Friday, February 25, 2011


Looking at your photograph, write a poem from two different perspectives. Write a poem as the person in the picture. Tap into your methods of figurative language exploring what this character might think, say, touch, feel, smell, and sound like.

Then, change direction. Be the outside observer viewing this person. Once again, tap into your methods of figurative language exploring what this character might think, say, touch, feel, smell, and sound like.

Don't be afraid to try and use some of the poetic devices we have studied. Maybe the two characters meet- what happens in the exchange.

Good luck!


  1. The Journey of Life Goes On...

    Look down that valley – oh, it is long.
    I’ve come that whole length, now I am strong.
    I’ve trekked all day, to the world’s sweet song.
    Oh how far that I have come.

    The air, it brushes on my face;
    A touch much softer than silken lace.
    I feel the warmth of nature’s grace.
    Oh how far that I have come.

    I look up at the trail I’ve yet to go,
    A challenge yes, this I do know.
    I’ll work and climb so I may grow.
    Oh how far that I have come.

    Who is that man upon the crest?
    Has he really given all his best?
    He has yet to go the trail the rest.
    Oh how far he has to climb.

    The pains now coursing through his feet,
    The sweat upon his face, not sweet,
    But bitter on the brink of defeat.
    Oh how far he has to climb.

    The stench of hurt now fouls the air.
    He cannot go on, he mustn’t dare.
    For if he triumphs, who but he will care?
    Oh how far he has to climb.

    The journey forward is rough and torn,
    With those who chasten with scoff and scorn.
    But if we push on we shall not be forlorn.
    The journey of life goes on.

  2. I’m sitting on my beach towel coloring
    When a couple gets up and starts walking
    They’re laughing at each other, I’ll bet he’s funny
    His foot scatters some sand, honest mistake I’m sure
    It gets in her eyes, and she is blinded for a second
    Then she hits him on the arm
    Why would she do that? It would hurt!
    But he just flashes her a smile, perfect and white
    Then she reaches out to hold his hand
    But don’t guys have cooties? That’s odd
    He picks her up and throws her in the ocean
    I would be so mad if a guy did that to me!
    She jumps on his back, and they giggle
    Then she looks over and catches me staring
    I blush and begin to look away, but she waves
    I reluctantly wave back, feeling so immature for gawking
    I’d do anything to be that old
    Mature and confident in every way

    We get up from the sand and walk
    The sand is hot in my toes, warming my feet
    He kicks up some sand and it sprays us
    Some gets in my eyes, I playfully hit him,
    “What did you do that for?”
    He flashed me a smile, his eyes twinkling
    Those eyes, I could get lost in them
    I slip my hand in his, its rough from work
    We giggle and he sweeps me into his arms
    I’m fine with it until he walks toward the ocean
    I protest loudly, but he throws me in
    Cold, blue water wraps itself around me
    I come up sputtering for air and get splashed
    I jump on his back and we laugh
    I look over and see a little girl on the beach staring at us
    I wave, and after a while she waves back, uncertain
    I’d do anything to be that young
    Not a care in the world

  3. A day trip with mom,
    My hand in her palm.

    A warm sunny day,
    Perfect in every way.

    The sun in my face,
    Wearing a hat just in case.

    A gentle warm breeze,
    Warm enough to wear capris.

    A walk through the leaves,
    A feat to achieve.

    The smell of sweet fruit,
    All the way up from the root.

    A soft, ripe, red berry,
    In my basket I carry.

    The sweet, juicy strawberries,
    Make me think of dancing fairies.

    An hour of fun,
    But I want to be done!


    Bright summer day,
    Perfect for frolic and play.

    Hot pink dotted hat,
    Upon the top of her head sat.

    A cute little girl,
    blonde hair with curl.

    Crouched among strawberry vine,
    Feet and hands entwine.

    A basket at her feet,
    Full of harvest oh so sweet.

    Tasting goodness undiscovered,
    Soon over her treasure she hovered.

    Luscious red juice,
    Across a tiny face set loose.

    A dazed, overcome look,
    Her high dose of energy overtook.

    A long day of bushes to comb,
    Time to go home!

  4. Grandma,
    Can we go yet?
    My cheeks hurt!
    The pool is just right there,
    Do you really need more pictures?
    It’s been an eternity!
    My feet are hot,
    Oh please just let us go!
    I’ve been so good,
    All I want to do is jump in!
    Oh grandma please,

    Oh these children,
    So little,
    They want to go,
    And just go, go, go,
    All the time,
    They grow so fast,
    Do so much,
    Do they realize one day this will be gone?
    Surely not,
    I just hope they hold tight to their innocence,
    And never grow up,
    Despite how hard they try

    Please tell me about the days when I was young,
    When I had not one worry,
    Just ran,
    And played,
    And laughed,
    And danced,
    Oh grandma life has grown so hard,
    Why did I have to grow up?

  5. Smiling Faces

    In the quiet crisp wood
    We enjoy time with our family
    For a family reunion only comes once a year
    In the quiet crisp wood

    Next to the family cabin
    We start a fire for dinner
    And maybe some marshmallows after
    Next to the family cabin

    As our dad snaps a picture
    We smile and laugh
    At our little cousins as they play
    As our dad snaps a picture

    At the photo in front of me
    I see two smiling people
    That could be related, as I look
    At the photo in front of me

    In those cherry smiling faces
    I wonder what was the cause
    But I might never know
    In those cherry smiling faces

    With a knock at my door
    I see the man from the photo
    And my brother beckons me to dinner
    With a knock at my door

  6. I picked up a flower with a long green stem
    Its smell engulfed my senses; its sight caught my attention
    The fuzzy white prickles, I called them, tickled my lips
    For it looked so peaceful, content with where it was

    She plucked up some weed, from the ground where it developed
    That smell was intoxicating, it smelled like dirt
    The dandelion she picked made her giggle, how repulsive
    Would I ever let my kids do that? No sir, not at all

    I sat on the rolling field, of green that radiated an essence of summer
    It was nowhere near anything impure, which made the moment so right
    Lifting the flower to my lips, I held my breath
    And made a wish for another day that could compare to this

    She assembled herself on a patch of grass that smelled of rotten manure
    It was in the middle of nowhere, nothing to do, just endless boredom
    She put the dirty weed next to her mouth, and stopped breathing
    Doesn’t she know that wishes are for kids?

