Monday, December 13, 2010

D-Day minus 1...

Monday, December 13, 2010
Alright, folks. Tomorrow is the day of our final in-class essay! Be sure to bring your plan for the essay and all the books/texts that you require for the writing. These include but are not limited to, Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Lord of the Flies, "Macbeth," "Inherit the Wind," and your banned or challenged book.

As for the essay, Mrs. Smith had some very specific instructions:

You must begin with a clear introductory paragraph which includes a strong, clear argumentative thesis statement.
Use at least three points of comparison with at least two different textual examples to support each point
Make sure to use at least four of the five texts we have studied this semester
Finally, make sure to end with a strong concluding paragraph
Double space! Proofread! No contractions or personal words! Turn in your best quality work.
Print out essay, shut down laptop and plug it in.

Here is the layout for the essay:

Heading: Left Side
14 December 2010
Title: size 12, centered, no underline

Intro PP
Attention Getter
Thesis-Three Points, Books, Authors, why are these things necessary etc.

Body PP (x3)
Topic Sentence
Set up situation
Lead in, “quote” (Shakespeare 2.1.7-9)
Explanation =>
    1. Analyze
    2. Connect back to paragraph
    3. Connect back to topic
Set up Situation
Lead in, “Quote” (Lawrence and Lee 1.2)
Concluding sentence

Conclusion PP
Restate the thesis
Review the points
Satisfying Conclusion => Tie back to the attention getter

Works Cited
MLA format
Macbeth (Shakespeare 1.7.9).
LOF (Golding 79).
ITW (Lawrence and Lee 2.1).
1984 (Orwell 79).
451 (Bradbury Fahrenheit 67)
“HB” (Vonnegut).

The highlighted items are the Items that you can complete on your own. The rest must be done in class during the final.

Good luck on the last two days of English 9 Honors for 2010!

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