Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pictionary Thursday

As usual, class began with a "Hello Smith!" and we jumped right into business. We turned in our CSAP Practice Packet and Grammar for this week and took our test. Simultaneously, everyone was given a blank note card, which will be needed on the Tuesday that we get back (DO NOT LOSE YOUR NOTECARD. DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ON YOUR NOTECARD). During class we supposed to link our Google Sites pages to the webpage Smith has set up for us; in order to link to your webpage Smith, needs to be logged into her Google account. If you have not already linked your webpage: contact Mrs. Smith. 

For the majority of the class period, we played Pictionary with poetry terms. The words (or phrases) we got through were:
  • Allusion (to reference to other works of literature, events, people, etc.-- allows reader to connect what they have read to what they are reading) 
  • Ballad (a poem that tells a story)
  • Consonance (repetition of a consonant sound)
  • Figurative Language (writing techniques that purposefully strays from the literal meaning of words-- like metaphors, simile, irony, alliteration, etc.)
  • Hyperbole (an over exaggeration of the truth-- often used for satirical purposes)
  • Imagery (words that make a picture and/or appeal to the 5 senses)
  • Perfect Rhyme (a rhyme within 2 consecutive lines that have the same sound-- like "cat" and "hat")
  • Personification (giving nonhuman object human traits)
  • Quatrain (four lines of a poem-- like a sonnet is made of 3 quatrains and a couplet)
  • Repetition (repeating a certain word or phrase for emphasis)
  • Rhythm (the beat to a poem)
  • Simile (comparing to unlike objects using like or as)
  • Symbol (something that stands for something else)

  • Wikified Paper DUE TUESDAY
  • Bring your note card (ON TUESDAY) with a secret written on it that no one knows
    • Make sure you feel comfortable with others seeing your secret

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