  7. I wonder how far I can open my mouth.
    Its open so big it could be all the way south.

    I wear the colors purple and yellow,
    To support Littleton High School for my friends and fellows.

    I’m watching the football game,
    Trying really hard not to go insane.

    Score, Touchdown I think we’ve won!
    The final score was 27 to none.


    I really think she’s going insane,
    I wonder what’s going on in her brain.

    With her eyes open wide,
    You’d think somebody died.
    Her teeth so white,
    It’s like looking at a light.

    I know that the game has been won
    But I think she’s having too much fun.

  8. My face set to stare at the battle
    Between two uniforms
    Like a hawk with the clothes of a zebra

    My eyes follow the fighting up and down
    sticks clashing, all over a small black disk
    It is my battle to mediate

    The observers of this battle may not feel highly
    of all the calls I make
    But I make these calls for the battle, not for them

    Now blocking out the observers
    Blocked only by a pane of glass
    My face must lay focused on the game

    With the ice churning up around me I wonder
    what end will this battle come to,
    and how can i make a difference in it

    Look at that ref over there
    Being thrown to the fans like
    meat being thrown to the dogs

    The intense look on his face
    Cannot block out the jests of those
    that stand behind him

    Without that shield of glass
    who knows how the fans might attack
    the ref who calls the game

    The ref's face set in stone
    really does not show the fans accusation
    He will love you if you give him an eggroll

    But the signs that the signs hold
    As much as they want to insult and distract the ref
    Will never get to him

  9. Holding Hands

    As we stare into each other
    I know he is the one
    He is the answer to all my questions
    He made me grow as a person
    In the darkest of times we both stood there
    When everyone said no
    We both knew the answer is yes
    We can make it
    Even though we bath dream big
    Our dreams collide together
    And when things go bad
    He grabs my hand and we stare into each other

    That was all ten years ago and I miss her
    I long for the smell of her coconut hair
    For her sweet smell and soft skin
    How could she have broken such an innocent heart?
    What did it ever do to her besides love?
    She dreamed so big she got lost in herself
    How I don’t even know that person
    She sends happy Christmas cards
    Because I want to see how happy see is
    But I know its all pretend
    It was always just pretend
    Now I’m not playing games
    I rip this up and throw it in the flames

  10. The Pictured Person

    What a day to go for a swim in this beautiful lake.
    The time has come for a dive into the world unknown.
    The amazing colors and shapes that are all around me,
    Bring me to a new perspective on the new world.
    It is a different planet underwater.
    Once I surface I find myself entangled in many green vines.
    They feel like a bunch of little tubes with large leaves,
    And I laugh because I happened to surface under them.
    It is good to be back above the surface,
    I can smell the fresh, crisp air and it is wonderful.
    Another day of exploring the deep blue is over.
    What a day it was to go for a swim in that beautiful lake.

    A Bystander

    Oh my goodness is that person alright?
    They are fighting with many vines and I can tell they are struggling.
    This fresh wind with the smell of the lake,
    Almost made me forget my duty to watch the divers.
    But, he also does look like he is having a lot of fun,
    Splashing around in the cold and clear water
    Watching the sun as a mirage above the surface.
    The air is fresh, the water is still, and the world seems at peace.
    Today would have been a perfect day to go for a swim,
    In this beautiful and wondrous lake.

  11. Lifeless hand
    Full of blood
    3 nice holes
    Stitched back up
    Careless act
    That caused this horrible thing
    It hurts and it’s horrible
    I can barely stand it
    I want the stitches off
    I demand it
    A horrible nuisance
    I think
    That I have put upon myself
    I wish I hadn’t fallen
    And that the window wasn’t broken

    It looks disgusting
    Sitting there, all weirdly colored
    It must be painful
    The poor kid
    That got himself in this mess
    Sure must be lucky
    But most of the time
    The hand is wrapped in bandages
    So the pain is concealed
    Still, the kid looks sad
    With that big white hand

  12. The days pass by, one by one
    Feeling lonely and empty within
    Nothing seems to satisfy
    The painful blackness within me

    She looks so perfect
    Perfect hair, skin and teeth
    And laughing so carefree
    Why can’t I be her?

    The smile I plaster to my face
    Never seems to last when I’m at home
    There is no reason to go on
    Especially when the public has disappeared

    She has hair that flows like the beach
    Her eyes as pretty as a glistening diamond
    I love her style
    Why can’t I be her?

    I try so hard to appear flawless
    When inside all it is, is twisted darkness
    I wish someone could come along and fix this
    I am having a hard time coping

    Today, she looks so fun to be around
    I said hi and told her I liked her shirt
    Now we’re best friends and I’m glad too
    She’s just as sweet as she looks

    Today, a girl I know said hi to me
    She complimented my shirt
    We became great friends
    Told each other everything

    I told her she was beautiful inside and out
    She really did not believe me at first
    She told me about the blackness
    I told her, everything will be alright

    Who knew that a friend was all I needed
    For the twisted blackness has faded
    She is so amazing and cured me in an instant
    And all I think is, I want to be like her

  13. Who are these people that look at me
    What do they think of what they see
    Do they think I’m too thin
    And judge me by my weird chin
    And say that I’m ugly
    While they look away smugly
    Or think that I’m pretty
    And guess that I’m witty
    My heart fills with wonder
    And my confidence goes under
    I hope they cannot tell
    Inside I want to yell
    While I walk across this stage
    I am filled with rage
    If I only knew what they thought
    Then I would not be distraught


    Who is this girl upon the stage
    She looks so young, hardly of age
    She walks up and down
    Likes she owns this town
    Her confidence is strong
    But can it last long
    I wonder if she will ever know
    She is the prettiest one in the show
    In the morning before she wakes up
    Who is this girl with no makeup
    Is her life hard or is it fun
    I wonder if she ever feels like the only one
    Who hides her pains and cries in the night
    Wishing for the morning light
    Or is she happy and rarely sad
    Because in life she ignores the bad
    Who is this girl in front of me
    What does she think of the world she sees

