Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Smith's Back!

The paper is due! Smith passed around her planner and we signed up for appointments to discuss our papers. Her off hours are MWF 3,4,6 and TH 6. She can also do up to 3 appointments after school. 
Many people wanted to know how to move your navigation bar around! When you are logged in to google sites, click more actions, then manage sites. After that click on edit in the navigation box. Then all you have to do is uncheck the box that says automatically organize my navigation. Now you will be able to move around the links in the side bar!
Today we started a new poem! We looked at the poem, Mother to Son by Langston Hughes. On the first read we asked ourselves what the author was conveying. We thought about the author’s purpose and tone on the 2nd read. Then, we looked for literary devices during the 3rd read.
The homework is to write a seduction poem and post it on the blog. If you are confused about the directions, they are posted below.
The only other homework is to bring a photo of a person on Friday. Smith wants it to be printed off in good quality. Th photo can be of you; however, Smith suggested a photo of someone’s story you don’t know.
Have an amazing week! Don’t forget basketball playoffs start this weekend!

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