Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break!

We started off today with a slight seating change due to a spill on one side of the room, after everyone got settled we got down to business. We turned in our grammar worksheet, our essay rubrics for the rewrites, and our scripts for the Tableaux Vivant performances. We then split into our partners for the Act 3 quiz and got our grammar quizzes. We took both quizzes while the performances began.

After the performances, which were all very good, we watched Act 3 of the Luhrman’s (the one with Leonardo DiCaprio) version of Romeo and Juliet, while commenting on how whiny Leonrardo DiCaprio is in this movie. We had just gotten to the scene where Romeo leaves Friar Lawrence’s house cell to spend the night with Juliet when the bell rang, so we will probably finish when we get back from break!

We have no homework over break. Although we do need to have A Whole New Mind by April 4th, so if you have time over break, it may be beneficial to get a copy. Also you do not need to have a copy, because Smith can provide one, however this is the book we will be basing our TED Talk off of, so it is recommended that you get your own copy to annotate and highlight.

Have a great spring break everyone!

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