Friday, February 25, 2011

The End to Another Short Week!

Happy Friday!  Today class began with the typical "Hello Smith," then we got straight to work on reading the poem, To an Athlete Dying Young. We filled in the first column of this worksheet, similar to yesterday's, but then we had time to work on a Venn Diagram comparing this poem and Do Not Go Gentle into the Night. During this time Smith worked through some conferences with other students. Once those two items were completed, we were given free time to work on our photography poem; which will be our last poem since we start Romeo and Juliet next week, so try extra hard on this one! It should be posted in the comments section of the Photograph blog post by class on Monday. This poem should be written from two perspectives: one being the person in the photograph and the other from a spectator. Smith said that you could simply write a poem for each of these or you could try and combine the two into one poem. She also suggests using poetic devices and figurative language we have learned about, especially the ones which apply to the senses (imagery). Here is next week’s powerpoint for a look ahead! Just as a quick reminder, no school next Friday.

Our only homework for the weekend is to complete the photography poem. Have a great weekend!

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