Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Mac Day

The first actual thing we did at school today was a debrief on how our fishbowl last week went. We decided that everyone needs to take more responsibility and move into the innercircle if your blogging in the outer circle. Also, we decided that the outer circle needs to be more focused on the subject. And remember, we are being graded as a whole class.

The next thing we did, was watch two videos. The first video we watched was a Macintosh commerical released in 1984. We talked about how the man is saying they are one and after Mac lady comes in and destroys the man, it's like the followers are able to be individuals. We also noticed how dark it was until the screen breaks and the light fills the followers faces.

The next video is a spoof of this one involving Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. Some things we noticed was that the Obama Logo was on the woman's shirt, and Hilary is saying that America will be a team. This i like the previous commercial saying they will be one.

Next in the lineup is our loggel. It is the same username and password we had before, AHSSmith5 for both the username and the password. Logan created a new lifelog for us already so we don't half to use the old one. It will be arranged by chapters. Included under each chapter will be a brief synopsis along with some extra stuff, like character development and other info along those lines. Every partnership was assigned 2 chapters, and we were able to pick our partner. If you have any questions, ask Emily. Here is a list (by initials) of who gets what chapter.
Book One NS+KM+MC
  1. JC IC                        
  2. JC IC                           
  3. KC AC                        
  4. LB KH                    
  5. LB KH               
  6. GM EL                       
  7. ML LM
  8. GM EL                         
Book Two NS KM MC
  1. VD AW
  2. RB CS
  3. AM JP
  4. TG NM
  5. TG NM
  6. SS JC
  7. WK EW
  8. WK EW
  9. JB SH
  10. JB SH
Book 3
3. SS JC
 4.MG SW

Now for homework, we have to read 69-117 by Wednesday. Also, anyone who is working on Book 1 Chapter 1 through Book 2 Chapter 2 has to complete and publish their loggel by Wednesday. Also, the other students from Poland have their TIB essays up so you want to comment on about 4 of them sooner rather than later. Last, for some heads up, we have to bring all the books/ short stories we read throughout the year. These are: Lord of the Flies, Fahrenheit 451, Harrison Bergeron, The Pedestrian, Inherit the Wind, Macbeth, and 1984. Happy Holidays!

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