Monday, November 1, 2010

The Fischbowl Finale

Today in 2nd hour English, many people weren't quite awake. It took us a few tries to greet Smith with her requested "Hello Smith." When Smith told us it was Fischbowl time, we slumped into action by slowly moving the desks into the correct formation. For the Fischbowl we were supposed to read pages 136-165 which was the remainder of Fahrenheit 451. Our tired attitudes even translated directly into the Fischbowl, but finally the inner circle members got in order and participated actively in the interesting discussion.  


Homework for this week!

-Work on SAT 9 exercises. Be prepared to ask questions on Wednesday!
- Last Fahrenheit 451 Quiz tomorrow over 136-165!
-We start reading Inherit the Wind so if you would prefer annotating in a book then go out and buy your own. If not, the school copies are available as well.
-Banned Book Work: Project due on Monday 11/8 and Smith recommends getting the reading done by Friday 11/5 so you have the weekend to work on it!

Smith's Powepoint for 11/1- 11/5 and Banned Book Fair Rubric

Banned Book:

Good Luck on the project and hope everyone had a great Halloween! Go Warriors!!!

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