Monday, November 29, 2010

English 9 Honors: Monday the 29th
Monday back from break, one of the best days of the year, right? No. The usual ‘hello smith’ was almost non-existent. Today, however, we jumped right in with a new research project. We also checked in Inherit the Wind books. If you need a ‘1984’ book, then you have to see Mrs. Smith to check it out. Swapping, one book for another, huh?
The research project we started in class today was, in groups, creating an audio-video time line at loggel. If you don’t already have an account, your o.k. because there is an class log in. What’s awesome is you can make entries from your phone. See Mrs. Smith for help if needed. This website is an interactive audio-visual diary. As a class, are log in name is AHS Smith 5, and the password is AHSSmith5. It also caps sensitive. Period two did is every group of two had a different responsibility. Our class will do the same thing. Our fuhrer of the class is Emily Wolf. Our head honcho of technical director is Logan Makis. We are dividing into groups of two with every year and a group for an overview of the decade. The groups will all have a secondary responsibility like another year or a decade overview. Your work cited should be done in easy bib. It should then be emailed to Anna at
The research of your group will be done in class and if you don’t finish on your own time. See Emily if you are going to be absent or you were absent and are going to need a group. Well good look and have fun. Great day for a Monday right?
Stephen Walker

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