Thursday, February 24, 2011

Homonym poem

Brenda Hillman wrote a brilliant poem called"Cleave and Cleave" which examines these words that sound and can be spelled the same but have opposite meanings. I'd like you to think of two words that are homonyms but mean different things. , e.g. lie and lie, stone and stone, bear and bear, write and right. Here is a complete list.
Think of an emotional situation in memory that these homonyms might speak to, then imagine yourself "encountering" each of these words separately, in concrete examples- e.g. you are writing your name on a blackboard as a child, over and over; the sun is spilling in the window, fading the slate as you write. you start to think about your "right" to be yourself, and you look at your self, the clothes you are wearing, your hands, etc...Then bring both words together at the poem's conclusion, like Hillman, who dramaticized the words' opposite meanings by ending with two strong sentences: You might say, e.g." I will write my name over and over on the glass." Then, "I will disappear: my right."
This poem is taken from The Practice of Poetry by Behn and Twichell.


  1. I knew a girl whose name was Flo
    A funny girl who had no way
    No rhyme or reason just flowing Flo

    She decided one day
    She needed to get away
    So she left her home on the farm

    She scattered from place to place
    Always seemed to be in outer space
    When she was gone Stars occupied her space

    Metaphorically speaking
    Her personality was leaking
    It lacked true substance and feel

    And day and night Flo drifted
    Just went with the way of the wind
    And flowing Flo almost like an ice floe
    Never returned home don’t ya know

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  3. A day to remember, that's for sure.
    A Friday night, and for the first time
    I could have a sleepover.
    But first, I had to get my mother
    To give me the permission to go.
    And she said no.

    I yelled, I screamed
    I was furious at this unjust
    Ruling. Such a cruel, cruel world
    To get my voice heard, to shout out
    All the reasons why it was fair
    Only to fall on deaf ears.

    For days on end I felt so bad
    Not allowed to say anything aloud
    Or to go anywhere.
    Time passes, and things change
    The freedom to speak is here to stay

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  5. He was grazing in the meadow, the moose chief.
    The antlers on his head were a beautiful motif.
    A magnificent creature to say it in brief.
    His home were the highlands in the massif.
    He chewed and swallowed a delectable leaf.
    The food in his stomach gave him relief.
    Plants were the best food was his belief,
    But of better food he was soon to become a thief.

    Mousse we brought up the mountain that night.
    We went to view the stars from a very great height.
    It was beautiful there and void of light.
    We knew we’d be hungry when we were on sight.
    Everyone would need some mousse just to be polite.
    I and the rest of us all took a bite.
    After we ate some mousse we were all alright.
    To look at the stars shining so white.

    Little did we know that a moose smelled our meal,
    And that our mousse he was soon to steal.
    He came right up and uttered not a squeal,
    and ate our sweet treat with the greatest zeal.
    Leaving some for us would be ideal,
    But he took it all as if it was a fair deal.
    Encountering a thieving moose was quite an ordeal,
    but that the moose ate mousse was quite unreal.

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  7. I really love to play
    Sports every single day

    I have played every sport there is
    And everyone says I’m a whiz

    Unfortunately I got hit by a ball
    And now I’m not allowed to play at all

    So I leave you with this warning
    Don’t get hit with a ball and bawl or your sports career will need some mourning.

  8. The Ewe by the Yew

    The tree grew tall above the rest.
    It towered high and strong.
    It held through cold, and snow and rain,
    For its years were not yet long.

    For many years, this tree grew well,
    It branched and dug down deep,
    It beautied all the summer long,
    Then the winter it did sleep.

    But this tree waxed old, it withered weak.
    It was not a sapling now.
    It now just sighed the summer through,
    And the winter it did bow.

    There was a lamb in a field of green.
    It played for hours straight,
    It started early with the rising sun,
    And retired with it setting late.

    The lamb grew strong to a wholesome sheep.
    It worked and cared all day.
    It raised her young, and saw them leave,
    Then in the field it stayed.

    This sheep grew old, its youth was lost.
    It could no longer play nor run.
    It settled down in its low green field,
    For its life to soon be done.

    The Sun blazed hot in the summers long,
    The tree grew lonesome sore.
    The sheep sought shade beneath its leaves,
    And they stayed forever more.

  9. It was a very dark night,
    With everything but light.

    I was roaming by an ocean and then it begun the hail,
    I didn’t know where to go; I was lost in the country Wales.

    The little cubes of ice pounding on my head,
    All I wanted to do was climb into my cozy bed.

    So I wailed for the whales to pull me through the ocean,
    This started a big commotion.

    Now I know,
    Never try to wail for a whale in Wales,

    You’ll be nailed in the face by a tail.

  10. A Sundae On Sunday

    One fine day, one out of seven,
    I went to the kitchen,
    to find a taste of Heaven.

    That Sunday, that Sunday, it was the best,
    was the day that I,
    put ice cream to the test.

    I coated, and coated, oh did I coat that mountain,
    with chocolate sauce and bananas-
    it looked like a fountain.

