Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today, Smith wasn't here today, but luckily a substitute was. We started class with the usual agenda which I will get to later. Today was just a work day. We worked on the time line project we were assigned yesterday. If you weren't here yesterday, it is class project in which we create a time line with Loggel, a website that lets you create interactive timelines. We have a class account: the username is AHSSmith5 and the password is AHSSmith5 (caps sensitive). Once logged in, you can scroll to the bottom and click on our life log. You may edit this by clicking on the edit entries.
Our main work focus was to translate your notes into paragraph form. In this paragraph you should include your research and an explanation of how these events might have influenced George Orwell. Along with this, upload a picture, audio, or video. And most all of us emailed our bibliography (using EasyBib) to Anna (dancerchik123@gmail.com). This was basically all we worked on today.
As for our homework we first have to read pages 1-37 of 1984. Next, we have to retrieve 2 political cartoons, one from the 1930s-1950s, and another one from our modern day. If the cartoons are in color, print them in color. Our next homework is to work on our project. By tomorrow, we have to post our paragraphs and visual on the time line so our editor, Lauren, can edit them. This is mandatory because we do not have time to work on it in class tomorrow. Also, if you haven't sent you bibliography to Anna, do that ASAP. Her email, like I said before is dancerchik123@gmail.com. Other than that there is no other homework. Yay!

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