  14. Finally,
    He’s coming home,
    I nervously twiddle my thumbs,
    As the driver stares back at me,
    My heart is pounding,
    The car ride over is a lifetime.
    I emerge from cab,
    Smoothing down my white dress.
    Excitement is in the air,
    The energy is marvelous.
    Celebration is in everyone’s eyes.
    Confetti flying,
    People singing,
    Like they have known each other,
    For a lifetime.
    I spot a bus,
    Blue uniforms file out,
    Could it be?
    I franticly scan the line,
    His jet black hair,
    Those mesmerizing,
    Deep blue eyes,
    I could recognize him a mile away.
    I race through the crowds,
    Pushing and shoving my way through,
    Throwing myself in his arms,
    It’s like we’ve just met,
    The love of my life,
    He tilts me back,
    Our kiss is better than any before.
    He is home at last.


    I can tell she is nervous,
    She stares at her hands,
    Her long eyelashes batting up and down,
    “Who are you meeting?”
    I make small talk,
    “My boyfriend”,
    She replies in a dream like tone,
    “He is returning from the war,”
    She adds with pride.
    As she gets out,
    She flattens her white gown,
    “I’m going to go find him,”
    She states.
    “Please wait here,”
    I will be driving them back.
    She sweeps through the excitement,
    Heels clicking as she walks,
    A Navy bus pulls up to the celebration,
    She spots it and stops,
    Smiling nervously while scanning descending the line,
    An indescribable expression comes to her face,
    She pushes her way through the celebrating crowds.
    She has spotted him,
    I conclude.
    He swings her around,
    Looking like he has just,
    Won the best prize in the world.
    Oh to be in love.

  15. The corse sand seeps throughout my toes
    As the sound of the ocean goes
    From loud to quiet, soft to fierce
    Then, the scream of gulls pierce
    My ears, pulling my wandering mind
    Back to reality where I find
    Myself staring straight
    Into the mysterious ocean like bait,
    Transfixed by the beautiful, unrealistic world
    That lay before me


    She stands up on the beach
    As if caught by the beauty of each
    Wave that crashes onto the shore
    She looks farther as if she can see more
    Than we see of her, and solitary girl
    Facing the wind, an ocean pearl
    With each of my waves, her eyes
    Find the beauty that lies
    Throughout every place on Earth
    She can find the peace

  16. The steam rises off the street, and the smell of rain is overwhelming
    The thunder crashes around me
    I look up to the sky and let all my thoughts and fear go away with the rain
    I take all the rain in letting it soak me and drip down my face
    The pouring rain cleanses my body and mind
    The rain stops and it is like a whole new world
    The grass is greener and the flowers are brighter
    The world is a happier place after the rain


    I look out the window at the pouring rain
    Upset because I have to go out in the cold
    It will ruin my hair I will be soaked
    Out that window I see a little girl
    Looking up and letting the rain pour on her
    She is embracing it
    By looking at that little girl, I changed my mind
    Why should I hate the rain?
    It is beautiful, and so is the little girl
    That little girl letting the rain take over her body, taught me to love life
    Love everything about it and don’t be afraid
    So now I am not afraid of ruining my hair,
    Or being cold and wet
    The only thing I am afraid of is that I will forget to love the simple things in life.

  17. Swing me around the dance floor Dad!
    Surly you are not bad.

    Having fun on this special day
    These memories will never fade away.

    For someone is getting married today
    Giving us an excuse to play.

    For I am happy as can be
    When you are dancing next to me.

    For I was young and still remember
    That beautiful day in November.


    With smiles as big as can be
    They are having fun it is easy to see

    The man leading the little girl
    And every now and then they twirl

    Dancing must be their passion
    Because they do so in high fashion

    They must be having so much fun
    But soon the dance must be done

    I wonder how they are doing now
    Wondering if they are still making people say “WOW”

    Their dancing ability must be strong
    And the memories made will be last a lifelong.

  18. Inside:
    The world is majestic
    With rolling rain clouds
    And fields that go
    Up to your waist.

    I’m the only person
    In the world
    And have control over nothing

    There are no responsibilities waiting for me,
    Or people to nag
    Just peace
    That comes with every breath
    And happiness that beans on you
    Like the sun.

    Only a country girl
    Would be crazy enough
    To spin around in the field of an oncoming storm
    With arms spread,
    As if to fly.

    Only a city girl
    Would stare up at the clouds
    In the sky,
    With wonder and curiosity.

    Only a girl
    Could stand to have hair
    Whipping around crazily,
    While thinking of something else.

    Why anybody would want to stand out in
    A field at the beginning
    Of a storm is
    Alien and crazy.

  19. Years and years and years ago with colors bright and smiles shown
    A family gathered in their warm California home.
    Colors so vibrant with hair so short, it could only be in 1970.
    A mother read to her children, a book that flowed off her tongue so flawlessly,
    As if she was a story teller or the slayer of each horrific dragon.
    In a California home sat a family, who loved and loved and loved another.
    We were just children, as you see
    The family sat down with me,
    Daddy came home from work to see
    And work on his photography.
    Mother read to Lori and me
    A book of all our favorite stories
    And we were happy as can be.

  20. Not a care in the world--
    There is nothing else
    But me, and my best friend playing
    Dress-up on a Saturday.
    Gowns far too big, down to our
    Yet we feel like movie stars
    Cameras flashing
    Wide, toothy
    As we embrace--
    Best friends

    Two girls, friends since
    Smelling of their mother's perfume, draped
    in jewelry.
    Shining eyes, soft cheeks
    Pressed together
    Like sisters.
    They know not what
    the future holds,
    Whether they may drift
    But that doesn't matter--
    Best friends
    for now.

