Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Warrior Week: Day 2

So we started off the day, as usual, with a scattered "Hello, Smith!" We then moved on to the Act II Quiz for Romeo & Juliet, accompanied by the balcony scene from the movies of Luhrmann and Zeffirelli. The key difference between the two films was the presence of the balcony. Luhrmann's version had no balcony, showing the awkwardness of young love and symbolizes the acceptance of the society they live in and the hope that their love will succeed. Zeffirelli's film shows the balcony as a barrier between both Romeo and Juliet and their love. It shows greater separation between lovers and households alike; whereas, Luhrmann shows less of a barricade between the two.

We finished the discussion about the balcony scenes, and continued into a quick grammar lesson.
Front Sentence:

the frightened cat ran up the tree but was rescued by the fireman
Subject: cat
Verbs: ran/ was rescued
Prepositional Phrases: up the tree/ by the fireman
Object of the Preposition: tree/ fireman
Back Sentence:

since when did we support that ridiculous charity
Subject: we
Verb: did support
Direct Object: charity
Prepositional Phrase: since when
Object of Preposition: when

We finished class by starting to work on our Tableaux Vivant project over Act III, scene I of Romeo & Juliet. The project requires a piece of the scene to be broken down into one line snippets; meaning, each character will say one line from the scene that best sums up what happens or its importance to the play. For example, if Benvolio has 14 lines throughout the designated part, it must be broken down into one line. REMEMBER: a line is not just one line of the poem, but a sentence ending with a form of punctuation. Each person in the group must have a starting movement and an ending movement where they stay frozen. In a word document, you must have the lines being spoken highlighted and the start and end positions for each group member. These will be preformed on this Friday.

HOMEWORK: Wiki Paper corrections and Tableaux Vivant

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