Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time to "Capture the Essence" of only 3 more Days!

Today was Tuesday, March 15, 2011, and it was
another beautiful sunny day. At the beginning of the period, we all walked in
and picked up our Romeo and Juliet books and went to sit down. After a few
minutes of chatting, Mrs. Smith walked in and gave us the usual greeting.
Looking up at the PowerPoint, we listened to the day’s plans. First, she told
us about our homework. Since next week is Spring Break, Smith is being
extremely generous on the amount of homework. All that we have to do is have
our paper revisions done by this Friday (if you are doing them because it is
not required), and we have to our Tableaux Vivants (or living picture) projects
ready to be performed by Friday. Next, we moved onto grammar. Just in case you
missed yesterday and today, here are the sentences:

- the frightened cat ran up the tree but was rescued by the fireman

- since when did we support that ridiculous charity

All that we worked on for today was the phrases and
extra sentence parts (ex. DO, OP). After the grammar was finished and put away,
we watched the balcony scenes. First, we watched the older version. While the
video was running, we also split into partners and picked up the Act 2 Quiz and
started to work on it. After the balcony scene had ended in the older version,
we started the newer, modern version. During this video, we finished up our
Quizzes and turned them in. Once that video had finished, we talked together as
a class about the similarities and differences. Such as how the old version was
filmed on a balcony, whereas the new version was filmed in a pool.
After our talk was over, Mrs. Smith started to
explain the project that is due Friday. The Project is called Tableaux Vivants,
which means living picture in French. It is a performance where after and
before a line is said, and action pertaining to the line is played out. Here is a cool video about it.
Smith next gave us steps of what to do:

-Pull up the lines on Microsoft Word

- Choose the lines out of the chunk of lines that you have that seem the most important.

-Take the ones that fit or “Capture the Essence of that Group of Lines”

-Highlight the Lines that are being used

- Think up a beginning and ending action for each set of lines
    -Make an opening and closing

After the explanation, we split up into groups of 2-5, and started working. Last, as I said before, the only homework we have is to be ready to perform this project and have our paper revisions done by Friday.


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