Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day Two of Taking It Easy Week 11/16/10

Today, class began as usual with the schedule, etcetera, by now we all know how that goes.  Because we are done with SAT Vocab, we started the process of turning our books back in.  If we didn't have it today, we are allowed to bring it in tomorrow!
After that, the parts for Act 2 of Inherit The Wind were assigned. Over all, the class is definitely entertaining as we read the play. :) We read through Act 2 Scene 1 and to page 93 in Scene 2. In Scene 1, Reverend Brown gets very emotional with his preaching against evolution and Cates.  So far in Scene 2, the trial has officially begun, and it is obviously biased.  It leads to much argument in the courtroom, mostly about Drummond's witness choices.
As for homework, we only have to do our podcast, which is due on Friday. After that is done, there's no homework! To make the podcast, just use Audacity at school. Or you can do it at home if you have a microphone and Audacity can be downloaded online for free. After recording, just save it and export as a MP3.
Oh, Do i love these colors? I think YES :)
Happy Tuesday!

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