
    My son wanted smores
    So some sparks, they drifted over to some hay
    I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t do anything but yell “Hey”!
    I felt so useless, I really could’ve cried
    So find it in your heart to forgive a loving man
    I promise I won’t do it again

    Please, oh good jury,
    The rumors, they weren’t true,
    I wanted to start a company, so sue!
    Nuclear power, oh it’s so dramaticized,
    I didn’t do anything but try to feed my family
    The winters, they were getting so chilly
    I’m a small businessman, not a spy
    So, unless there is no justice
    Scoop up some mercy, and let me once more roll the dice

    So please, oh good jury,
    I truly am an innocent
    These crimes, oh poor me, I repent,
    If only, someone would listen
    And not put me in locked cell
    I am not guilty, so I cannot have a tell,

    No, oh good jury,
    Please rethink that choice
    Do I really not have a voice?
    Please, oh good jury,
    I truly beg of you
    Why me, why not good ole Rue?
    Stupid, stupid jury,
    You cannot hold me here
    I will be out within a year
    Die, oh good jury,
    Oh, what fun it’ll be
    Just you and you and you and you and me
    Goodbye, oh good jury.

    Oh, perhaps some poison in your curry,
    Oh good jury?
    Maybe a knife in your back
    How about that, Jack?
    Oh, sometime near Halloween, It will be scary,
    Good old Mary
    Wanna get eaten by a bear?
    That sound fun, Cher?
    Run over by a driving reckless tyke,
    You’re not an AB- blood type? You sure about that
    And you there, Lizzie, no one will look in the river
    After I rip out your liver
    Who wants ricin?

    So goodbye, good old jury,
    Oh, and I will see you in hell
    Okay, Smith, I realize that the ending is not persuasive. I just did did the first bunch of lines, then decided it would make a perfect homicidal rant.

  22. So here the whole truth
    I swear it’s not a lie
    Last night I couldn’t finish my homework
    I have a good reason why

    I hurried straight home
    With not a minute to waste
    I sat at my desk
    And put my book in its place

    For a minute I glanced up
    And just so happened to see
    A poor little kitten
    About to fall from my tree

    I ran from my room
    In quite a hurry
    But alas the kitten did fall
    Too quick for my scurry

    I rushed him to the shelter
    And with all of his might
    That poor little fellow
    Sure put up a fight

    We thought we had lost him
    And boy were we sad
    When a miracle occurred
    And it was no longer bad

    He came back to life
    And not a minute too soon
    He is recovering now
    Should be out by noon

    So you see that my night
    Was too full to study
    I hope you will forgive me
    And my new little buddy

  23. I really love to play
    Sports every single day

    I have played every sport there is
    And everyone says I’m a whiz

    Unfortunately I got hit by a ball
    And now I’m not allowed to play at all

    So I leave you with this warning
    Don’t get hit with a ball and bawl or your sports career will need some mourning.

  24. That time of the year came around
    The Easter Bunny was nowhere to be found
    As we bounded down the stairs
    We ran into chairs
    Searching for the hidden treasures
    My uncle revealed
    That none were concealed
    All the cheers ceased
    As my uncle released the news
    The Easter bunny had deceased
    And that was the end of Easter

  25. I found a foreign traveler, a pale, ghost-skinned man,
    Who looked like, he could lend me a hand.
    Tall and wise, although I won’t mention his size.

    The boy had dark eyes,
    Void of life, about to give up.
    Yet, when he saw me,
    A spark came and set them free.

    I took his hand, and brought him to my father,
    Who looked like a lamb, that just escaped the slaughter.

    He grasped my hand,
    In an iron-hand clasp,
    And took me to, a frail old man.

    I pleaded for his help,
    But he just stood there and stared,
    Like he didn’t even care.

    The boy exclaimed in an unknown tongue,
    But trying to understand him, was no fun.

    Then I stopped, and pulled him out back,
    So hard, that I made him drop his pack.
    I showed him the family crypt,
    And watched him trip,
    As he finally understood what was wrong,
    He didn’t look so strong.

    He seized my hand,
    And took me to a shrine,
    That was covered in vines.
    Then it dawned on me, at this place by the sea,
    The true nature, of his father’s health.

