Thursday, March 31, 2011


What?!? Did not only able to grammar but also period five had hearing and vision tests today! We opened with the daily “Hello Smith” and then quickly moved to going over the important things before students went to get there hearing and vision tested. Important things are our scene of Romeo and Juliet will be due on Friday, April 8th.We were also informed to include within our groups the people who were having their vision and hearing tested.

Second, we learned how we were going to be grouped to go the testing Bus. We had to be extra careful and make sure we did not hit our heads on the rear view mirror like Nick Farmen did. After we discussed vision and hearing tested we started our grammar worksheet.

We wanted to play soccer; however, our friends wanted to listen to music.
Both Moritz and Smith learned the students dislikes.

While people we coming in and out, we watched the Romeo and Juliet modern video
 and went over the RJ FINAL PROJECT. Make sure you go BIG!

• You can count down some lines
• Each character has their own promptbook character report
• Each group has their own company report
• Each group may receive BONUS points
• The promptbook is worth 200 points
• The groups promptbook can be either electronic or cute and type A
• Only one group can do a scene
• In the group’s promptbook there is a new page for each costume

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