Friday, March 18, 2011

Multi-Task Friday

So today, we started off with turning in our grammar sheets and our paper revisions (only if you actually revised your paper). After that, we did our grammar quiz, our Romeo and Juliet act 3 quizzes, and our Act 3 tableaux’s, all at the same time. Most groups in our class did the lines that involved 4 people, but there were groups who did not. When asked why people picked the lines they did, a common answer was that they thought it helped tie the section together, and in all of the performances, I would say it did help tie details from the sections together. After we finished our quizzes and all, we watched Act 3, scene 1 of the modern movie. Some interesting notes were that Tybalt was beating up Romeo while he was saying his lines. Also, Tybalt seemed to realize his wrongful actions when he killed Mercutio.

As for homework, there is none, only a slight suggestion. If you have time over Spring Break, Ms. Smith suggests you should start reading A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. Other than that, no homework. So, HAVE FUN OVER SPRING BREAK!

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