  21. My breathing remains quick and even
    like the tick of a metronome
    in and out in one swift breath


    My face stays blank
    calm, cool, collected
    my feet make me feel as though I am flying


    Synchronized with the breath in my lungs
    and the even pound of my feet
    I glance behind me

    Not even close

    I silence the screams flying through the air
    my ears have closed and I hear nothing more,
    just my even breath
    steady and reliable

    run run run

    Muffled sounds fade as I charge my way on,
    determined to win
    the rough ruddy gravel beneath my feet
    begins to pass faster

    All else becomes a blur in the periphery
    blobs of mashed color fly by
    but nothing else matters
    I can see the finish line

  22. Hello everybody my name is Fred.
    I protest the egyptian government with a helmet of bread.
    I hope , my bread protects me from their lead.
    Because I do not want that in my head.

    You may ask me, “Why fred?
    Why did you choose bread?
    Surely you know it doesn’t stop lead
    That you don’t want in your head!”

    And I will reply, “You see silly head,
    This bread will stop the lead,
    It is made from the blood that was bled,
    From the knights of old, with armor of bread.”

    And then a boy, named Ted.
    Walked up to Fred, with bread on his head.
    He said, “I understand you Fred,
    You wear the bread because it feels good on your head!”

    “Ted,” said Fred,
    “You have hit the right reasoning in your head,
    I wear this helmet on my head because its bread,
    The most comfortable thing to men named Fred.”

  23. Photo: Firefighter Rescue
    taken by: Annie Wells
    1997 Pulitzer Prize Winner

    The water is rising.
    It's almost swallowed that little girl.
    We can't get a rescue line across in time.
    I'm going in.
    Don't worry little girl, You'll be okay.
    I have to hold on to this tree.
    If I lose my grip, we both could drown.
    I've got her. Pull me out!
    Quick! Get a line across.
    He jumped in!
    That firefighter jumped in!
    He's almost got her.
    Get the harness!
    He's holding on to that tree!
    For your sake,
    and the sake of the girl,
    Don't let go!
    He has her! Quick!
    Pull them out!

  24. Homeless Man

    How many poor choices have lead me to this?
    I lost everything and received nothing in return
    Ever since I was 17 I was lead off the path
    By drugs, girls, and alcohol
    If I could have it back I would change
    I would have my life back
    This ruin of me would change
    I would be the jewel of society
    All that I am worth is around me
    From beer bottles and newspapers
    To food wrappers and a few sets of clothes
    Is there any way out of this prison?
    Can anyone help me?

    That stink fills the air of this entire city block
    Why won’t you go somewhere else?
    Sidewalks are made for pedestrians, not residents
    If you want work, McDonald’s is hiring
    Fryers and grills will soon become your lullaby
    Your begging will not get you anywhere
    Giving a man a fish will feed him for a day, teaching how to fish will feed him for a lifetime
    Drugs and alcohol distract you from getting the finer things in life
    If you don’t change now, you’re never going to get out of your prison

  25. Late at night we pose just before we are going to dose
    As the picture is taken, the tram gives us a shakin’
    Back from Disneyworld we come; it was past one o’clock when we were done
    Just because we are in our teens does not mean our little kid spirits had died
    We were still wide eyed
    Bright red faces from days of sun pull out the smile of true fun
    Our sun burnt noses add another similarity to the list
    I do not see her a lot, so she is well missed
    Only do we hang at a lacrosse game
    But, oh, are we mistaken for one another
    It’s kind of like having a twin sister or brother!


    I look down at my daughter and her friend
    They are always together
    Their similarities count forever, for example they are as light as a feather
    Their Smiles ear to ear are always quite near
    These two girls are like a fork and a knife
    They will be together for their life
    Apparent as can be
    Is their friendship that shines like the sun when they are having fun

  26. I have never felt so important
    Never been a part of something bigger than myself
    In my wheelchair I sit, peace fills me , making me whole
    I reach my hands into the air, never feeling so strong
    From the outside I watch a particular boy catches my attention
    He is in a wheelchair wearing a face full of bliss
    The first thought that comes to mind is, strength
    Strength to believe in the others
    I now rest peacefully on cloud nine
    In a place where I am not defined by the chair I reside in
    But by part of this community of people bound together by one idea

  27. I have saved for three years
    To see this majestic place
    Now here I am
    With a camera in hand
    So I must cherish this moment
    With a photograph to remember.
    Like almost everyone else
    Who has visited this beautiful place.
    Where memories can always be made.
    So I can show my friends the places I’ve gone
    The things I saw.
    With my very own eyes.


    Oh dear, not another tourist
    Why do they all come here?
    With the snap of their cameras
    And the awe in their eyes
    They are just so mesmerized
    Of the things I have known
    My entire life.
    It may be exciting for a short amount of time
    But dear tourists
    Why won’t you get out of my way?

  28. People dancing all around
    In an array of a colors like the sky
    A little blue bird is to be found
    Perched on a finger called mine

    You see people dancing
    But why your are unsure
    A couple is romancing
    The scene is quite immature

    The bliss in this moment seems endless
    I’m full to the brim with content
    This feeling I have is carelessness
    And it continues to augment

    The trees in this park are very green
    The grass and ground are grey
    You wish you had brought some sunscreen
    Because you want to hide your face away

    I say bye to the bird as he flies
    And turn to look to my right
    Bringing attention to a stranger nearby
    And decide to give this person an invite

    You see a dancer peer at you
    As if asking you to join in the fun
    You realize you’re dressed in blue
    And feel as though fate has won

    The stranger accepts my invitation
    And soon is having a merry old time
    After while others join the celebration
    And their emotions become sublime

    You understand how much you never play
    To make the conclusion that you don’t mind
    And on that un forgettable hot summer day
    You finally start to unwind

  29. Holding on for dear life
    The water rushing by in a blur
    The warmth of the sun and the cool of the lake
    There is nothing else I wouldn't prefer

    The others on the boats
    Lounging and being lazy
    Look over to the side
    And think, man she is crazy

    The salt water in my eyes
    I can feel my hands slipping
    I move side to side
    For the tube, it is whipping

    The girl is very dangerous
    Who would ever want to do that?
    Is it really worth it
    In the end to just be laughed at?

