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The Long Haul (Friday, December 10, 2010)

(So, apparently I’m not a follower of Smith’s blog anymore. I think it’s because Google made me create a new account, one which was never a follower. So due to these “technical difficulties”, this post might be a little late. Fortunately, I got Jonathan C’s help to post this. I apologize for any inconveniences. -SeanH)

The Friday before finals began with our usual “Hello Smith” and a frenzied Period 5 went under way.  The entire day was devoted to planning and preparing for our final for English Honors – an in class essay on challenging the system. Below I have included the entire outline, and notes we need to complete the essay. Homework is to read pages 117 – 147 in 1984. Also, thought it’s not mandatory, but Highly Recommended, you should work on the outline. I have what it is you should work on included in the outline below. Thanks, and have good weekend.
Honors Final Question/Prompt – Looking at the novels we read this semester, what 3 things does it take to challenge the system?
  • You can use – Macbeth, Fahrenheit 451, Inherit the Wind, 1984, Lord of the Flies, banned or challenged book, The Pedestrian and Harrison Bergeron
  •          You must begin with a clear introductory paragraph which includes a strong, clear argumentative thesis statement.
  •          Use at least three points of comparison with at least two different textual examples, to support each point.
  •          Make sure to use at least four of the five texts we have studied this semester.
  •          Double Space! Proofread! No contradictions or personal words! Turn in your best quality work.
  •          Print out essay, shut down laptop and plug it in
Smith’s Example Outline
·         Courage
o   Macbeth
o   451
·         Determination
o   451
o   ITW
·         Plan
o   HB
o   1984
Citation Examples
Macbeth  à (Shakespeare ACT.SCENE.LINE)
LOF - (Golding 79)
ITW - (Lawrence and Lee 2.1)
1984 - (Orwell 79)
451  - (Bradbury Farenheit 670
“HB”- (Vonnegut)
“Pedestrian” - (Bradbury “Pedestrian”
  •                 Attention Getter
  •                 Explanation of Attention Getter
  •                 Directly into thesis (See below) - Titles, authors, 3 pts, WHY
THESIS EXAMPLE  - Orwell, Shakespeare, Lawrence and Lee, and Bradbury through their works, 1984, Macbeth, Inherit the Wind, Fahrenheit 451, imply that in order to challenge the system one must begin with determination that will fuel the courage to eventually create a plan; since it is so paramount to challenge the system as a result to the social norms in place, one must contain these elements or be unsuccessful.
-          Points lead into each other
-          Flows
-          No because
-          Three points are obvious
-          Good Vocab

  • Topic Sentence
  • Set up situation
  • Lead in, “Quote” (Citation)
  • Explanation -1 Analyze (What does this mean) quote, 2 Connect to Current Paragraph, 3 Connect to thesis CTS
  • Transition
  • Set up Situation
  • Lead in, “quote” (Citation)
  • Explanation
  • Concluding Sentence

Restate Thesis – Not word for word
Review points
End with a satisfying cyclical conclusion, tie back to conclusion.

What Smith Would Do This Weekend - Though you don't have to (and shouldn't) write your whole essay this weekend, there are a few things that Smith advised us we should do. 
  1. Complete your skeletal outline for your essay
  2. Write out your thesis
  3. Complete your works cited
  4. Find all your quotes
By Sean H

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