Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Keepin' it Real with Mrs. G

{Tuesday, March 1, 2001}

Today, Mrs. Glodowske was Mrs. Smith’s substitute teacher, while Smith tended to her sick child. We began with a light lesson on grammar, and as a class we identified the type of sentence of our weekly example.

Then, we were assigned to write a letter to Smith and our parents for Parent-Teacher Conferences. The letter was to contain a plethora of ideas, including what you felt you have accomplished this semester, what help you could use from Smith, and a message to your parents.

Finally we finished off this rather calm day with a sharing of poems from a select few of our classmates. These poems can be found under the Favorite Poem to Share post on the Class Blog, or by clicking here.

Have a great day, and study hard.

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