Friday, November 12, 2010

A Comic Day

The following link pulls up an overview of what we did in fifth hour english today:
<a href=""><img src=">

Here are a few other links you may find helpful:

To make the comic strips-- and
More information about the TIB essays and podcasts--
To download audacity onto your computer--

Some tips and reminders about the essays:

1.       Essays are due on Monday. Make sure you submit your essay to by Monday, too. The first five minutes of Monday’s class will be devoted to dropping our essays into Mrs. Smith’s drop box, since it can’t be accessed from home (remember to have your essay saved on a flash drive and titled as your first name and last initial). The essay needs to have a title and be double-spaced, with your first name and last initial (ie Megan M) as the heading. The guidelines and complete instructions for the essays are posted on
2.       Podcasts are due on Friday, November 19. If you own a complete headset, you can record your podcast at home by downloading Audacity to your computer for free. Otherwise, you need to schedule a time in the media center to record your essay. Schedule in advance; many students will need to use the recording room next week! Once you record your essay, drop it into Mrs. Smith’s drop box as an MP3 file. Title this file with your first name and last initial, as well.

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