  26. I sat in class in my own little world
    Oblivious to teaching as thoughts started to twirl
    My mind started heading out for an afternoon whirl
    Lots going on but I’m not going to hurl

    It was one of those days, maybe Tuesday or after
    When school wasn’t vital and tests weren’t a big factor
    Thinking that homework and learning did not even matter
    And also dreaming of being a famous musician or actor

    In my head I pictured if I got in a spot real thick
    I would blow up the number one seed because my skills were so sick
    If we won the championship it was because I was so quick
    Sometimes I wonder if John McCain uses a walking stick

    It was one of those times, one of those days
    When the world was so big, as I thought in a daze

  27. Joy in Simple Things

    Oh look!
    What a wonderful sight,
    The bear, it moves like it is alive!
    And that silly face,
    I want to reach out and just brush it.
    My mother's glowing shine like diamonds,
    And I giggle and try to leave.

    The child, so happy,
    Not knowing the world around him,
    Enjoying the little things in life,
    Things that adaults overlook,
    Becuase it's "childish" or "immature,"
    He can't help himself and tries to leap,
    For the dancing bear.

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  29. Our industry needs to do some spring cleaning
    This cannot go on; there is no more meaning
    Music has taken a dastardly turn
    With modern-day artists that crash and then burn

    The Beibers and black eyes and peas all the same
    They do not act decently, even with fame
    For they insult us all with their songs
    Doing less right than they ever did wrong

    It’s time for us all to take the industry back
    Give Miley Cyrus a powerful smack
    Make artists like Led Zeppelin and Foreigner cool
    Make the right choice, and don’t be a fool

  30. "She's really been doing well considering the
    Mrs. Linda spat over her bulging, stained, nurse's wear.
    He couldn't bear to look at her though,
    He had eyes only for his once brilliant mother
    She looked happy
    That was good.
    She was playing with the kazoo in her mouth. squeaking it like the ducks they used to feed together.
    her arms were kept steadfast to the chair with padded cuffs, like a disobedient child.
    The boy finally looked away, he stood up.
    And walked away.

    "So comfortable..."
    she thought
    Blurred eyes scanned the warm outdoors where she sat
    she squirmed slightly, longing to chase the butterflies she saw dancing on the wind... or were they leaves?
    She breathed the wind in and out
    not even noticing the noise of the kazoo.
    her eyes pulled up slowly and grittily to the boy who's teary eyes were bobbing away,
    he looked so familiar.

  31. Followed…

    That summer night I journeyed home,
    Amidst the bitter chill,
    I thought I heard a footstep fall,
    Behind me on the hill.

    I turned to look who followed me,
    But nothing caught my gaze.
    I looked all over, to the earth, the sea,
    And to the blackened haze.

    With fright now holding my heart aloft,
    I quickened up my pace.
    I wanted to get out that night,
    Out of that eerie place.

    But with every step my own feet took,
    Another followed there.
    I turned again to face my foe,
    But saw only nighttime air.

    My fright was high, my soul now feared,
    For what pursued me late that eve.
    With one last hope I sprinted home;
    The light my fears relieved.

    I shut the door, I locked it quick.
    I would not let them in.
    But all I saw on the bitter street,
    Was a paper in the wind.

    My fears relieved, I turned around.
    I was in nobody’s sight.
    But with a thunderous crash the door flew wide,
    Revealing the empty night.

  32. Injustice is one thing that I cannot stand
    How you treat me unfairly I have witnessed first hand.
    Everyone is able to have it, so why not me
    Everyone at school has it, that I guarantee.

    I hate life when I feel left out
    It seems as though torturing me is what your life revolves about.
    I never want to talk to you as long as I live
    Even you know that eventually this will work and you will give.

    I never lose, I always win
    This strategy prevails for all that has been.
    Now mom, it is time for you to choose
    Can I have this new gadget, I have a plan I never outuse.

  33. I had a bad habit,
    lasting past the age of 3,
    I loved to suck on pacifiers,
    oh how they gave me glee

    I wouldn't give them up
    I couldn't stop my desires,
    It was at that point
    my parents patience tired

    A deal was made,
    a bargain of sorts,
    I would give up the pacifier,
    with compensation of course

    A house made up of
    pink plastic and fabulousity,
    was purchased by my parents,
    for Barbie and me

    It was only then,
    at that very time,
    I could give up my pacifier
    and still feel sublime

  34. I don't think it was on purpose,
    I really don't think it was.
    She said it was an accident,
    My mom feels bad she does.

    When I was a baby,
    something bad hit.
    I guess it made me cry,
    but only a little bit.

    My mom, she was holding me
    giving me a little love.
    But then suddenly it happened,
    my brother gave her a shove.

    She tripped over a chair,
    and that's when my brother fled.
    The next thing you know,
    I had been dropped on my head.

    Some say it affects me,
    but my Mom says I'm fine.
    But I guess she only says that,
    after she's had a glass of wine.