Thursday, March 10, 2011

It Is Over: CSAPs Have Ended

Today marks the end of another successful year of doing CSAPs in the Littelton Public School district. As for the freshman at Arapahoe that means that they only have to take one more year of testing. But those last CSAP days are still a year away and students still need to worry about current school responsibilities. Like the ones the honors students in Mrs. Smiths English class have. 
Today in English there was no new homework, just the project of the prologue in act 2 of Romeo and Juliet due tomorrow. During class there was a quiz on Act 1 of the play that the students could do with a partner. As the students took the quiz, Mrs. Smith meet with students to conference about their wiki-papers. After the quiz the students got into their groups for the  project and discussed what they would do on Friday. They did this tell then end of the period (I think). The bells were not working right and they didn't ring so the students just left when others were seen in halls. 

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