Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A History Lesson by Mrs. Crosby, Period 5

In Class: We had our special guest, Mrs. Crosby, pay us a visit and she enlightened us on the global situation that the world was in to cause George Orwell to write the novel, 1984. In general, Mrs. Crosby described how the types of government and economic forms coincide with each other. She also told us what a perfect Marxist Communism state would look like. This was that there would be no need for any type of government, everybody is exactly equal, nobody thinks that they are better than anyone else, and everybody depends on everybody else to do their job in the world. This would theoretically create a perfect society. However, many places in the world that have implicated this type of social system have failed miserably. A couple examples of this would be Russia and Cuba.

Homework: The only homework that was assigned was to finish your task on Loggel. You also had to read pages 1-69 in 1984. Note: If you have a different version of 1984 such as the copy with the crinkled edges and the red cover, you stop before chapter 7. That means stop right at the end of chapter 6. Also, you need to have 2 colored political cartoons that pertain to the 1930’s and 1940’s. Make sure to have the cartoons in class by Thursday December 2.

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