    As I sat down with a stomach full of craving,
    a bite on my spoon,
    off that mountain I was shaving.

    The door quickly opened, it opened with a smack,
    and a huge gust of wind,
    I was taken aback.

    The spoon, it did fly, right out of my hand,
    I dropped my whole sundae,
    on the floor it did land.

    Oh, that great Sunday, that Sunday, the best,
    turned out to be,
    so much worse than the rest.

  11. Fall and Fall

    Playing with a friend
    Enjoying life
    Sitting down to take a break
    Then suddenly
    Falling, falling
    Get up and blood come out of the hand
    Eerily oozing onto the hand

    The leaves fall of the trees
    The cornucopias filled
    The snow falling abnormally
    Food and family
    The fall, the time before the end of the year
    Being close to birthdays, or holidays, or fun
    Living life, and creating one
    Bringing fun or sadness

    Living in two words, being split into worlds
    Falling to hurt, or living for fun
    Having two experiences and one life
    Fall and Fall

  12. Rome
    A city full of glorious sights
    People searching for lost love
    Among the luminous lights

    The first time I visited this romantic city
    All I wanted to do was roam
    Explore the winding streets
    And the canals in the city of Rome

    One look did not satisfy
    The longing for the beautiful homes
    So every year
    We travel back to roam the city of Rome

  13. The summer afternoons, where the sun and clouds rolled by
    Where she sat on her knees and met the earth with open arms
    Met her children that grew out of the ground, who rejoiced
    They rejoiced every time, with the gifts that she brought

    The summer afternoons, she tended to every last one
    She tended to all, but loved the thyme
    The thyme that sang forever, that would always be hers
    It was always hers because who else would claim them

    The summer afternoons, she dodged a life
    She dodged the life that was ticking like a bomb
    Ticking like a bomb with deadline that never ended
    The frustrations never ended, responsibilities that couldn’t die

    The summer afternoons, she breathed in her thyme
    Breathed in the time that was lost the her, the time to come
    Time to come was one she hoped not to waste
    She hoped not to waste, but for the time being, she was content with this thyme

  14. Oh, creamy tasty goodness
    You fulfill me with your coolness
    Adorn with chocolate syrup thick
    And a cherry on top does the trick

    On those scolding days of summer
    When my brain feels a lot dummer
    You’re always there as a treat
    And ice cream, you know, is very neat

    Now on to the other end of the line
    Where my day goes just fine
    With service and some scripture study
    My church keeps me clean and far from muddy

    On those quiet days of rest
    When I often feel my best
    There’s only one thing wrong with this day
    We never, never buy anything or pay

    So trying to find something tasty to eat
    Without buying anything is a real feat
    Therefore, if you ever grant me one wish, okay
    Let me please have a sundae on a Sunday

  15. At the base of the wall he sat, this
    The basal of the home in which he lived. If it could be called a home.
    His mother still lived here with him but she was just a husk of her old self.
    ever since her man moved in.

    It was a surprisingly cold
    day. The wind blew over the garden wafting odors of basil into the kitchen,
    where a woman cowered from her man.

    The reconciled family's bowls sat. with one
    less than before, this
    The basal of a sauce was sitting,
    simmering away, waiting to be perfected.
    And as the repaired group sat the boy rose.
    And sprinkled his fresh
    Basil over top. They ate together.
    As one family.

  16. There once was a big riot,
    The church was anything but quiet.

    It started one afternoon,
    And shortly evolved into a typhoon.

    A man was walking by,
    When something caught his eye.

    He looked twice,
    And his face turned to ice.

    It was scratch,
    An imperfect patch.

    He was working fast,
    When a priest passed.

    Startled the priest shouted and started to falter,
    When the man said, “It’s ok I was just making an alter to the altar!”

  17. Oh how I am a serf to you,
    You control my life,
    Every morning,
    Bright and early,
    I need you,
    Without you,
    I am nothing,
    The waves,
    They call to me,
    The breeze of the morning,
    It calms me,
    This surfboard like chains,
    My love overtakes me,
    No matter the weather,
    Oh to this sport I am a slave,
    Surfing is my joy,
    My one life love,
    So I think I shall serf for the rest of my days

  18. I sat upon a perfect patch of baize

    I sat there on that patch and looked

    At the wonderful picture of the Ireland bays

    And my skin as it cooked

    under the sun that was too bright.

    I was contempt sitting upon that patch of felt

    Until the sky started to complain

    Out came the tears that the cloud shed as I knelt

    on the baize, it started pouring rain

    And the Ireland bays

    filled with water

    The tears were soaked up by the felt

    The clouds poured their never ending tears onto

    the baize I was sitting on, and Ireland bays as

    if there was a massive slaughter

  19. Heels touch the ground and go click, click, Students on computers typing up quick
    Sound of a timer slowly it ticks

    A group of close girls, one happy clique
    Smiling and laughing, watching a flick
    Telling ghost stories, Oh what a trick

    One girl in the clique
    Makes the sound of a click
    She frightens the clique with that sound of a click

  20. We consent to elude the world's sadness and sorrow
    By creating illusions of a tranquil tomorrow

    The pictures in our heads soon spread to our hearts
    And we all revel in them, playing our special parts

    But the perfect scene shatters as the reality moves in
    We are more shocked than ever by the cacophonous din

    So remember these words for the rest of your life--
    To elude by illuding produces only great strife.