    I feel the power of the speed
    As the boat reaches 25 mph and beyond
    I live for the adrenaline and excitement
    When the tube crosses the wakes on the pond

    Ouch-That looks like it would hurt
    With the scratches on your arms and knees
    But it also looks like she's having a lot of fun
    With that skill- she has expertise

    With that one last whip
    The water and I collide
    It was an epic joyride full of adventure
    And I guess Ill just have to go for one more ride.

  30. After my duties were done I went for a walk,
    I went just around the block.

    And just then a huge shadow appeared,
    I became engulfed in a fear of being smeared.

    I ran to a crack,
    At the incoming attack.

    The light was blocked,
    And the ground rocked.

    I want to help but I can’t,
    After all I’m only an ant.
    The porch I was sweeping,
    When I saw an ant creeping.

    I looked around,
    And was amazed at what I found.

    Greeting all the guests,
    An anthill nests.

    I took a step in the ants direction,
    And he sensed his rejection.

    He scurried to a crack,
    Pleased, I merely turned back.

  31. People cannot get me
    They just do not understand
    They do not see what I see
    They cannot comprehend

    All they see is the crazy hair
    All they smell is the chemicals
    They do not really care
    If I am testing on animals

    I struggled through school as a child
    I am supposed to be a genius, I know
    I was immature and wild
    But then I started to grow

    I tried hard to learn
    And learn a lot I did
    People could now discern
    From me as an adult or a kid

    I chose to be a scientist
    Became a very good and famous one
    But you can just call me Albert-I insist
    I think science is fun

    I am having a bad hair day today
    As you can see
    I have to say farewell, as it is the end of the day
    I hope people now can start to understand me


    Hey isn’t that that one crazy smart guy?
    Yeah it is! Look!
    Why does his hair look he just got his hair dry?
    It may be from a shower he just took

    Anyways, his stuff goes way over my head
    It is just so brainy
    Well I should probably head inside and in my bed
    I am tired and it is rainy.

  32. I fought in the war between the states
    I seemed to escape the fates
    When all my pals are now no more
    Thus were the outcomes of such a war
    When it came time to return from base
    I could not find my place


    I chanced upon a man
    He had a long rough beard and his skin was tan
    But there was something in his eyes
    something that made him seem wise
    I went and sat by him as he greeted me with a smile
    We spoke and conversed for a long while
    He told me he fought in the Civil War
    He told stories of battle, victories, defeats, gore
    The war was over when I was just a boy
    The only gun I owned was a wooden toy
    I was enthralled by his stories
    Of his failures and his glories


    Young Will and I became good friends
    The kind of friendship that age it transcends

    For the first time since the war I found my place

  33. I was sad because I had no money
    Stroking the strings but it didn’t sound lovely
    It was a drab world that I lived in
    Sad because people didn’t know if I was a her or him
    The guitar felt damp from the after storm
    Trying to get dinner since the day I was born
    I had the short hair and the build of a guy
    Yet with feminine facial features friends were hard to come by

    I stared through the window at the drab little figure
    As the rain stopped the blur started to wither
    Chords and lone plucks could be heard through the cracks
    As my finger lingered over the onion ring stack
    Coins dropped down if the giver was kind
    But the head was still drooped and the change not shined
    Dull as can be the musician and dime
    Yet the notes kept on coming oblivious to time

    A coin could be heard as footsteps rushed past
    No excitement inside night was running in fast
    I can sense through the window a kid pondering me
    The glass pane was fogged; my details were hard to see
    I was glad for that smudge that one veil of my shell
    A mind that couldn’t judge me because it just could not tell
    Playing guitar the only thing I can do
    To bring me up and show I am not different from you

  34. A spoiled girl I see,
    In ruffles up to her neck
    An over the top party
    Pulses in her extravagant backyard.
    And yet,
    She is actually…
    Secluded in a chair in the left far corner
    She lounges alone with a sad face.
    Could it be she didn’t want the party?
    By the way she dressed it was obvious,
    Of course she liked the glamorous lifestyle
    She possessed.
    The live rock band blasts,
    As I try to think why,
    Why must she bring the mood down
    And have her own pity party?
    I keep dancing
    And let her slip out of mind.

    He didn’t come
    My father, absent for most of my life events
    He promised this time!
    This one is huge, I told him
    But work always comes first.
    He tries to make up for it
    With lavish presents galore,
    A red car for hannakah,
    3 wiggling puppies for easter,
    and now my $10,000 diamond crown
    from Jared’s of course.
    I know he means well,
    But I wish he would just quit.
    Everyone here is having a good time
    Except me.
    They eat my gormet appetizers
    And splash in the chilly pool
    Thrash to the awesome live band
    And don’t even notice me
    In the corner.

  35. I stare coolly from my pool-like eyes at the camera,
    The most suave gangster of the era,
    Between my pinstriped suit, and my striped tie,
    Well, ladies, don’t be shy,
    Check out my fedora, and my sweet chin,
    Even more attractive coupled with my career of sin ,
    Not a soul can even touch my seraphim-like looks
    Or else they’ll be visited by me, and my posse of crooks

    Listen to me, my friend,
    You could really use some help,
    Before your social life hits an end,
    So take my advice, don’t make me yelp,
    That unibrow, it’s horrible!
    I’m sure it’s shaveable,
    And then there’s that hat,
    It’s been out of style for years, that!
    The suit looks pretty nice,
    It even adds a little spice,
    So now go off into the world,
    Please don’t call your gang to make me some sort of tie, curled.

