Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Today in period dos, we had another pretty easy day! I thought that going form three to two CSAP tests was waaaaaaay awesome!  Well, back to what happened in class, we began with our Act 1 quiz... With partners! Thank you, Smith! We also got a whole new project that is due Friday!  For this little project, we made groups of 5 or so people and we have to memorize the Act II prologue, or specific lines if that was what your group decided on. Each group has to interpret the lines in some way for when we present them to the class on Friday! It's worth 60 points, but as long as you try your best and actually do your job, I'm sure it'll turn out great!:) In other homework news, the revised wiki papers are due on the Friday before Spring Break, so March 18! On the rubric, highlight the things that you decided to change to enhance your paper and fix your grade... And I bet it'll make Smith's job easier. Good luck!!:)

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