Tuesday, March 29, 2011

“I have duck tape and I will use it!”

We started out the day with our usual “Hello Smith” then got down to business (after we were threatened with duck tape).
The homework for the day was to read/ start reading A Whole New Mind. Mrs. Smith has copies in the room if needed, but if you buy your own book you will be able to annotate in it.
Then we proceeded to our daily grammar lesson;
we wanted to play soccer however our friends wanted      to listen (to music)
sub     v     inf. phr.  Obj. inf./d.o.            sub         v          inf. Phr. (prep. phr.) o.p.

both moritz and smith learned the students dislikes
         sub           sub         v                                d.o.

     After grammar, we reviewed for the Act 4 quiz for Romeo and Juliet. After Smith answered our questions we took the Act 4 quiz with another partner of our choice. Once we finished the Act 4 quiz, we started, and almost finished, Act 5 reading in class. In this scene, much blood is shed. Romeo finds out that Juliet is dead and flees to Verona to die by her side after he obtains poison from an apothecary. The scene then switches to Friar Laurence’s cell where Friar Laurence is informed my Friar John that the letter explaining Juliet’s fake death was not delivered to Romeo. Friar Laurence then goes to the Capulet tomb in order to hide Juliet away from Romeo. The setting then jumps to the tomb with Paris who is paying his respects to Juliet and finds Romeo. Thinking Romeo is there to vandalize the grave, they fight, resulting in the death of Paris. Romeo then finds Juliet’s dead body and kills himself with the poison. Juliet then awakes and sees Romeo’s body and knows he has just died. She hears someone coming and hastily kills herself. The bodies are found, Friar Laurence explains the whole situation and Montague and Capulet agree to end their feud, for it has taken too many tolls on both houses. Exeunt!

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