  21. Baize-green felt
    Bays-one or more enclosed arms of the ocean

    A poor girl twirls,
    In her cloak of baize
    She delights the people on the streets
    Passersby are amazed.

    Two arms of the shore
    Hug the fat bays,
    A smooth and happy dance,
    The waves display.

    Spin, spin, spin
    The child loses care,
    Crash, crash, crash
    The waves kiss her hair

    She floats out to sea,
    No worries
    No regrets
    Baize coat drifting through the bays,
    Two motions become one.

  22. My friend and I
    Run toward the swings,
    And begin our ascent
    Into the sky.

    It’s a warm,
    But cloudy day
    And all the other kids
    Are having a fun time

    We swing higher,
    And higher.
    Pushing the law of gravity,
    Daring the ground
    To take hostages.

    Then suddenly a loud clap of thunder
    Rips open the sky
    And is echoed by silence,
    Then screams

    Clairissa and I look
    At each other in assent
    And burst out in laughter.
    The teachers usher us
    Back into the building.

    The adventure began
    With an ascent
    Into the sky, and ended
    With an assent between friends.

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  24. A bolder boy form Boulder

    A little boy from the town of boulder was as shy as shy can be.
    He really wanted to impress his heart’s desire, a girl named Sally.
    He thought and he studied the manliest ways but couldn’t figure a plan for 99 days.
    On the 100th day he knew it was true, this was the one thing that he would do.
    So he pondered to himself was this just right or would it give her a terrible fright.
    Maybe if he could just be a little bolder he would win her love two times over.
    So he started to prepare and with a push and a shoe he was ready to show little miss Sally his expression of love.
    He chose for this deed a boulder much than everyone would ever need.
    As he proceeded to climb up the enormous rock poor Sally’s heart began to knock.
    When he reached the top she realized that wouldn’t be any better boy, this one made her heart stop.
    From the start this Boulder boy won her heart.
    His heroic climb up the boulder enhanced his shy nature
    by making him just a little bit bolder.

  25. My Brand New African Gnu!

    Yesterday, I have to say was a day my happiness grew
    I got my very own jumping, dancing, brand new African gnu!
    He had fur and had horns that were that of an ox
    And he came in my very own beautiful box
    He was furry, fuzzy, and super antelope-y,
    And He made me the very opposite of mope-y!
    I love him more than the sky and more than my cash,
    More than my siblings and my huge melon stash!
    If my parents were gone, hey I wouldn’t care,
    As long as my new African gnu would be there!
    If I was dying of thirst or even starvation,
    If my gnu came along, I would be filled with elation!
    I would get up and go and eat until full,
    And because of my gnu, I’d be as hyper as a bull!
    Without my gnu, I do not know what I will do,
    So I’ll never give him away. Not even to you.
    He’s the best in the west, and more fun than fondue,
    Oh how I love my gnu that is specifically brand new.

  26. How was your day?
    She distracted her family,
    Kept talking and talking,
    They would never know.
    Sitting at Dinner,
    The same drill,
    Oh really how was that?
    Sounds interesting tell me.
    She would never tell,
    Her public secret,
    I’m completely cured,
    She lied.
    The food she would waste,
    Never to go to her waist,
    Only she could change her life.

  27. O to be a bee
    Nothing to do and nothing to be
    The life of leisure and pleasure and fun
    Hardly working to make your sweet honey

    O to be a bee as simple as it sounds
    The work and toil is hardly constant
    The sounds of work can make some roil

    Sound and silence is the question to answer
    Silence grows like a deep down cancer
    To be a bee buzzing is simple
    There answer is simple be loud and stay proud
    O to be a bee

  28. I sat in class in my own little world
    Oblivious to teaching as thoughts started to twirl
    My mind started heading out for an afternoon whirl
    Lots going on but I’m not going to hurl

    It was one of those days, maybe Tuesday or after
    When school wasn’t vital and tests weren’t a big factor
    Thinking that homework and learning did not even matter
    And also dreaming of being a famous musician or actor

    In my head I pictured if I got in a spot real thick
    I would blow up the number one seed because my skills were so sick
    If we won the championship it was because I was so quick
    Sometimes I wonder if John McCain uses a walking stick

    It was one of those times, one of those days
    When the world was so big, as I thought in a daze

  29. Washing us over,
    Like a chilling new tide.
    The news had come:
    At last, she had died.

    We knew from the start
    Of this five-year-long journey,
    That eventually, someday,
    She’d be carted on a gurney.

