Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2010 Is Not Like 1984

Today, we started off with a watching an Apple commercial form the year 1984 advertising the new, big brother defying Macintosh. After discussing the intended meaning, we saw a revised version about Obama, which I found to be pretty amusing. After that, we talked about the 1984 loggel and agreed on a plan on how we are going to accomplish it. The rest of the week looks fairly laid-back one, as we keep working on the loggel, along with reading from page 69-117 of 1984 by Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I'm having a few flash-drive problems and apparently (after going through every file on it to see if I had saved it in a different folder) it didn't save. I"m sorry if I'm causing any problems with this, i'm honestly not the best with computers.

If you try and remember your part tonight, then tomorrow I could make another list and post it tomorrow. And hey, we have all week to work on this so there's no real rush. Anyways, I hope you all have a good evening and merry 18-days early Christmas! peace.

Arrange by parts, then break up into chapters within parts. Everyone picks a partner and signs up for 1-2 parts.

Pt.ONE overview: Kelly/Clairissa
½: Calvin/Jared
¾: Rachel/Maggie
5/6: Savannah/Natalie
7/8: Andrea/Olivia

Pt. TWO overview: Aaron/Dom
1: Victoria
2/3: Janie/Maddie
4: Paul
5: Brooke
6/7: Jenna/Mackenzie
8/9: Chad/Brendan
10: Noah

THREE overview: Chris/Caleb
1/2/3: Courtney/Whitney/Hannah
4/5: Maria/Anna
6: Steven/Frank

P.S. This is Luke B's post because he doesn't have permits to post.

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