Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We started of the morning with a half-hearted “Hello Smith” and got right down to business!

Below is our daily grammar practice:

art part n v prep art n conj hv v prep art n

the frightened cat ran up the tree but was rescued by the firemen


prep n hv pron v adj adj n

since when did we support that ridiculous charity


* In the above sentences did and support (highlighted in blue) are the verbs of the sentence.

Today we came to the conclusion that both of the sentences are independent clauses and are simple sentences. The red texts above the sentences are all of the parts of speech we have labeled earlier in the week and the blue texts below the sentences are the sentence parts and phrases that we have labeled earlier in the week. Also the yellow highlighted texts are prepositional phrases.

Also today in class we read Act 3, Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet. Click here for a link to the reading. In addition you can click here for a link to the No Fear Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, provided by SparkNotes with a side bar containing a more modern translation of the play.

After reading we went over the scene, then divided into our Tableaux Vivant groups and practiced our performances. The Tableaux Vivant performances will be on Friday after we take our Act 3 quiz. Click here for a link to an earlier blog post by Maria Knigge pertaining to the Tableaux Vivant assignment, to get more of an idea of what Tableaux Vivants are, click here.

For further information see Smith’s powerpoint below or scroll through the blog for earlier posts.

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