    But dressed up in black,
    All of us on guard,
    Being prepared
    Made her death no less hard.

    As grief cut like a knife,
    Through our hearts and our souls,
    It all seemed so useless,
    Her procedures and goals.

    With the country’s best aides,
    All at her side,
    And every new test,
    She still had died.

    For even with help,
    And suffering extreme,
    With risky procedures,
    That bought a month more to dream…

    With hope and with prayer,
    With laughs and support,
    With determination and diet,
    And money from court…

    No amount of pain
    Nor sacrifice nor aid
    Could be there for her
    When the final moment came.

    She lay on the bed,
    Unconscious of husband,
    And two sweet, young daughters,
    Each holding her hand.

    And the irony hit them,
    As in their hands she died,
    All the aides could not aid her,
    Hard as they tried.

    When the disease decided
    To claim her a victim,
    It ravaged her body,
    And we watched. And it wounded.

  30. Greasy Greece

    I arrived at the airport one day
    And the lady at the desk had to say,
    “Your flight, we need to cancel
    Because a dumb man named Hansel
    Went and kidnapped the pilot today”

    I yelled with annoyance
    And of course some flamboyance,
    “Well I will book a trip
    To the lovely continent Eurip*
    And leave all of this abhorrence!”

    The lady was a pro
    And asked where I would go
    I said, “Why, to the warm country grease
    To visit my long lost niece
    Her name is Alexa, you know.”

    Her response, with a grin
    Put my mind on a spin
    “I believe you mean Greece,
    With all the secret police?”
    Which made me feel tons of chagrin

    I had mixed up Greece
    With the fattening grease
    And caused many people to hoot
    One even threw a passion fruit
    Their laughter will never cease

    *Purposely misspelled for the sake of the rhyme!

  31. The mysterious girl wandered down to the beach
    About an age of seventeen or so
    With a pail in hand and a tear rolling down her cheek
    This pretty young girl was not sure what to do

    A pale hand traced through the sand
    The time was near four in the morning
    While the pale light of the sun hit the land
    The dreary lights bounced off of her porcelain skin

    Her cotton blue dress draped across the ground
    Her emerald eyes sparkled with tears
    She started to shape the cold sand into a mound
    This was something she knew how to do

    Equipped with a red shovel and bright yellow pail
    This beautiful, lost girl wandered down to the shore
    Her auburn locks glowed from the light shown through it; pale
    She sauntered over to the mound she had started

    Her pale pink toenails sunk slowly through the sand
    The daisy in her hair, starting to shrivel
    Floated lightly towards her legs, not even partially tanned
    The familiar smells calmed her head

    A shy look towards her castle, she smiled a glowing smile
    One that has not been seen for several weeks
    She knew what she was doing, at least for a while
    That sweet girl took of with her pail and that smile on her porcelain face

  32. Isle's Aisle

    The warm breeze,
    Plays with my hair,
    Tall, strong, palms,
    Leaves dance in the air.

    Water crystal clear,
    Clam, glassy, blue,
    White wispy clouds,
    Seagulls flying too.

    Ocean all around,
    Isle so serene,
    Lush vegetation,
    Plants, fertile and green.

    Coast looks inviting,
    Sand warm with heat,
    Long stretch of beach,
    Creates an aisle for my feet.

    I take a step,
    Fill my lungs with fresh air,
    The breathtaking scene,
    I can't help but stare.

    Nobody in sight,
    I walk down the isle's aisle,
    A path of sand just for me,
    I can't help but smile.

  33. Rumors from Roomers and Jim at the gym.

    Along time ago, not far from here
    A major event happened, listen, and hear.
    Suzie the roomer,
    Spread quite a rumor.

    She saw Jim,
    at the local gym.
    She thought he was a racketeer,
    when in fact he left his racquet-here.

    So Suzie the roomer
    Kept spreading her rumor.
    Charging forward like a bull moose
    Who occasionally stops for mousse

    Jim went home, untold
    Without knowing he would be tolled
    He couldn’t wait for his rolls
    Towards home, he rolls

    When he reached his door, which was gilt
    Suzie his neighbor began to feel some guilt
    Jim expected a sandwich of conch
    Instead his head got a conk

    Suzie, who felt bad to the core
    As she looked down at the corps,
    Her heart felt sore
    And poor jim had just began to soar.

    And so listen my session
    And understand why we must cession
    Rumors about poor jim
    Who let his racquet at the gym

  34. A world without chili
    Does no one heed expiration dates?
    Food is created to be eaten
    For those who don’t obey this rule a grimly death awaits
    Some foods will last but the rest will become woolen

    Some foods are especially susceptible
    Chili for example is made for common folk competitions and Mexican restaurants
    People mistreating this food is unacceptable
    Chili is a food group despite peoples taunts

    Now just because the manufacture label says Chili
    Doesn’t mean that it will last an apocalypse
    I guess that means that it will be just you and your buddy
    And possibly a few preserved potato chips

    The worst you can do is let your chili sit
    Because everyone knows everything gets chilly
    And when its chilly everyone must admit
    The end of the world could be a bit lonely

  35. One day when I grow,
    I'll have my own show.

    It end up being the best,
    my Idol will be a guest.

