Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Daily Grind

We started of the day with a very unenthusiastic “Hello Smith”, it's Tuesday and everyone was exhausted, but everyone was forced to wake up because we had a very busy day today, and you couldn't afford to not be attentive. We got started right away because we had a lot to do today. First off we took the Fahrenheit 451 quiz, which we got to use “Gates of Heaven” on. As soon as we finished our quiz, we were told to open a word document and be prepared to take a lot of notes!

Tomorrow we will have our first in-class essay. We will have 50 minutes to write a multi-paragraph essay (5 paragraphs) and it must be printed out and completed by the end of class. In the essay we will be addressing the prompt:

What 3 things were Bradbury and Vonnegut through “The Pedestrian” Fahrenheit 451, and “Harrison Bergeron”, trying to warn our society of? How have these warnings come true today?

Here is the format for the essay:




Background (background of the three stories)(Ped, 451, HB) (1 – 2 sentences for each story)

THESIS (Address both questions).

(Ex. Through Fahrenheit 451, “Pedestrian”, and “Harrison Bergeron”, Bradbury and Vonnegut were trying to warn society of reliance of technology, negative influence of media, and decline of public education; they have come true today because………)

Be specific (personal technology, public media, etc.)

Body Paragraph (3) (Only use two story examples in each story, but must use all three at least once throughout the essay)

Topic Sentence

Set up 1st point

Lead in (Ex. Bradbury writes, “___________”), quote, citationb

Explanation (Ex. Seashell)


Set up 2nd point

Lead-in (Ex. Bradbury writes,”___________”, quote, citation



Set up modern example (how prediction has come true today)

Example (Ex. I-pod, cell phone)


Conclusion Sentence

Conclusion Paragraph:

Restate Thesis

Review Points

Satisfying Conclusion

Works Cited:

” (Bradbury “Pedestrian”)

” (Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 89) ß (89 is page number, make sure you list it)

” (Vonnegut “Harrison Bergeron”)

** ^ Internal documentation should look just like this^**


No personal words

No contractions


Grammar, punctuation, mechanics

Explanation - Explain what quote says, connect it to the text

* Things highlighted in Blue are Smith’s suggestions of what to have completely written out tonight, in order to take full advantage of your limited time tomorrow.


· SAT Lesson 9

· Banned Book

· Outline

- Maggie Hurlbut

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