    For the picture, go here:

  36. The sun blinds me
    The smell of exhaust fills my nose
    The cracked pavement stings my bare feet in the city
    People all around me yell and scream as the wind blows

    And I, the person that also looks upon the scene
    I see the chaos among the crowd
    The smell of sweat emanates from the congregation that is rude and mean
    And the place that is never anything but loud

    As I walk among the pushy people
    I see an observer
    She watched me as if I was to be her next pupil
    At least that is the talkative crowds rumor

    I gaze at the girl in the crowd with the sun bearing down
    She meets my gaze
    And I decide to hurry in the smog and turn around
    Before she puts me into an unbreakable daze

    Of confusion is what we are feeling
    We both are connected in some way
    As if there is a secret we are wielding
    This overwhelming feeling is what we both display

    In the never ending chaos of the crowded congregation
    In sweltering summer day
    Of the observation of two with determination
    To monitor the situation in a new way

  37. Summer Beauty

    On a boat on the sea,
    A gentle wave rocks me
    And the sun blares brilliantly
    In the midday sky,
    Greeting my skin
    With a golden kiss.
    An occasional spray
    Of sweet ocean water
    Refreshes the clear, blue air
    And gently lands
    Upon my skin
    Replacing the warm summer air.
    As far as the eye can see,
    Nothing but blue.
    Greenish-blue bays
    Teeming with fish,
    And a sky unbroken
    The color of newborns’ eyes,
    Gentle and calming.
    The birds
    And the ocean
    Serenade me
    Swish-swash, ca-caw! Ca-caw!
    As I rest on the rail of the boat,
    A solitary human
    (for the crew currently hides)
    Among this marine stretch.
    Peaceful, blissful,
    Summer sailing.

    The Man Who Raises the Sail

    I hear the chef’s skillets
    Sizzling below me,
    And dishes clanking
    As the crew prepares to eat.
    But food cannot
    Maintain my interest,
    For there, on the bow,
    Stands a lady
    Who captures my awe.
    A flattering black suit
    Contrasts her golden-brown skin.
    And her face, impossibly perfect,
    Hides in the shadow
    Of an oversized sunhat.
    I cannot help but drool,
    Feeling the gentle breeze
    That gracefully billows
    Her shimmering light hair
    And that blows my way
    The sweet scent
    Of her lovely perfume.
    The boat gently rocks
    To the rhythm of my passion,
    And just as I step
    Out of the dark shadows
    To sweep up
    My woman of choice,
    My boss calls behind me
    To leave her alone
    For she asked for solitude
    And musn’t be disturbed.
    So I sink back into the shadows,
    Where I belong.
    Out of mind and out of sight.
    The man who raises the sail.

  38. A picture that my mom must take,
    And I will show no shame,
    Believe me I am not a fake
    One day you will know my name.

    A super hero I must be.
    Stand proud for who I am
    Saving lives, one day you’ll see
    Those villains they will scram!

    My goggles sit upon my head
    With cape around my neck
    No shirt, but I wear shorts of red
    Orange flippers on the deck.

    Look at just how cute he is!
    The way he stands so proud
    That brilliant smile and cape of his
    I assure you I am wowed!

    Hands upon his tiny hips
    One foot before the last
    White teeth behind two smiling lips
    He must have had a blast!

    Around his neck, a towel tied
    Yellow goggles upon his head
    Orange flippers that he couldn’t hide
    As he stood with shorts of red.

  39. "She's really been doing well considering the
    Mrs. Linda spat over her bulging, stained, nurse's wear.
    He couldn't bear to look at her though,
    He had eyes only for his once brilliant mother
    She looked happy
    That was good.
    She was playing with the kazoo in her mouth. squeaking it like the ducks they used to feed together.
    her arms were kept steadfast to the chair with padded cuffs, like a disobedient child.
    The boy finally looked away, he stood up.
    And walked away.

    "So comfortable..."
    she thought
    Blurred eyes scanned the warm outdoors where she sat
    she squirmed slightly, longing to chase the butterflies she saw dancing on the wind... or were they leaves?
    She breathed the wind in and out
    not even noticing the noise of the kazoo.
    her eyes pulled up slowly and grittily to the boy who's teary eyes were bobbing away,
    he looked so familiar.

  40. Giant bird up in the sky?
    Colorful wings make it fly?

    Red, blue, and green UFO?
    Cascading down from high to low?

    Hot air balloon drifting through air?
    Passengers feeling the scare?

    Walking closer to the scene,
    Reveals something I had not seen,

    A boat below creating a wake,
    Parachute along for the take,

    People laughing from above,
    Peacefully flying like a dove,

    Bare feet dangling, arms out wide,
    Experiencing a thrill one cannot hide,

    At the moment, I could not wait,
    I marched down to pursue the great,

    Signed my name on the line,
    Paid my money...I was on cloud nine,

    The next one in the air was I,
    Parasailing-a sight from the sky,

    In my gear and ready to go,
    I ascended above the ocean below,

    Nothing like I first expected,
    All strapped in, I felt protected,

    Silent and serene,
    Hovering above a carpet of bluish green,

    Warm sea air against my face,
    Moving at a relaxing pace,

    A bird's eye view of the coast,
    With a 360 degree angle to boast,

    Not a voice or sound I hear,
    Just picturesque sights to peer,

    Before I know the descent begins,
    Left with only memories and grins.

  41. Friends
    Linking personalities
    Seeing one-another’s smiles
    Feeling blissful and faultless

    Diverse personalities
    Content bonds unambiguous
    Laughter shall undeniably pursue

    Becoming older
    Learning from each-other
    Feeling goodness in life

  42. Irrational paranoia
    Makes you the enemy
    Standing there
    With your hair
    All slicked back
    And your ears
    Sticking out like aircraft carriers
    They’re way bigger than my own
    You bother me
    The way a dog trapped outside
    Is bothered by its owners
    You are my owner
    Let me in, you buffoon
    Don’t be so stupid
    You annoy my brain with your little games
    Poking and twisting my every thought into something
    It’s not
    I know what the root of these feelings may be
    I might be jealous of you
    Or maybe you’re actually a terrible person
    But we’ll let my gun decide who you are
    And where you’ll be
    Because my mind still
    Makes you the enemy


    This is where you belong, loopy
    Your brain has become sloppy and soupy
    You’re creating images in your own mind
    But it’s alright, because you’re with your own kind
    Paranoid Schizophrenics are the ones
    Who will take a hold on your own guns
    Off in la-la land
    Cannot be cured
    He’s pulled out a gun
    His sickness matured