    I know people say,
    these things are never idle.
    But once people see it,
    no one will ever be suicidal.

    My idyl place for it to be,
    would be the island of Castaway Key.

    So when I'll have my own show with my Idol,
    and people say it's never idle, I'll just think of my idyl.

  36. tough,
    some look at the thoughness in an athlete
    does this define them as a person?
    no matter if you are playing football,
    or climbing tuff rocks of the himalayas
    athletes, are tough

    rock climbing is considered to some,
    the hardest sport on earth
    thinking on the spot
    gribbing the tuff rock and improvising
    both needed to succeed
    porous rock beneath your hands causing you to move quickly inorder to avoid bleeding.
    tuff rock cause the drive to climb faster and faster.
    tuff, rocks
    tough, neede to climb
    both neccessities for athletes
    of all kind.

  37. Out on the field
    Where no one is near
    Your breathing is heavy
    Your vision is clear

    Then it comes out of the blue
    Your drop into position
    The ball is coming your way
    At least, that is your suspicion

    You are on the cold wet ground
    Unsure how you ended there
    Teammates rush toward you
    From every which where

    Then the sting sets in
    You realize you are hurt
    You try not to bawl
    And therefore hide in your shirt

    You finally put two together
    And understand what has occurred
    You know a hard softball is to blame
    For you bawling and vision blurred

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  39. Down in the South were I'm from
    There is a band that is not liked by some

    Their songs are expilcit and some what bad
    That makes people divided and sad

    Their songs are considered racist
    It is not acceptable for many faces
    When you slam the other races

    This band has just been banned

  40. Secluded away, the sound of a guitar sounds out

    The precision of a snare

    The intensity of a trumpet

    Distinct notes are heard, harmonic chords

    With the absolution of a note

    And the strength of a cord, thin but strong

    Intelligent rhythms match the tempo

    Leaving no error-room, only a melody so sound

    The very essence of music, raw and cored

    The direct center of the eloquence of this noise

    Whether only a chord, a meaning so placid

    A cord can always exist, bringing strength

    In a package so small, one will concede

    Is it center of all that it knows it can be?

  41. An empty waist:
    She clutched herself to keep from falling apart.
    Great heaving breaths
    Rattling her core
    The slightest reminder
    Sending her spiraling into fits of sorrow.

    Moments pass;
    Arms clasped around her knees
    Rocking herself into oblivion.

    She sniffled.

    Wiped her scarlet nose
    On her sweater’s sleeve.

    Dried her streaming tears
    With the ivory handkerchief.

    She glanced up at the early evening sky,
    The hues fading from magenta
    To black
    Glowing white specks flecked across the horizon.

    Her sallow face shone bright in the new moonlight,
    Ruined blonde curls float in the breeze
    Lips pink and parted she breathed
    One shaky breath
    And sighed for her---now desolate---

  42. Fairy and Ferry

    My overactive imagination takes over
    Lounging about on the deck of the ferry
    Thinking of rainbows and clovers,
    Cupcakes, unicorns, and a bright red strawberry

    Then out of the fog
    There's a fairy on this magical ferry
    Because of her lithe wings, she needn't jog
    Am I insane or bored on the contrary?

    Oh she comes nearer
    Her form becomes clearer
    Out of the fog pops a little girl
    With her cute fairy wings and hair all in twirls

    How wonderful is a fairy child
    To brighten a ferry trip thats ever so mild.

  43. Hours and hours of riding in the car,
    Moving to a place I’ve been to before
    From Tennessee we are very far,
    I groan, but we still have a lot more.

    Tennessee to Colorado is a big change,
    But really, I have been back and forth
    So for me it’s not very strange
    But still, it’s far from the north

    I am 10 years old at the time,
    It is halfway through 4th grade,
    When I ride in the car it feels like a crime
    With me, the prisoner, betrayed

    But now, in High School,
    That ride has been outshone
    It doesn’t seem very cruel
    But that is because I’ve grown

    New friends are made
    Old ones are lost
    And Tennessee begins to fade
    With recent memories embossed

    I never think of going back
    And my entire family has shown
    That we never will have to repack,
    And from that groan I truly have grown!

