Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Windy Wednesday with Smith Period 5

It was quite a windy Wednesday in Mrs. Smith's period 5 English class today as the class was greeted with the usual 'hello class!' and we responded with an exuberant 'hello Smith'. The homework for tonight is to creat your podcast on audacity, and to upload your essay to the This I Believe website;
Smith then discussed with the class what the agenda for the day was, which included continuing with act 2 scene 2, then taking the quiz on all of act 2 and then followed by finishing the book up with act 3 of "Inherit the Wind". If you need a refresher, we read pages 94-then end (this is only if you had the newer books with the blue covers); or you could just use the buddy system and ask a fellow classmate what happened in the story (but reading the book yourself would be reccomended).
Hope your Wednesday was great!

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