Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fahreheit Quiz

Fahrenheit 3 Quiz Today
            Today in class, we took the dreaded quiz 3! Mrs. Smith said that this was the easiest of the three and we wouldn’t get the entire time, thus bumping up the difficulty level. We also spent a lot of the time talking about the in class essay. The topic is online on Mrs. Smith’s webpage. The outline we’re suppose to bring is not allowed to be our essay but in bulleted. She strongly heeds not to because she will take it away.
            The biggest thing we are suppose to have ready for homework is the essay outline. It will be checked for a completion grade. The introductory paragraph is supposed to have an attention getter. The attention getter has to be explained because the reader must know why you chose it. Then background information must be given on the topic, usually the five W’s. Then of course a strong thesis with all three of your points mentioned.
            In the body paragraphs should have a topic statement to let the reader know what point you will be addressing in that paragraph. Then there should be a set up sentence for support. Afterwards there should be an explanation on why that supports your point. This should be done three times. Then the analysis must be there, because without this, there is no point in writing the paper if the reader doesn’t know why these points are pertinent. Finally, there should be a concluding sentence. Three body paragraphs.
            In the conclusion paragraph, the thesis should be restated to remind the reader of the three points made. These points must be reviewed. Finally, there must be a satisfying conclusion that sums up the paper.
Good luck,
Stephen Walker

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