Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hello Smith!!!

Another terrific Tuesday! We started class with the regular “Hello Smith!”. We reviewed the daily powerpoint stating that our agenda for the period: first grammar, later picking names for the technology showcase, then take the act four quiz, lastly read act five.

Being the dis-functional family we are, we went off the agenda. Our class talked about ETAC and the different meetings for the technology showcase. The ones picked for the technology showcase are Brendan M, Maggie H., Me (Emily Wolff), Meagan M., and the back up is John P.

In grammar we learned about infinitive phrases!!!

In act five of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo find out that Juliet is dead but does not know Friar's plan. He talks to a apothecary and buys a drug that will kill him. Romeo does not have the knowledge of Friar's plan because the letter was stopped by the plague. He heads to “dead” Juliet's tomb and drinks the potion killing himself. Juliet kills herself after seeing Romeo dead. Friar comes too late to the scene to tell Romeo of the plan and save Juliet.

HOMEWORK: start reading A Whole New Mind
REMINDER: talk to Smith for more information if interested in ETAC and Smith is running a half marathon!!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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