Monday, November 29, 2010

Break Over, School Begins

Judging by the extremely lethargic, “Hello Smith,” the students of Mrs. Smith’s 2nd Period English were not ready to end their thanksgiving breaks.
We started off the class period with checking in Inherit the Wind books if they were checked out from Mrs. Smith. The people who did not have a copy of 1984 then went and checked out books from Mrs. Smith so that they could read the assigned reading of pages 1-37.
The classes from Poland and Pennsylvania both have not posted their This I Believe essays on the web yet, but don’t get your hopes up since they both are supposed to have the essays up by the end of the week.
The big highlight of the day though was when Mrs. Smith announced that we are doing a project on what was going on during the span of 1930-1950, and how this might have affected the writing of 1984, which was released in 1949. Maria Knigge took charge immediately, and organized it so that the outer desks were doing research and the inner desks were finding media like pictures and video. The outer desks were all then assigned two years each and a person in the inner desks was paired with each outer desk. We are doing this project on a new website called loggel, and the project itself is linked here: Project Loggel. Once you get there the password and username are as follows:
Username: AHSsmith2
Password: ahssmith2
Paul and Savannah are in charge of setting up the website, so with any further questions on the website ask them. With any other questions see Maria K.
So remember the homework is to read 1984 p. 1-37 and to keep going on the research for our project.
Plus, don’t forget today’s agenda (hint: click week 15 at the bottom of the page).

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