Thursday, March 31, 2011


We started out the day with homework assignment. The homework is read AWNM, work on Romeo and Juliet final project (due Friday), grammar worksheet and quiz and study for Romeo and Juliet final test tomorrow. Then we proceeded to do our daily grammar.
We wanted to play soccer; however, our friends wanted to listen to music.
Both Moritz and Smith learned the students dislikes.
After grammar, we spent about 5-10 minutes to get in our groups and assign parts for the Romeo and Juliet final project. If you need more details, Smith has a packet full of everything we need to do for the project. We will get time in class to work on it every day next week. Then we moved onto the final scene of the Baz Luhrmann version of Romeo and Juliet (the one with Leo!). After watching the scene, we discussed the differences and other script choices, such as the absence of Paris in both movies, the absence of the apothecary in Zeffirelli and the lacking of Friar John in Luhrmann’s version. Luhrmann’s version was very heartbreaking because Romeo took the poison at the exact moment Juliet wakes up resulting in Juliet watching Romeo die. This was most likely done to empathize their fate and how you cannot plan or control it. Tomorrow we will take the grammar quiz and the Romeo and Juliet test.

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