Friday, November 19, 2010

It Only Takes One Day to Challenge the System...

November 18, 2010
First, we talked about act 3 which we read and finished yesterday.
·         Did Drummond believe in God?
o   Knew some things about the bible and could recite them from memory, Maybe he wasn’t the person that Brady made him seem to be, maybe he actually did believe in god, it was symbolic that at the end he weighed both books and saw that they both have meaning and can go together.
·         How can the two go together?
o   Some people believe that God did create the world but he also is causing evolution, that evolution occurs, but God plays the main part in causing it.

·         What does the “Inherit the Wind” quote mean?
o   Brady speaks it first and it is directed to Reverend Brown because Brown had condemned his daughter to hell and Brady told him to slow down. He is trying to tell him that if you make problems in your own family, you will get completely nothing (inherit the wind). It is said again by Drummond to Hornbeck about Brady and he is saying that Brady was a good person and he had no problems in his family.
Next, we talked about the comparison or the real trial and the trial in the book and they were actually very close. Actually, the speech that Drummond gave to Brady was the exact same as in the real trial and William Jennings Bryan did really die.
We also talked about the whole Golden Dancer concept. She was saying that just because something looks great on the outside, does not mean that it is perfect on the inside. It’s like the “Average American Family”. Everyone is supposed to have a perfect life, and we make it seem like we all do, but we don’t.
Now we took our quiz on act 3. It was averagely hard and easy.
Now we talked about how to challenge the system. We threw out a bunch or ideas that would help in this process.
Macbeth- Witches (assassination plot)
Lord of the Flies- Jack wanted to have a tribe and just play a bunch. Ralph wanted to become a group and survive and get off the island.
Fahrenheit 451- Montag decides that he needs to read books and needs to get society back to how it was before books started to be burned.
Inherit the Wind- Drummond wanted to challenge the law and everyone has the right to think for themselves.
Determination/ Courage
Macbeth- fight with himself about whether or not to kill the king, and even as his wife dies, he still keeps killing.
Lord of the Flies- Even with the setbacks, Ralph still wants to get Jack back, and also Jack just wants to be the leader even if he has to go through Ralph and Piggy.
Fahrenheit 451- He really wants to understand what he is reading. He started by reading with Mildred, then on the train, then by the end, he starts to understand the Book of Ecclesiastes.
ITW- Drummond is determined to  get some way to fight his case and he is determined enough to call Brady to the stand even though he is the main guy for the bible. Also, even though everybody hates Cates, he never gives up.
Idea to Replace the Old
Macbeth- “ I would be a much better King”
LOF- Jacks regime and Jacks hunt
F 451- New books, thinking, new ideas.
ITW- Having the right to think, stand up for your beliefs, evolution.
Here were some other ideas that the class came up with, but we did not have time to discuss.
Belief in the Challenge
Risk Taking
Knowledge of System
After that, we packed up our laptops and said goodbye to English Nine Honors for the day. 

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