  43. My brain is on overdrive and blank in the same instant
    My legs are feel like lead and yet are almost absent
    The rubber beneath me supplements
    As The power coming from above relents
    The little hair left on my head tingles
    While all I ate before the race mingles
    My homeland watches along
    With the world helping me stay strong
    Similar to a stampede
    8 athletes break free with incredible speed
    Those around me could care less
    Their attention in ultimate regress
    The distance to the finish deteriorates
    The energy starts to escalate
    In the moment of victory for the elite
    Our eyes meet for a single heartbeat

  44. My hands are outstretched,
    Survival is the main concern,
    Before my life slips,
    Food is what I yearn

    I am young and starving,
    But many have died before,
    People see our photos,
    But my future is unsure

    People will see this picture,
    A photo of utter despair,
    And I truly wonder
    What people think elsewhere

    I look at the photo,
    Sadness strikes my heart,
    A life of poverty,
    Is there anything I can do on my part?

    A look in her eye,
    A frown on her lips,
    Desperate and hungry:
    She has a life of hardships

    She is so young,
    Where will her life bring her?
    I feel sadness and look away,
    and go from Africa, back to Denver

  45. White like icing it coats the grass
    Sparkling in the sunlight light like a diamond
    I run outside on this winter day
    Flop down on the snow covered ground
    I make an angel with wings so wide
    The snow falls gently on top of me
    It drifts in to my open mouth
    On this snowy winter day
    A little nose pressed against the window
    The door flies open, she runs straight out
    No coat no hat just a smile
    Making an angel with joy in her eyes
    The snow falling into her open pink mouth
    Clinging to her eyelashes
    She looks so young so carefree
    Making snow angels on this snowy winter day

  46. My hair grows as long as I please
    I always make sure it can blow in the breeze.
    I can tell you’re staring at my beard
    I know you’re saying I look so weird.
    But why, I wonder, it doesn’t make sense
    I guess some say it’s a major offense
    But I am who I am
    I don’t give a damn
    I do what I want, my appearance is awesome
    The nice one’s say I look like a blossom.
    But I know, to you, I resemble trash
    So go, be gone! I just want you to dash…


    Billy, don’t point and please don’t stare
    I know she looks weird, but don’t cause an affair.
    Why she has a beard, I just don’t know
    So Billy please, just let it go.

    Jimmy did you see that weird old lady?
    If you ask me, she looks a little shady.
    What is she trying to be, a wizard?
    What’ll she be next, maybe a lizard?

    Hey Rachel, look at that lady that’s smirking
    I don’t think her hair is really working
    But we shouldn’t be mean, it is her choice
    So I’ll try to be nice and quiet my voice

  47. Week two, day five,
    Running away wasn't that bad of an idea,
    And they said on my own I couldn't survive

    After all, it's summertime,
    The sun is shining, and its warm outside,
    To my name, I haven't got a dime

    I made some super cool friends,
    And we all just care for each other out here,
    Just hanging out wherever the street bends

    No worries and I'm doing what I choose,
    The smell of cigarettes and more is constant,
    I'm feeling the urge to ditch these old shoes

    I'm enjoying it in this erratic old city

    How long has it been?
    Those kids never leave that nasty street corner,
    They all look like they slept in a trash bin

    It's such a shame,
    America's youth wasting away on the sidewalk,
    Its all that flower talk that's to blame

    Someone is bound to get hurt,
    The kids don't have any parents or guidance,
    They haven't showered and wear ratty t-shirts

    Just a line of them down the block,
    Leaning against the closed store fronts,
    Smoking, crowding the walks

    When will these mangy kids just leave?

  48. I stare.
    They stare.
    Maybe there's something in my hair.
    I look on my shirt, but it's totally bare.
    Some metal object is now there.
    It takes a quick SNAP and I'm scared.

    "Take a look at my kid" they said.
    Look at how cute is her head.
    "Mom" says her, in front of Ted
    "If you show another one of these, I'm dead."
    Replied with "Better start digging your bed".

  49. Ping Pong Petrov

    Petrov is the name
    I really love ping pong
    The way it makes me feel
    So free
    So delicate
    It is my life
    It is an honor to be chosen
    My homeland, dear Russia, picked me
    I will fight for my country
    No matter how difficult it is
    Or how tired I get
    Here it goes


    I missed
    How could I miss?
    I have failed Russia!
    But more importantly
    I failed my dear mother
    How can she be proud of me now?
    Oh the agony!
    Never again shall I play Ping pong


    Who is that man?
    He looks so happy
    When he talks to himself
    So crazy
    So awkward
    It is so funny
    He’s wearing a red sweat suit
    It says Russia on the back in large letters
    Focused, holding the paddle
    He raises a sweaty arm
    Wow that’s gross
    He pauses


    He missed
    He throws the paddle
    He hits his head in despair
    He falls to the ground
    Sobbing uncontrollably
    That must be embarrassing for his mother
    When he screams
    I quietly walk away, it’s just too weird

  50. What a fantastic place
    The beauty, full of grace

    The sight a beauty to behold
    A moment like this a treasure of gold

    A time to spend with my wife
    No better way to live life

    The roaring waterfalls all around
    The splashing water coming down

    Up here where the mountains meet
    Life could not be more sweet.


    Look at the happy couple there
    Breathing in the mountain air

    This old couple, long connected
    Life together have perfected

    Waterfalls as the beautiful backdrop
    To the life that one day must stop

    The smell of pine trees flowing behind
    Their life a desire of all mankind

    Together forever, until at last
    They slip from this world into the past

  51. I’m riding my horse along the river
    The water is calm and the breeze is cool
    The trotting hooves follow the current.

    When I was eight I discovered this place
    Where my dreams flow like water
    And I come here every week.

    As I come to my hideout
    A man lay sleeping
    As if there was no tomorrow.

    I was mad and disappointed
    That someone had disrupted my paradise
    I thought of waking him up to make him leave.

    But I decided to go because the man looked tired
    As I hopped back on my horse and pulled the reigns
    I wondered what the man was dreaming.