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  45. The loch at the Lock

    Who would have guessed that the thing with great worth
    Is right in plain sight and down to earth

    To guard this great treasure one uses a lock
    The country of Scotland protects this round the clock

    This mystery is that there is a lake
    That holds the most famous and largest sea snake

    Many people proclaim that this loch is haunted
    People ponder and winder but real action is unwanted

    Legend says that the monster is colossal
    When it rises for feeding, the people feel a great jostle

    Whether you believe this story as a myth or a fact
    Your secret’s safe with me as strong as a pact

  46. The Creak from the Creek

    There is a place
    I love to go
    But rarely find the time
    If you are quiet
    And listen real close
    You can hear the creak from the creek
    With sticks and stones
    Along the bank
    And pebbles perfect to throw
    The birds all sing
    While the water trickles by
    You can feel the calmness around you
    Although it is far
    In my heart it is near
    And I will never forget the times
    When I’ve sat with my toes
    In the sand on the shore
    Listening as the creek passes by
    It’s been awhile
    Since I’ve been back
    And my heart yearns to return
    In the night
    I dream of going back
    To this place I’ve always loved

  47. You see, it's really difficult to live by the sea.
    When you're afraid of the water, like me.
    I run a lighthouse, not to be taken lightly.
    It's the tourists that really terrify me
    Every time I see a pail, I instantly begin to pale
    And oh boy, then I start to fail.
    The lights go out when the tourists come
    And BAM the boats get overrturned
    I guess it's called "dead man's rock" for a reason.

  48. Strolling along the waters edge
    The water rising up and just nipping at my toes
    The crisp autumn breeze swirling the leaves through the air
    Red, Orange, and Yellow whooshing everywhere around me

    I walk to the figure towering in front of me
    Its white paint faded, chipped and worn way
    Perching atop the lifeguard stand I stare out at the ocean in front of me
    Vast and endless it keeps on moving
    Crashing its waves on the shore

    Just like it did all summer
    When the sun beat down on the sunbathers
    Children screams of delight
    And the sound of bikes rattling against the wood of the boardwalk
    That was the soundtrack to our summer
    We listened to it over and over as the hours passed.

    And even though the season is changing
    It remains my favorite tune and I can still hear it in my head
    I can listen to it for hours, the soundtrack to our summer.

  49. How can it be
    That a word that bothers me
    Is also a name
    That means nothing the same?

    How can it be
    That a bug that makes kids flee
    Is also someone very dear
    Kind, loving, fun and sincere?

    How can it be
    That a grotesque banshee
    Is also associated with
    One who bakes pies full of Granny Smiths?

    How can it be
    Something that eats debris
    Is sometimes compared
    To a woman who always cared?

    How can it be
    A gal from the same family tree
    Resembles another word
    Which is much less preferred?

    How can it be
    That a creepy crawly ant
    Sounds the same
    As a nice, lovable aunt?

  50. The clouds were starting to roll in
    The wind blew, picking up everything in its path
    It made me feel blue
    And if you were here to see how hard it blew
    Maybe you would be blue too

    The rain started and the sky turned black
    It made everything seem sad and dark
    Everything feels better when the sky is blue
    The birds are out and the sun is shining, but that is not how it is today

    The wind blew harder and thunder crashed
    Locked up at home with family and hot coco
    Maybe the darkness is not so bad

    I looked out the winder and realized the rain was beautiful
    Steam rose off the streets, everything was so peaceful
    The smell was overwhelming and brought back fond memories of childhood
    As I watched the rain come down, and as the wind blew the leaves,
    I saw a rainbow, and suddenly I didn’t feel so blue

  51. I decided to ascent down that mountain
    By myself
    Without Any Help
    From anyone
    My heart is beating
    out of my chest
    My brain is spinning
    out of control
    Butterflies fill up my chest
    at an alarming rate
    I don't know if I can do this
    I stare down at my brother
    And his friend.
    And his other friend.
    They glare at me.
    Why can't I do this
    Even my little brother
    was able to finish this
    with ease.
    Remorse fills my brain
    Why did I assent
    to ascent down this mountain?
    if this is what I fear the most

  52. The school of fish took debate
    No sooner than the Finnish fish finished fine final forensic
    Than the bait started baiting the fish
    When the fine particles of the fine fowl warmed the mouth of the foul, greasy guerilla- fish
    Then the greasy gorilla fisher grinned and got the catch of a lifetime to add to his cach of his lifetime.
    He wasn’t expecting a fine from the coast guard, as he was rather far from the coast they were supposed to be guarding
    But this finer finally got his goat, which he had to sell to keep seeing seals and getting sealed collectable fish seals.
    So as this greasy guerilla- fish pecked at from the bait which had abated, he flexed and flew towards the greasy, gorilla fisher who happened to have the flu.
    So, he was too busy sneezing and thinking of his icy wife Flo when he hit an ice floe, with the greasy, guerrilla- fish flowing towards him
    What happened to these greasy guys?
    They ended up singing together, singing the play Grease in Greece.

  53. Minced I have many
    of garlic and such,
    but once came a time
    with a confusion too great

    it didn't make sense
    something just so odd,
    it put me on edge

    Why would one do this,
    I could not figure
    it was all so awkward
    and it brought me to a loss of words

    At the end of the recipe
    it said to mince that which I have never,

    For the last line read,
    mince the mints
    And forever I remained in a cloud of confusion

  54. When my parents saw the A on my wikipaper
    they said this is worthy of a gift
    when I heard this i celebrated, saying,
    "Why not Canada?"

