Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CSAPs Day Three: One day down, One more to go!

Mrs. Smith’s 9th grade honors class started off as any other day. Except March 9, 2011 was not any other day. It was the third day of CSAPs for the students and because of the test they had shortened periods. English class today would only be 50 minutes. 10 minutes were lost, never to be used to educate the students. But even with the shorter period the class continued as normal.

“Hello Class”
“Hello Smith”
The class received a plan of action for the period. There was no homework to night but the class did get a project that is due on Friday. The project is to memorize the prologue for act 2 in Romeo and Juliet with five other students and to perform it in front of the class. Today the students got briefly into their groups to assign 2-3 lines for each student to memorize. Also a worksheet was passed out to help with the project.  After the class finished reading Act 1 of the play, Mrs. Smith put on the film of Romeo and Juliet so the class could see the dance scene when Romeo and Juliet first meat.  
Tomorrow’s agenda for class will include a quiz on Act 1 (so you might want to re-read it) and some time to work on the project with your group.

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