Friday, November 12, 2010

Late Start, Same Smith

PLC Late Start!
Wednesday November 10, 2010
Two hours later, but still the same warm greeting of “Hello Smith!” Even with the shortened period we had a very productive day starting with SAT Lesson Ten Q&A’s. This was quickly followed by reading the play Inherit the Wind! Soon enough the classroom was filled with early 20th century characters talking, sweeping, hugging, etc. Reciting the play took the remaining duration of the class period. Quote of the day, “Rache! Love me!”
HW: SAT Exercises 10 due on Friday, and This I Believe essay is due on Monday before your class in the according drop box saved as your name.
(P.S.) This is a day late because I had posting issues and realized that I had ended up posting this on a blank blog… AND this is Actually Jared Contino's post.

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