Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day 2010!!!

Today was another fun day in Ms. Smith's class!

We started the day with the return of the rest of our in-class essays and then returned to the acting of act 1 scene 1 in Inherit the Wind.  If you are having any trouble understanding the play click here for a Sparknotes synopsis. The acting was much better today then the Macbeth play and a lot easier to follow!  With Southern accents, monkeys, and a lot of sarcasm by our Hornback, it was a very interesting day! If you missed class today, finish reading scene 1 of the play and make sure to see Ms. Smith about our quiz in class today over scene 1 of Inherit the Wind.  Have a happy Veteran's Day!!!

Homework: Tomorrow we have to complete the SAT exercises and over the weekend we have the This I Believe essay, which is due Monday.

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