    My family got tickets and climbed on the plane
    Flying to the place where people say Eh
    When we stepped outside enveloped in coats
    the cold bypassed all layers and hit like a truck

    We went to a hockey game and what do you know
    Mike Cammaleri had an A on his jersey
    I asked the guy in front of me what that meant
    He said, "He's alternate captain, cool Eh?"

    Now I was sad, my team had lost
    and all I had to do was reflect
    I got an A, went to the place of Eh,
    saw and A, heard an Eh

    A weird story Eh?

  55. High and High

    The pigeon flew out into the sky,
    Against his will he had to say good bye.
    The poor pigeon was being hunted as prey,
    By a priest seeking peace who just wanted to pray.
    So up and up he went so high,
    The land below just flew right by.
    Far below was a flowery field,
    And in it was someone concealed.
    Below him he saw a lush green tree,
    And in the shade was a happy old hippie.
    He held in his hand a lonesome fungus,
    And he looked at it deeply as though it was wondrous.
    He popped it in his mouth after looking around,
    And after he ate it he stared at the ground.
    To him it was moving and looked like a rainbow,
    The pigeon was confused so he decided to fly low.
    The more the pigeon followed this person,
    The more the pigeon began to be certain,
    That this man was going mentally crazy.
    But the man just kept jumping, saying the sky was brown and hazy.
    The pigeon was in flight and now was scared,
    Because the man ran and then declared,
    “Pigeon my friend I saw you come here
    Your loud ribbits were just all I could hear,
    So fly away now into the dark purple sun.
    And look! I have wings so you’re now like my son!”
    The man ran around and flapped his arms like wings,
    He now talked very peacefully and said many things,
    “My gosh, my gosh, oh gosh, am I high!
    Now pigeon go! Be free and fly high!”

  56. Once I was camping out in the wild.
    It was in spring so the weather was mild.
    We went on a hike quite far out of sight,
    When we got back late it was already night.

    We set up our tent under a tree,
    To get away from the blowing debris.
    In the middle of the night I suddenly awoke,
    To the pounding of footsteps next to the oak

    That morning our foodsack was thrown to the ground,
    It looked like the carnage of a great big hound.
    Then we realized it was a bear,
    Because the size of its tracks were pretty fair.

    As we went canoeing later the day,
    We say the bear looking for fish fillet.
    We ducked our heads inside our canoes,
    Wishing we would have vacationed in Santa-Cruz.

    The bear finally left after we held our breath,
    We felt as strong as great Macbeth.
    We paddled back quickly and headed for camp.
    Our arms were exhausted we needed some Amp.

    After hot temperatures our trip should end,
    Our shirts went off so the heat we could fend.
    On our way out we met the great beast,
    Up close his size had really increased.

    We were quite scared,
    When his big eyes flared.
    My friend threw a stick.
    And the bear gave him a kick.

    A park ranger came and scared the beast away.
    The park ranger explained he was looking for a fiancée.
    We learned our lesson that day about the wild,
    when you’re bare and see a bear never be a child.

  57. In a small English town, a man spoke to the gods,
    But really he hid, behind his lies and facades.
    He told of the future, and what was lying in wait,
    But truly he was thinking of a silly false fate.

    No one knew of his payment through the town’s holy chapel,
    So he kept on his babble of the red sin-filled apple.
    The people believed him, and all of his words,
    They devoted all to him, and listened in herds.

    “Listen here children, of all families and faces!
    I’ll tell you the words, of our mighty god’s graces!
    He’s spoke to me, he has! And told me what to do!
    Now gather ‘round I’ll tell you, and you’ll know it too!”

    But soon people suspected he was just full of guff,
    And started to question him, and calling his bluff.
    One night an old man was lucky enough,
    To see the prophet enter, after his preaching and stuff.

    He saw the man enter the church empty-handed,
    Only to see him exit, with his coin purse expanded.
    “Oy there! I’ve caught yah, you sneaky lyin’ bum!
    I’ll tell the townsfolk, they’ll beat you like a drum!”

    So he told the townsfolk, they stoned him to death,
    They hurled at him rocks, until his very last breath.
    Today the story is known, in the English town of Hoffet,
    Of the scum-sucking man, who was a prophet for profit.

  58. The odd one always did his job
    Always did more
    Received nothing in return
    This seemed fair at the time

    The smiles went unnoticed
    The witty comments ignored
    Went on silently
    Until one day he cracked

    An eerie sight
    Everyone stopped and stared
    Stared at the odd one
    Stared at this mess

    It was really a wonder
    How it ended this way
    This shouldn’t have happened
    Shouldn’t have even started

    The odd one not there today
    Merely changed?
    Just gone

    Not a question was asked
    Not a query expressed
    I suppose this was to be expected
    There was never much appreciation

    Appreciation for the smiling faces
    For the unique ways
    Of this fabulous being
    The end was so obviously near

    Why did no one stop the madness?
    Why was he given no place to run?
    How could the world be so cruel
    To one who gave so much?