    I was peacefully resting when
    A teenager on his horse
    Woke me from my deep sleep.

    I hadn’t slept in three days
    I was looking for a soft place to rest
    I liked the feel of the dirt and water around me.

    Why did the boy disrupt me
    He was so full of himself
    Riding away with his horse.

    When I was sleeping
    I had the same dream again
    The one about my mother.

    I wish she was here
    It’s been years since I’ve last seen her
    The only way I see her is in my dreams.

  52. The Fountain in Spain

    We sit by this quaint fountain
    Seemingly safe
    At least that’s the way I feel
    With his arms around me
    But I know that we are not
    I know that someone is always watching
    Life shouldn’t be lived completely in fear
    I forget sometimes that this is exactly what my life is
    It’s easy to do when I’m with him
    When I am being held so tightly…
    It is hard to know where I am sometimes
    The places, the couples
    They all blur together
    I am a zombie chained up in a room full of the living
    The happy
    I am never “the one”
    I am always living in a shadow of regret
    Lost hope
    I pretend to be the happy one
    But who am I kidding?
    I hope that they, at least, are happy
    That couple on the fountain…

  53. Sock-hop

    Here we go!
    Everyone’s lined up and we have bags on our legs
    I look around and laugh at my friends
    Summer is finally here!
    It’s just for fun, but we are competitive as we await the signal to start
    Someone pops a balloon and we’re off!
    Hopping, jumping, pushing, screaming, running to the finish!
    We are too giddy to see who won, but instead give each other high fives
    After stumbling out of the sack, I see a girl, watching us from across the park
    I tilt my head in curiosity. I don’t know her
    I lift my hand in a wave, her eyes widen and she quickly looks away
    I shrug and turn back to my friends
    It’s a perfect summer day
    I’m walking through the park, but giggling interrupts my peace
    There are girls in sacks, racing to the finish
    So carefree
    I am not like those girls, having fun there
    I am shy
    I laugh to myself as one of them pushes another over in an attempt to reach the end
    What nonsense, but fun nonetheless
    The girl with black hair spots me and waves
    I panic and quickly look away, embarrassed at being caught
    I turn back to look at the girl, but she is already occupied
    Being easygoing, taking the chance to do something daring
    Something fun
    But it’s just another summer day

  54. Joy in Simple Things

    Oh look!
    What a wonderful sight,
    The bear, it moves like it is alive!
    And that silly face,
    I want to reach out and just brush it.
    My mother's glowing shine like diamonds,
    And I giggle and try to leave.

    The child, so happy,
    Not knowing the world around him,
    Enjoying the little things in life,
    Things that adaults overlook,
    Becuase it's "childish" or "immature,"
    He can't help himself and tries to leap,
    For the dancing bear.

  55. I wish I could be like her.
    I envy her I really do.
    Why does she get to have it all?
    Cars and shopping sprees at the mall
    And here I am, with nothing to my name
    I’ve got no chance of a future
    And she can she her name in fame

    I wish I could be like her
    I envy her I really do
    Granted she doesn’t have it all
    But she doesn’t take anything for granted
    Nothing is to small
    There she is, she knows the value of a dollar
    I get poor grades and she’s a practically a scholar

    I wish I could be like her
    I envy her I really do
    She doesn’t have a care in the world
    When everything is handed to you on silver platters
    Her world is like a ball, just a whirl
    To her nothing matters

    I wish I could be like her
    I envy her I really do
    She’s got really character to her
    She appreciates everything
    And my life passes me by like a blur
    People like her for her; she’ll be the first to get a ring

    I envy her I really do
    I just want to be her
    Her life seems perfect

    I envy her I really do
    I want to be just like her
    She really has it all

  56. I found a foreign traveler, a pale, ghost-skinned man,
    Who looked like, he could lend me a hand.
    Tall and wise, although I won’t mention his size.

    The boy had dark eyes,
    Void of life, about to give up.
    Yet, when he saw me,
    A spark came and set them free.

    I took his hand, and brought him to my father,
    Who looked like a lamb, that just escaped the slaughter.

    He grasped my hand,
    In an iron-hand clasp,
    And took me to, a frail old man.

    I pleaded for his help,
    But he just stood there and stared,
    Like he didn’t even care.

    The boy exclaimed in an unknown tongue,
    But trying to understand him, was no fun.

    Then I stopped, and pulled him out back,
    So hard, that I made him drop his pack.
    I showed him the family crypt,
    And watched him trip,
    As he finally understood what was wrong,
    He didn’t look so strong.

    He seized my hand,
    And took me to a shrine,
    That was covered in vines.
    Then it dawned on me, at this place by the sea,
    The true nature, of his father’s health.

  57. Irrational paranoia
    Makes you the enemy
    Standing there
    With your hair
    All slicked back
    And your ears
    Sticking out like aircraft carriers
    They’re way bigger than my own
    You bother me
    The way a dog trapped outside
    Is bothered by its owners
    You are my owner
    Let me in, you buffoon
    Don’t be so stupid
    You annoy my brain with your little games
    Poking and twisting my every thought into something
    It’s not
    I know what the root of these feelings may be
    I might be jealous of you
    Or maybe you’re actually a terrible person
    But we’ll let my gun decide who you are
    And where you’ll be
    Because my mind still
    Makes you the enemy


    This is where you belong, loopy
    Your brain has become sloppy and soupy
    You’re creating images in your own mind
    But it’s alright, because you’re with your own kind
    Paranoid Schizophrenics are the ones
    Who will take a hold on your own guns
    Off in la-la land
    Cannot be cured
    He’s pulled out a gun
    His sickness matured

  58. The flashing lights and the stares
    Are becoming too much to bear
    The pressure of perfect clothes and fantastic hair
    Money and designer clothes to wear
    Childishly, I decide my life is not fair
    They yell out, “Do you have a moment to spare?”
    I try to smile, but shoot a glare
    Does anyone notice, does anyone care?


    I watch from afar, with pity in my eyes
    She is young to deal with the world’s lies
    The media crowds, not noticing that she seems shy
    No one sees that she is about to cry