Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dónde está el drop box? 11/10/10

The usual semi-chaos ensued as the final seconds counted down to the beginning of class.
Then it came, long and normal. All seemed normal.
The class waited,
and waited,
and waited. Until it came.
“Hello everybody!” came the call.
“Hello Smith!” was the reply.
Hence another day of English class began.
To start off the period, Ms. Smith talked about our TIB (This I Believe) essays. A reminder: The essays are due in the class drop box by Monday. The podcasts are due Friday. Smith also brought to our attention that because these essays will be posted on the internet, everyone with a connection will be able to read it. So, because this group also includes those we do not wish to encounter in a dark alleyway, do not use an MLA standard heading and put your full name. Only put your first name and last initial. For example, my heading would be “MatthewC”.
The podcasts for this assignment are due Friday of next week (11/19/10, for the numerically minded). To here is the process for creating a podcast.
1.       Obtain a computer compatible microphone.
USB headsets work very well for this, available for check out at the school library.
2.       Obtain a computer compatible with the computer compatible microphone.
The school library also has these. You will also need a program on the computer. The school computers are equipped with Audacity. This is a fine program. If you are working from home, you may use any program capable of recording in Mp3 format. Audacity is available for free download, also. Simply go to this page and follow the instructions.
3.       Find a nice, quiet place to record your Mp3.
Yes, the library at the school also has an editing room. However, because there are roughly 130 students that all need access to the room, give or take a few, it is in your best interest to reserve the room ahead of time. Talk to a librarian for more information.
4.       Come with your essay verbally rehearsed multiple times.
Don’t be afraid to add more dimensions to your reading. Talk faster at more intense parts, or slow down at dramatic parts. Talk in a low voice, or a high one. The possibilities are endless. But, be sure that you are clear and enunciate well, so that it is easy to understand you.
5.       Save your file. Name it the same as your header (MatthewC).
6.       Export your file and drop in the class drop box.
DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP!! Export your finished file as an Mp3, and an Mp3 only!
Next in class, we discussed question that had arisen on SAT 10.
For Exercise 1, Number 1: The sixth blank is “garish”.
For Exercise 1, Number 2: The first and third blanks are “idolatry” and “caveats”, respectively. The last blank is “diadem”.
For Exercise 3, Number 2: Collector then select. Number 3: Recollect. Number 4: Renege.
After SAT 10 was all clear, we discussed the John Scope Trial, briefly. John Scopes was charged with violation of the Butler Act, a Tennessee law prohibiting teaching any material contradictory to creationism. John Scopes was enlisted by the ACLU to challenge the law. H. L. Mencken was a satirist, who reported on the case. Here is a link to his works on the trial . The two attorneys were William Jennings Bryan, in favor of the law, and Clarence Darrow, in favor of Scopes. The final verdict was a $100 fine to Scopes. However, the fine was later invalidated, on the premise that it was issued by the judge, not the jury. So, Bryan technically won, but it is thought Darrow really won, because the fee was minimal.
The final part of class was spent reading the first part of Scene 1. Here is a quick breakdown of what we covered (up to page 13).
The scene opens with Howard, a 13 year-old boy, and Melinda, a 12 year-old girl, outside the courthouse. (I know what you’re thinking. A boy and a cute girl, love story, drama, bla bla bla. This does not happen. Howard dangles a worm in Melinda’s face and she runs off disgusted.)
Rachel, Scope’s girlfriend and daughter of the Reverend, runs by to the jail. She talks to Cates, who has already been caught and arrested. She tries to persuade him to admit his wrong and return to normal life, but he will have none of it.
Our time in class ended just before the train arrives with Matt Brady (the plaintiff, or Bryan in ITW form).
The clock counted down, with few to none noticing.
It rang, as it did before. One long tone.
Not higher, nor lower.
Not longer, nor shorter.
Organized chaos resumed as the students left for their final class of the day.
Another class done.
Leaves blown away in the wind.
HW: SAT 10, TIB essay due Monday, podcast due the following Friday.

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