    Again, we stared
    But in a much different way
    The awed one long gone
    Never again to be odd

  59. The girls walked down the hallway
    Identified by the click of their heels
    So nasty, so cruel
    They owned the whole school
    As they strut down the hall
    All kids back away
    Anxious to get out of their way
    Popular, charming, and oh so smart
    The most feared group in school
    The clique with the clicking heels

  60. Where would I like to be
    Where I feel I’d be carefree?

    Why none other than the beach!
    Oh how I wish that I could reach,
    The place where I wish to go

    The sunny sun,
    The scorching sand
    I hold right in the palm of my hand

    But the sun is hot
    In my vacant spot
    So I look for a place away from the land

    And there I see, a big beech tree
    It gives me shade, so perfectly

    So go to the beach
    And sit under a beech
    And I swear right away,
    You’ll have a perfect day

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  62. *Please note that a Pyknic is a short stubby man who has a fat neck and short limbs.

    A Picnic with a Pyknic

    For you my friend I have some advice
    An indoor meal will have to suffice

    If you do go out in the month of May
    To the sandy beaches of Tampa Bay

    Do not take with you a basket of food
    Unless you are looking for something crude

    Do not set down a red checkered blanket
    Don’t you dare set up that scrumptious banquet

    For if you do set up a fancy picnic
    You are sure to attract a clumsy dipstick

    He will soon come waddling on over
    And eat some of your apple turnover

    Next he’ll go for the barbeque chicken wings
    Did you notice his pants have ruptured drawstrings?

    As he grabs an ice cream drumstick
    He’ll tell you that his name is Rick

    He really doesn’t mean you any harm
    When he waves about his short little arms

    But if you don’t get away from him soon
    You will find yourself stuck with the buffoon

    You will begin to feel badly for poor old Rick
    He’s the walking definition of a pyknic

    You won’t be able to get rid of him
    No matter how far you walk fly or swim

    So please my friend just take my advice
    An indoor meal will have to suffice

  63. The Faux Foe
    Back in the dark ages,
    When knights still rode the land,
    I witnessed a silly battle,
    With a fake robber band.

    This brave band of robbers,
    Were really not robbers at all,
    But merely tax collectors,
    collecting overdue taxes from the fall.

    The knights that had persued them,
    Had toiled twenty days or more.
    And now found the "robbers"
    At their own castle door.

    The leader of the knights,
    Called to the villian, "En Garde!"
    The tax collectors, being frightened,
    Were chased 'round the castle yard.

    The King heard the commotion,
    And went to check it out.
    And was astounded when he saw,
    What the noise was all about.

    The King was furious! He ordered the knights,
    To pay him ten galleons apiece,
    But, what's worse, the knight's faux foe,
    (The tax collectors), gave them a 10% increase.

  64. I noticed something strange while lying on my hammock
    There was an unarranged spontaneously appearing hummock

    I started walking up the small slope
    And what did I find but an antelope

    Why would an antelope be right here
    They lived on the other side of the ocean, I hear

    I asked it, “what is this creature I face?”
    It said, “I am a deer with horns on my face.”

    I have done a lot of mean acts
    But this was the worst: I killed it with an axe

    I killed it, very hard I did beat
    Its blood looked like the juice of a beet

    But right after I killed it, the hummock did choose
    To make another antelope, and this one chews

    I knew I could not win, so I walked off that hummock
    And then I returned to the comfort of my hammock.

  65. I remembered once there was a time,
    When I use to rhyme.

    I loved to say these aloud,
    But i was never allowed.

    Before i was told to quit,
    I was always looking for a hit.

    People would stand and be awed,
    For i was quite odd.

    Then that teacher said
    "If you don't stop your dead!"

    I wanted to move to a new site,
    But then i remembered to cite,
    The most important peom of all,
    Sticks and Stones may break my Bones, but words will never hurt me.

    And I told that teacher that i would raise,
    And he could not raize,
    my hopes and dreams!

  66. I walked down the street,
    A found a coin,
    It was a pretty little coin,
    With not a single mark on it.

    It looked quite safe,
    And very clean,
    So I decided,
    To take it for me.

    I picked it up,
    And put it in my pocket,
    Sometimes checking,
    To make sure I hadn’t dropped it.

    Then I passed,
    A quiet little Quoin,
    And I had to figure,
    What to do with my coin.

    If you know what to do,
    You can help me out,
    So I’ll have no need to pout.
    I’ll give it to you,
    Using a coin, in a small quoin.

  67. Affect effect
    There are certain things that must change
    They need to be different
    To influence and to change
    I am affected
    There is now something different inside me
    And the effect of this all is a new person
    There is a difference in the two
    A change and a cause
    Is all that’s needed
    Maybe a spark
    Or a light
    Maybe a star in the night
    There is a rhythm to it all
    And I’m affected to the effect of it all

  68. Untouched by all expression
    Live without direction
    I had to find a path
    Exposure to fate’s wrath

    Let myself become
    The beating of the drum
    It helps
    I’m finding me
    But only in mi
    The answer