Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Perfect Day for a Fight...

Today was Wednesday, March 16, 2011, and a perfect day for a
fight! (Not really, but it connects to the class period). Anyway, we started
off class with our usual introductions, and headed into the world o Language
Arts. First, as always, we pulled out our planners and talked about homework (I
will explain it at the end of this entry). 
Next we started on grammar. Today we worked on the Clauses and Sentences Types. We came to the conclusion
that both of the sentences were independent clauses and simple sentences. Next,
we read Act 3 Scene 1. We assigned the parts and got ready to perform. We all
had to make sure that we were paying attention because it was a very important
scene because it included a heated fight and two deaths (Mercutio and Tybalt),
and Romeo was banished and not come back. (If that really did not make sense,
here is a video of the scene. Just to warn you it is a little weird.) After the
scene had been read all the way through, we talked as a class about what it
Next, we were given the last part of class (a little under half an hour)
to work on our Tableau Vivants performance. We were able to work on making the
performances better and working on our beginning and ending actions. Once that
was done, we cleaned up and headed off to our next classes. Last, our homework
is to finish our Wikified Research Paper revisions by Friday, and also to have
our Tableaux Vivants performances ready to perform by Friday.

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