Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Day of Reading in Mrs. Smith's Class- Period 5, 11-16-10

In Class:
Today, Smith was greeted by the same monotonous, “Hello Smith” as every other day in the semester. After we all got settled in, we rearranged the room in order to accommodate the setting for Inherit the Wind, Act 2. The premise of Act 2 was the trial of Bertram Cates, the preparation for the trial, and the unsuccessful efforts of Henry Drummond to win the case.

Basically, the only homework that is due for this entire week is creating the podcast for the This I Believe Essay. To do this you have to record yourself reciting the essay into a microphone. The program that you use to do this is called Audacity. The web site to download this free program is here. Plus, the Audacity recording must be converted into a MP3 file. Because it will not export directly to this kind of file, a free converter web site can be found here. First, you have to export the audacity file into a “wav” file and then you convert it from there. Finally, if you have not already turned in the This I believe essay to the drop box or to thisibelieve.com, you need to do that. The submitting the essay the web site can be found here.

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